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Create an Account in Zamzar is a free online file conversion platform. It takes a file in one format and converts it into a target format. In, you can also find API requests for different file conversions and also those requests can be copied and used via POSTMAN.

Visit the link: and click the Sign-up button.


Select the free one and proceed.


And the Click the Sign up Button below the free account option, to create a free account.


In the sign-up form, select the account type as Personal.

Once you have created your account in, you will be logged in into your Zamzar Account directly. And the Zamzar interface will look like this:


In the left-most side of the Zamzar interface, you will find some options:

  • Dashboard
  • Account Details
  • Connected Services
  • Billing
  • View Invoices.

In the Dashboard section, you can see what are the files that are uploaded and how many credits that are remaining. Credits are nothing, but the number of files or request you can upload into the Zamzar cloud. Also in the Dashboard, you can see the conversion review.

And all the source files and the target file along with their details will be displayed below in the same interface of the Dashboard.

Account Details

In this section, you will be able to see the email you used to create your account, the plan you have selected along with the number of conversions and test-conversions remaining for this month or any specific time.

And the most important attribute is the API key, which is found in the Account Details section. Without this API key, you will not be able to upload any test file or API request.

API in Zamzar

First of all, create a new collection in POSTMAN. I have named it as ZamzerFile.


Now Create a new request inside the collection. And name it as file-upload(you can use any name).


Now the second step is to configure the POSTMAN. First, you need to configure the URL. Go to the DOCS page of the Zamzar.


And then scroll to Start a conversion job. And then copy the URL as shown in the below image.


Now, go to the newly created request in the POSTMAN and then paste the URL there. And then change the method as POST as we are doing a POST type request.


Now copy the API key from your Zamzar Account interface and then choose a Basic Authentication in POSTMAN.


Inside the Authorization, you will be asked to enter the username and the password. Enter the API key as the username and keep the password field empty.


Now, copy the source file variable from the Zamzar page and paste it into the body section of POSTMAN as Key.


Then copy the target format, in my case it is png.


Now, select form-data into the body section of the request in the POSTMAN and then paste the source file variable and target as well.


Now in the VALUE column in the same form-data section, select the png file from your local computer. And in the next row set the target into png.(which is the target conversion format in my case.)


Now, that everything is set, click on the Send button to send the request.

This is the response we obtained:

    "id": 8196612,
    "key": "0974a15728f33ac61760a7bd19e5fbdceed9576a",
    "status": "initialising",
    "sandbox": true,
    "created_at": "2019-10-29T06:54:06Z",
    "finished_at": null,
    "source_file": {
        "id": 59462075,
        "name": "bird.gif",
        "size": 5781
    "target_files": [],
    "target_format": "png",
    "credit_cost": 1

add image of response...........................................................................


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