PMP Certification Mock

As a project manager, for which of the following situations would you consider that a customer has accepted the entire project as complete?

Options are :

  • The customer has expressed his satisfaction with the project
  • The customer has paid all the money for the project
  • You have received formal sign off and formal acceptance from the customer (Correct)
  • You have not received any further requests for more project work from the customer

Answer : You have received formal sign off and formal acceptance from the customer

Explanation When the customer has given the formal sign off and formal acceptance, that is when a project can be considered as complete.

Which of the following involves the collection, integration and distribution of information regarding outputs of the project management processes?

Options are :

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Communication Management Plan
  • Project Management Information System (Correct)
  • Scope Management Plan

Answer : Project Management Information System

Explanation The PMIS is responsible for gathering , integrating and disseminating information. The Scope Management Plan and WBS contain information on project scope, While the Communication Management Plan contains how the who , what , where and when of communication on a project.

Your senior management wants to evaluate the performance of your project with reference to the previous projects in your industry domain. What should you provide your management with?

Options are :

  • Statistical Analysis with in depth insights
  • Bar Charts
  • Flow Charts
  • Benchmarks (Correct)

Answer : Benchmarks

Explanation Benchmarks provide information on the previous projects so that you may compare your current projects performance with the past projects. This is the only option which focuses specifically on comparison.

The following Chart allows a project manager to consider how many resources were used on a monthly basis on a project: 

Options are :

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Histogram (Correct)
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Pareto Diagram

Answer : Resource Histogram

Explanation The resource histogram allows the project manager to see how many resources were used in a certain period of time in a project.

What should be the range of a definitive budget estimate ?

Options are :

  • -5/+ 10 percent (Correct)
  • +10 to -25 percent
  • -5 to +10 percent
  • -65 to + 30 percent

Answer : -5/+ 10 percent

Explanation The range of a definitive budget estimate is -5/+ 10 percent or +/-10 percent.

During project executing, a project manager uses team meetings in order to (Choose the Best answer): 

Options are :

  • Communicate (Correct)
  • Become up to date regarding project status
  • Approve and Authorize changes to the project
  • Implement Changes to the project

Answer : Communicate

Explanation A project manager primarily uses team meetings to communicate effectively.

While managing a project that has several stakeholder requests for changes, which of the following is the best description of when would you decide to change the scope baseline?

Options are :

  • When you have received the approval for the changes. (Correct)
  • In situations when the project has to be completed under urgent conditions
  • When the customer gives you the go ahead
  • When the project sponsor gives you permission

Answer : When you have received the approval for the changes.

Explanation You can only make changes to the scope baseline of a project when you have received approval for the changes from the integrated change control process by the change control board. After implementing the changes on the project, you will then accordingly update the changes to the scope baseline.

A Project Manager is working on a big budget international  website development project for a company that is based in over 32 countries. She happens to come across some of her colleagues from the other offices who are meant to be the primary users of the new website. They mention that they have some concerns about the user interface design as the website is not that easy to navigate. The Project manager listens to their feedback and then reports it to the sponsor while suggesting changes to the scope. Which of the following is the best description of the project managers action: 

Options are :

  • Validate Scope
  • Integrated Change Control
  • Plan Scope
  • Stakeholder Analysis (Correct)

Answer : Stakeholder Analysis

Explanation The project manager has performed stakeholder analysis since she has learned about the requirements of the stakeholders and has accordingly recommended actions to be taken to meet those requirements.

While working on your project, the senior management contacts you directly and requests some changes to be made on the project. What is the First thing you should do as a project manager?

Options are :

  • Implement the change since you can't question the decision of the senior management
  • Tell the customer about the change
  • Share the details of the change with your team and ask them to start work on it immediately
  • Understand the scope of the change being requested (Correct)

Answer : Understand the scope of the change being requested

Explanation The first thing to do is to understand the scope of the change. Next, it is important to evaluate the impact of that change . After that , you consider the options available to you , which you present to the change control board. The change control board will then decide whether to include the change on the project considering it's impact.

____________ motivation theory is concerned with how the salary and working conditions of a workplace do not lead to improved levels of motivation for the employees.

