Automation Anywhere Quiz 5


Automation Anywhere Certification Test Set 5

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Bot creators are complaining that their personal login credentials for a system they are automating are being used by bots in production. They are concerned the bot will make errors and they will be blamed. What can the credential vault locker administrator do to fix the problem?

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An Automation Anywhere administrator has received a notification that the latest version of AAE is available, What is the first step the administrator would take in installing the newest version?

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Which of the following commands is used to delete all the email messages from the mail server?

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Which of the following web browsers is 100 percent supported by recorders in Automation Anywhere?

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While editing a task, the screenshots are not appearing under the Visualize Tab. What could be the possible reason?

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A Control Room user is troubleshooting a TaskBots activity, which is currently stopped. The user suspects it was stopped manually. How can this be confirmed?

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What variable is returned when the String Operation's Split command is used?

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How many images does the Image Recognition command require to compare images?

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The administrator wants to run a bot immediately on multiple machines to resolve an urgent task at hand. The administrator needs to know how many bot runner machines are available, in real time. Within Control Room, which menu option provides this information?

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PDF Integration- Extract Text command allows output in which two different text-types?

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Log to File command helps achieve:

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What does a counter variable always start with?

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Which options are available in a Control Room activity tab?

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Which three email-based triggers does Control Room support by default? (Choose three.)

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Which of the following recorder/command is 'most' preferable to automate with if the application is web based?

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An organization has 30 task bots running that transfer data from one application to the other within the organization. The organization now wants to update the interfaces of all the application. This means that the task bots need to be reworked again.How can the bots be re-created this time so that they can automatically adapt to any changes in the interface of the application in future?

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Polly asked Gautam for help adding a command to click a button she missed when using the Web Recorder. What command is used for this?

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Pick the right answer: Business benefits of RPA includes

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Which option allows an administrator to identify the location of a Control Room repository?

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Which of the following ROI setting can be modified in Client?

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Which of the following are possible in Error Handling?

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What does a counter variable always start with?

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An administrator has scheduled a bot from the Bots section. The administrators manager feels that the schedule is incorrect. In Control Room, where would the administrator go to show the schedule?

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Which three are valid Loop commands? (Choose three.)

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A user with AAE_Locker Admin role has left the company. The Administrator of the control room is trying to delete this user account but is not able to do so.How can this account be deleted?

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A designer has created a MetaBot and has confirmed the application is running, but when adding the first Screen Assets, the designer Is presented with an 'Open Screens' dialogue box that does not include the Internet Explorer web application. What docs the designer need to do to overcome this?

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The administrator of an Automation Anywhere Enterprise server has noticed that in the last few days, there has been an unusually high volume of events. What should the administrator do to get more information about these events?

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Which format of System Variables can be changed?

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Which sub-command of the If/Else command will you use to display emails with specific keywords in the subject line?

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A user wants to reduce the time spent on reading emails by only glancing through the mails not yet viewed first thing in the morning. How would the user get the desired results?

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While working in Error Handling, Matt wants to add an additional line error data to an existing log fi le. Which option should he use?

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Rohit wants to access a Bot from the laptop while travelling. Which interface will help him to complete his task?

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In CRs 'Home' Dashboard, where are the inputs for CPU, Memory, and HDD utilization data collectively provided?

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_____ is a multi-dimensional variable that holds multiple vaules in a table of rows and columns.

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Which of the following variables is used in Error Handling?

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A developer creates a script from the Workbench with the debugging mode set to 'ON' but is not seeing any Images in the Visualize section. What needs to be set to view the images?

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A Control Room user is troubleshooting a TaskBots activity, which is currently stopped. The user suspects it was stopped manually.How can this be confirmed?

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A developer logged into a client machine has recently completed designing a new TaskBot and needs to evaluate the Bot outcome for purpose of meeting the project requirement. If the evaluation is successful, the TaskBot will then be uploaded to the control room.Which three actions could the developer take, to execute the TaskBot for the evaluation? (Choose three.)

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What is the pre-defined system role associated with Bot Insight dashboards?

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A user is working in a spreadsheet and wants to close the spreadsheet, retaining all data intact after completing the work. What command(s) will meet this request?

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Which method is used in Smart Recorder to select a button?

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The administrator of a Control Room wants to check all the device pools created inside the environment. The administrator logs into the control room but is not able to find any device pools created.How can the administrator check all the device pools?

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In XML command, what option can be used to perform calculations in an XML document?

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The developer with'Consumer' access to a locker is trying to use their access privilege to create a bot and write the credential variable values on a notepad program. The developer uses the'Log to File' command inside the task editor and after pressing'F2' key, tried to populate the credential variables from the insert Variable pop up box. The credential variables do not show up in the list.What is the issue?

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Which of the following can be attached to an email being sent via Error Handling? (select two)

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Sharan wants to use a recorder that works primarily by using objects. Which recorder should he use?

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Which of the following types of architecture is supported by Automation Anywhere

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Dona is trying to insert work items in a TaskBot but is failing every time. What could be the reason?

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What dashboard provides information on 'Total Users'?

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What option will capture a screenshot using the Error Handlign Command?

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