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Installation of Postman

POSTMAN can be installed whether as a native software in your local machine or it can be added as a chrome extension. The POSTMAN software is available for different Operating systems, such as Windows, MAC, and Linux.

In this section, I will show you, how to install POSTMAN as Native software or as a chrome extension in a Windows OS.

Installing POSTMAN as a Native sofware

Requirements :

  • Windows OS (32 bit or higher)
  • RAM 1GB(recommended).
  • Disk Space more than 20 GB recommended.

Visit the link:

There is an option for selecting two Operating systems. (32 bit or 64 bit OS). If you are running 64-bit Windows then click on the 64-bit option the software will start downloading.

Once the software is downloaded, go to software, right-click and start installing.

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