Automation Anywhere Quiz 7


Automation Anywhere Certification Test Set 7

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How are the Workbench commands executed?

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Which of the following is not a valid recorder in Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform?

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Which of the following loops are offered by the AAE Client? (Choose three)

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An Automation Anywhere administrator has received a notification that the latest version of AAE is available, What is the first step the administrator would take in installing the newest version?

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What Files/Folder sub command is used to create a new file?

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A user wants a shell script to execute as soon as cursor moves to a certain location in the Terminal Emulator Window. How can the user accomplish this?

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In which console of the Control Room can you view the status of tasks that have been played successfully or have error-ed out during play time?

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Repository Manager can be used to schedule a task on clients with:

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The developer with'Consumer' access to a locker is trying to use their access privilege to create a bot and write the credential variable values on a notepad program. The developer uses the'Log to File' command inside the task editor and after pressing'F2' key, tried to populate the credential variables from the insert Variable pop up box. The credential variables do not show up in the list.What is the issue?

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How can a command be added from command library to the Task Actions List in workbench ?

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What are two valid Error Handling options? (Choose two.)

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Saima is using Bot Insight and wants to analyze the data in it. What role should she use?

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Which of the following variables is used in Error Handling?

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A developer has made a change to an Automation Anywhere TaskBot using the Enterprise Client interface. When running the bot from the Control Room, the developer is surprised to see the previous version of the TaskBot. What must be done to overcome the issue?

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What variable is returned when the String Operation's Join command is used?

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In AA, which feature can be used to compare, find, split, and join string variables?

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Which of the following file/files cannot be scheduled by the Schedule Manager in AA Client?

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Which of the following is the default TCP/IP port that Automation Anywhere uses to send emails?

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What role or privlege is required to access the credentials of others?

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Which of the following options in AAE support the email notification feature?

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Bot Insight enables the operations organization to discover which two of the following?

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In the loop associated with Database command, which system variable is used to extract column values from the database table?

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A user scans multiple documents into individual PDF documents and stores them on their hard drive. The user attempts to upload the documents individually but is told to send one large PDF document containing the individual documents instead.
How can the user accomplish this request?

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A project leader has recently installed Automation Anywhere Enterprise with administration rights and is now allocating user licenses to the team. While doing so, the project leader is encountering error and not able to allocate license. What are two possible reasons, out of the below stated reasons, why the project leader is facing this issue? (Choose two.)

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What are the benefits of workload management?

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Which Control Room feature allows the administrator to view the list of all client machines including their name, type and status in a read-only format device?

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Which three options in Automation Anywhere Enterprise framework support the email notification feature? (Choose three.)

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What recorder should be used if the object captured is based on coordinates?

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A developer logged into a client machine has recently completed designing a new TaskBot and needs to evaluate the Bot outcome for purpose of meeting the project requirement. If the evaluation is successful, the TaskBot will then be uploaded to the control room. Which three actions could the developer take, to execute the TaskBot for the evaluation? (Choose three.)

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An administrator captures the value of $Error Line Number$ variable in a log file and finds that the value of $Error Line Number$ variable is 4 What does this mean?

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Which of the following enables you to add assets and DLLs to the MetaBots?

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Which of the following is the default TCP/ IP port that Automation Anywhere uses to send emails?

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In an organization, the application on which the MetaBot will work has to navigate through 22 different screens in the application to reach to the page where data needs to be processed.
What is the most efficient way to capture these 22 screens as assets?

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A user scheduled some tasks on the local client and left for the day. The next day, the user finds that none of the tasks were executed. The event log shows that the machine did not shut down or restart.
Which of these are possible reasons that the command did not execute? (Choose two.)

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An administrator has a Control Room which is to be equipped with a new set of automations. The files to be used have been exported from another Automation Anywhere environment. How should the administrator proceed?

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A user from human resources wants to access all records that are in the employee database. The user is not comfortable editing databases but is comfortable working in Excel. What are two methods that an administrator can provide the information to the user in the desired format?(Choose two.)

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A Control Room user is troubleshooting a TaskBots activity, which is currently stopped. The user suspects it was stopped manually. How can this be confirmed?

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Which of the following types of architecture is supported by Automation Anywhere?

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A user needs to perform two distinct sets of actions on a Linux box, as such the user made two scripts (Script1 and Script2), both using Terminal Emulator commands. Connection setup to the Linux box has only been made in Script 1. The user wants that when Script 1 is executed, Script 2 will also be executed using the connection set of Script 1. When the user executes Script1, only Script1 executes.What step does the user need to take to make Script2 run when Script1 is invoked, using connection setup of Script 1?

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The IT Department is concerned that bot creators are using passwords that do not adhere to their password requirements. The control room administrator has responded that each user is responsible to confirm to IT standards, and as the control room has email enabled. The administrator cannot change bot developer passwords. What can the administrator do to assist with meeting IT requirements?

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RPA is meant for Enterprise and is scalable but it is limited in its ability for complex processes

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What function will estimate the runtime for a process?

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It is mandatory to associate a credential with locker before it can be consumed in a Bot

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Which widget in the bots page will let you know what bots use the most system resources?

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A Queue administrator has a working queue that is processing data regularly. The business wants to increase the amount of workload items and decrease the amount of time it takes to process the entire population of workload items. What should the Queue administrator do to streamline the process?

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Which of the following commands is used to delete the most recent email message from the inbox?

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To select a queue, it is nessary to be listed as a ______ of the queue

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Which of the following actions are allowed by the Action bar?

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The administrator is trying to create a pool of devices on to distribute the execution of a bot. After logging into the Control Room, the administrator fails to find any option to create a pool.What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

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The administrator is trying to create a pool of devices on to distribute the execution of a bot. After logging into the Control Room, the administrator fails to find any option to create a pool. What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

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