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Proxy is a computer server, which can be your local machine too, which acts as a hub through which all the requests made by your computer can be captured since all the requests are sent to the actual server via the proxy.

Proxy is useful when we have to analyze the traffic on a website, or check the bandwidth, or check, capture and analyze all the requests made to the server. A proxy can also be set in a different server and can be used to track data packets and requests sent and received by different computers on the network.

Set Proxy in Postman

Like any other remote server, the POSTMAN can also be used as a proxy server. The requests sent or received to or from the server can be captured using the POSTMAN software. To use POSTMAN as a proxy server do the following steps:

Install A web Browser(Mozilla Firefox is a good option)

Once Mozilla Firefox is installed on your computer, you are ready to go.

Open the Mozilla Firefox

A desktop icon of Firefox must have been created, just click into the icon or go to the Start menu to start the Mozilla Firefox.

Now paste this link into the URL search bar: The page should look like this:

Inspect Element

The next step is to open the Inspect Element Option in your web browser. Just Right-click anywhere on the same web-page and select Inspect Element.

Once you open the Inspect Element option, a window will open up below the browser page with several tabs and options. Navigate into the Network tab.

Then on the same Webpage, select Cruise from the left menu and you will see the request made into the sever. All the requests will be displayed under the Network Tab.

Now, you are able to see the request URLs, along with the method and all the details. But our aim is to set POSTMAN as a proxy server and make POSTMAN capture all the requests that are sent into the server.

Configure POSTMAN for proxy

Simply, open the POSTMAN software and select an empty or any request. To set a proxy in POSTMAN, click the proxy button in POSTMAN.

Once you click into the proxy button, you are asked to select between Proxy and Interceptor. Select the Proxy.

Then enter the proxy port. I have chosen 7070(arbitrarily, as 7070 is usually not used by other programs of the computer). You can choose as per your choice, just make sure that the same port number is not used by your OS. And in the Save Request to, select History.

Note that the Capture Requests should be on, to start capturing requests.
Configuring Proxy in the Brower

We shall configure the proxy in our Mozilla Firefox Browser. Click into the three-line button on the top right corner of the Mozilla Firefox Page:

Then go to options.

Now, once you open the Options, scroll down to find Network Settings. Click into the Settings link to set the network parameters.

Then, Select the Manual proxy configuration. In the HTTP Proxy, enter localhost. Set all the Port Numbers into: 7070.(we entered 7070 because in the POSTMAN proxy we set the same PORT number.)

The Port number should be the same in both the places. That is, in the POSTMAN proxy as well as in the Browser Proxy.

Also select the radio button: SOCKSv5.

Then click on OK, and your settings is saved.

Now, go back to the POSTMAN page, where you save saved your proxy. And side by side just navigate into any link in the Mercury Website.

Or, you can click into any link on the website at first and then go to the POSTMAN software. Go to the History Section of the POSTMAN and you should be able to see all the requests made to the server by your computer through the website.

Postman Sessions

Viewing the Response in POSTMAN

You can also view the particular response sent from the server into your computer through the Website. Just copy the URL from the search bar for the website request and paste in into the POSTMAN's URL bar and set the method type as GET.

Copy the URL:

Now paste it into the POSTMAN's Request URL bar:

Then click the Send button in POSTMAN.

Response after few seconds :

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