Options are :

  • Mcgregor
  • Deming
  • Herzberg (Correct)
  • Maslow

Answer : Herzberg

Explanation Herzberg's hygiene factors are more like prerequisites, they do not lead to increased motivation instead the lack of them may lead to demotivation.

The optimistic estimate for an activity is 15 days, and the pessimistic estimate is 27. What is the standard deviation for the activity ?

Options are :

  • 4
  • 1
  • 2 (Correct)
  • 8

Answer : 2

Explanation The beta standard deviation can be calculated as (P-O)/6. =(27-12)/6 =2

Secondary risks refer to:

Options are :

  • Risks which do not require high priority
  • Risks which are created by risk responses (Correct)
  • Risks which have already been taken care of
  • Risks which can be addressed by contingency reserves

Answer : Risks which are created by risk responses

Explanation Secondary risks are the risks created as a result of devising risk responses to previous existing risks. They are identified during the Plan risk responses process.

A project manager is expected to possess various important abilities. Which leadership aspect is considered to be the most important for a project manager to have?

Options are :

  • The ability to motivate and build a team
  • Have considerable technical knowledge and expertise of a subject
  • To have the ability to resolve conflict efficiently
  • To be a strong communicator (Correct)

Answer : To be a strong communicator

Explanation It is most important for a project manager to have strong communication skills since they spend most of their time on a project communicating.

_____________ focuses on the most difficult issues and presents information in terms of order of priority.

Options are :

  • Pareto Diagram (Correct)
  • Control Chart
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • Bar Chart

Answer : Pareto Diagram

Explanation The pareto diagram focuses on the most important or most difficult issues and presents information in order of priority.

Consider yourself as the Seller. From amongst the contracts listed below, for which of them would you pay the most attention to when it comes to the scope of the project?

Options are :

  • Fixed Price (Correct)
  • Purchase Order
  • Time and Material
  • Cost Reimbursable

Answer : Fixed Price

Explanation The seller would be most concerned about the project scope in a Fixed price contract. It is important for the seller to understand the scope completely since in a Fixed Price contract, the seller has the cost risk.

Which of the following represents the To complete Performance Index ? 

Options are :

  • Work Completed on the project versus the amount of work originally planned
  • AC+(BAC-EV)
  • The actual cost and schedule performance on the project versus the Planned cost and schedule Performance
  • (BAC-EV)/ (BAC-AC) (Correct)

Answer : (BAC-EV)/ (BAC-AC)

Explanation The To complete performance index refers to the work remaining on the project by the money that remains to get it done. (BAC-EV)/ (BAC-AC) is the right answer.

On projects, certain risks are kept on the watch list. These risks are considered by the project manager as :

Options are :

  • + Risks
  • High Priority
  • Low Priority (Correct)
  • -Risks

Answer : Low Priority

Explanation Risks on the watch list are considered as low priority risks for their low probability and low impact. They are kept on the watch list for monitoring in case they become high probability or high impact as the project progresses in the future.

A stakeholder in your company has a regular habit of requesting multiple changes on projects. What is the ideal approach a project manager can take to handle this situation at the beginning of the project?

Options are :

  • Involve the stakeholder on the project as early as possible (Correct)
  • Deny the stakeholders change requests since they could be harmful for the project costs and schedule
  • Request the stakeholders manager to allocate him to a different project
  • Request the stakeholder to make fewer change requests

Answer : Involve the stakeholder on the project as early as possible

Explanation Most problems on projects arise because certain stakeholders requirements were not fully taken into account at the beginning of the project. To avoid such a situation , involve the stakeholder as soon as possible and get their requirements so as to avoid changes later on during the projects life.

While project work is being executed, a team member informs you that she is uncertain of exactly what sort of work she needs to do. Which of the following documents would you share with her to ensure she reads detailed information regarding work packages ?

Options are :

  • Scope Baseline
  • Project Scope Statement
  • WBS Dictionary (Correct)
  • List of deliverables

Answer : WBS Dictionary

Explanation The WBS dictionary contains the descriptions of the work packages and contains information regarding each of the different elements of the WBS.

The project team identifies a risk and shares information on it with the Project Manager. After extensive discussions with the management, a strategy is developed to deal with it. It is decided that it is in the best interest of the project to allow the risk to happen. Which type of Risk Response Strategy is being used?

