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I donot know anything about Progressive App develeopment, I donot even know Development but I want to try to learm Progressie App development.

What ever I learn, I will update here; so if you see errors or better approaches be responsible to comment it.


Proressive web apps are nothing but the normal web apps with native mobile app capabilities

Progressive web app is nothing but a normal web application but as the time goes it gets enhanced or as the technology becomes more shopisticated so do your web apps.

Progessive web apps works in Mobile and desktops like your responsive websites, but with more functionalities and features

If mobile has Camera we can access it when we use Progessive web app but when you use the same in desktop without using camera.

Progressive Web Apps makes the Mobile user feel like they are using a native app (android/ios)

Progressive web apps are faster and relaiable and works offline as well. Majorly it is more responsive than Native apps.

About Author

Article is written by Pavan (a) KarthiQ. Well, I am serving notice period in an MNC, Bangalore. I thought to enrich every person knowledge a little, I always have a feeling, when we teach something, we will learn more than what you know. Knowledge is the only thing that doubles when you spend it.

I have also created the reporter for Protractor Jasmine. Use for your projects without any hesitation

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