Automation Anywhere Quiz 9


Automation Anywhere Certification Test Set 8

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Where can we access System Variables in the Variable Manager?

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Where can Bot status and Top Failure Reasons be accessed?

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What action is not included in the Windows Combo Box?

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What can a user do to send EXE and BAT files via mail, which are currently being blocked by the mail server?

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A bot creator is complaining that they keep getting disconnected from the control room overnight. They also noticed changes to their bots in the repository. They want to see if anyone is accessing their account outside of business hours.What can the control room administrator do to investigate these claims?

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With RP A you can automate business processes that require human decision.

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A developer accidentally misspells the city name for a Marketing Event. What is the fastest way to correct this mistake across 100 rows in an Excel spreadsheet?

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From which console in the Control Room can we assign user roles and relevant privliges?

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A Control Room administrator has received an advisory from IT that security may be compromised for many Control Room systems. IT is concerned that there may be an attempt to load some harmful code into the Control Room.What two steps can the Control Room administrator take to address this threat?(Choose two.)

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Which permission allows a bot creator to manage and view scheduled activities for all users?

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A Control Room scheduled automation has a status of failed. What should the administrator do to find the error message and details of the precise location in the task that the error occurred?

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A user has made a MetaBot that will populate data into a web form after reading values from a database. Variables have been made in the MetaBot which will accept values from their counterparts in the calling Task, however the user is not seeing these variables on calling the MetatBOt in the Taskbot. Why is this occurring?

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A user wants a shell script to execute as soon as cursor moves to a certain location in the Terminal Emulator Window. How can the user accomplish this?

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The locker administrator wants to ensure that developers having access to a locker and its corresponding variables, can map the password variable to only fields tagged as password.
What can the locker administrator do to achieve this?

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An administrator is tasked to consume work items from a given queue in the Control Room instance in an existing connection. In the Variable Manager panel, what must the administrator first add in the Bot?

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When using the Log Data into File option of the Error Handling command, what happens when you press the F2 key while your cursor is in the Log File (filename) field.

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A developer uploads a Bot to the Control Room for enterprise-wide deployment. The administrator sets up a schedule for deploying the Bot across all enterprise clients connected to the Control Room. However, for two of the Bot Runner clients this deployment fails, and the run Bot deployment failure is logged to the Audit log. What can be the reason?

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Can you see Task dependencies in Control Room?

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Use Cases for RPA include processes from which of the following industries?

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What is an extension of a Metabot file?

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What is the primary benefit of using MetaBots

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Which of the following actions can be performed using the PDF Integration commands?

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Why do we use Coordinates option in the Object Cloning Command?

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Which of the following type of variables are available in the Task Editor? (select two)

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How many recorders does Automation Anywhere have?

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Which of the following loops are offered by the AAE Client? (Choose three)

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What are two valid Error Handling options? (Choose two.)

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Which of the following system associated with Arrays?

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Which of these business processes can be automated with RPA?

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Which of the following are valid recorders in Automation Anywhere Enterprise?

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Which of the following is an incorrect looping condition?

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Which roles are pre-configured during the Control Room Installation

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A human resources executive creates a folder every month with prospective candidate names under the folder c:Prospects on their hard drive. The executive now has hundreds of empty folders under c:Prospects.How can the executive remove all the candidate folders under the folder c:Prospects?

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When creating a new MetaBot, the fields of an Internet Explorer application screen are not mapping correctly. As a result, it is not possible to define actions on the fields. What should the Automation Anywhere user consider first to resolve this issue?

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In Control Room, where can you see recent activities of Users and Administrators.

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Which of the following system variables are associated with Arrays?

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Which sub-command of the If/Else command will you use to display emails with specific keywords in the subject line?

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Which sub-cmomand can perform a loop operation based on the selected variable that determines the times the task needs to be completed

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Which button updates the active application window titles?

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What drop-down list item do you use to select the title of an application?

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When creating a new MetaBot, the fields of an Internet Explorer application screen are not mapping correctly. As a result, it is not possible to define actions on the fields. What should the Automation Anywhere user consider first to resolve this issue?

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You have extracted data from a website using the Web Recorder Extract Table command. Which system variable stores the selected rows and columns of the table you have extracted?

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Which of the following is an extension of a Metabot file?

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A user has a critical task which must be executed at a scheduled time. This task must be prioritized over any other tasks that may be scheduled for the same time. How can the user ensure these parameters are met?

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A user is planning to use the Import Bot files tool in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Control room. When the user browses to select the bot files to import they find the folder empty. What is the cause of this issue?

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______ serves as the centralized secured component within Automation Anywhere's architecture to save sensitive data

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Tasks made using any recorder can be edited in the Task Editor

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An owner of a credential vault locker has accepted a position in another part of the company. The control room administrator has disabled the account in the control room. An existing bot developer has been promoted to the open position. What should the control room administrator do to ensure the promoted bot developer has the proper access to the credential vault locker?

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A user from human resources wants to access all records that are in the employee database. The user is not comfortable editing databases but is comfortable working in Excel.What are two methods that an administrator can provide the information to the user in the desired format?(Choose two.)

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PDF Integration- Extract Text command allows output in two different text-types, which are ___________________.

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