Options are :

  • Share
  • Accept
  • Exploit (Correct)
  • Enhance

Answer : Exploit

Explanation Since the risk is an opportunity, it has been decided by the stakeholders that they will exploit it , which refers to making changes to the project to ensure that the risk occurs and the benefit from the opportunity is gained.

Which of the following issues the project charter ?

Options are :

  • Sponsor (Correct)
  • Project Manager
  • Stakeholders
  • Senior Management

Answer : Sponsor

Explanation The sponsor of the project issues and authorizes the Project Charter

Which of the following best describes the benefit of Colocation for a Project :

Options are :

  • Saves the costs involved on the project
  • Helps build communication between the team (Correct)
  • Allows the project to capitalize on positive risks and opportunities
  • Accelerates the pace by decreasing schedule and increasing work output

Answer : Helps build communication between the team

Explanation The purpose of Colocation is to help team members communicate with one another by placing them in the same room. This helps in team building and improved communication.

The Project Charter is vital to every project because while work is being done, the charter is most useful for 

Options are :

  • Evaluating the input of the stakeholders who are involved in the work being done on the project
  • Determining whether the work being done is in line with the project charter (Correct)
  • Communicating information to external stakeholders on project progress
  • Analyzing information on the cost of the resources used on the project

Answer : Determining whether the work being done is in line with the project charter

Explanation The Project Charter contains information on the work that needs to be done on the project. If any new changes or the current work being done do not fall within the project charter , it should not be pursued. Only work which falls within the project charter should be pursued.

Which report would you utilize as a project manager to show the actual performance versus the planned performance on a project ?

Options are :

  • Status Report
  • Variance Report (Correct)
  • Trend Report
  • Forecasting Report

Answer : Variance Report

Explanation A variance report would show the difference in the project's actual and planned performance. The other reports do not show the element of comparison.

What is your analysis of a situation whereby the Earned Value of your project is lesser than Planned Value and if the performance of the project were to continue the same way :

Options are :

  • The project will be behind schedule when it completes (Correct)
  • The project will end up costing lesser than the original planned cost
  • The estimate at completion will be low compared to what was originally planned
  • The project will perform ahead of the originally planned schedule

Answer : The project will be behind schedule when it completes

Explanation If EV is lesser than PV, the project will finish behind schedule.

A project manager is highly Skeptical of his team members. He constantly monitors their every move and doubts their performance. The project manager can be considered to be a

Options are :

  • Functional Manager
  • Theory Y Manager
  • Maslow's motivational theory proponent
  • Theory X Manager (Correct)

Answer : Theory X Manager

Explanation Theory X managers exhibit such behaviour while Theory Y managers give more empowerment and decision making authority to employees.

Which of the following can include information such as : Source of the requirements, Requirement identification number, person assigned for managing the requirement 

Options are :

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Scope Baseline
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (Correct)
  • Pareto Chart

Answer : Requirements Traceability Matrix

Explanation The requirement traceability matrix includes all this information. It links the objectives of the project with the requirements.

You recently joined a new organization where you have been given the responsibility of leading the project management office. What is the FIRST thing you should do ?

Options are :

  • Talk to the main stakeholders to develop an understanding of the organization and its projects. (Correct)
  • Develop strong communication with your senior management
  • Review the historical documents
  • Immediately get involved in the projects so as not to waste time

Answer : Talk to the main stakeholders to develop an understanding of the organization and its projects.

Explanation Speaking directly to the stakeholders first will allow you to come up to speed with the nature of the organization and a better understanding of the stakeholders requirements.

The following is an appropriate description of why quality is planned in as opposed to being inspected into the project 

Options are :

  • Quality is equally costly during both Planning and Inspecting
  • Inspecting Quality is more expensive than Planning Quality (Correct)
  • Planning Quality is more expensive than Inspecting Quality
  • It does not matter if quality is planned in since it can be done at any point during the project

Answer : Inspecting Quality is more expensive than Planning Quality

Explanation Inspecting Quality is more expensive than Planning Quality. Simply speaking if you are developing a software, it is much better to make sure the software fulfills the requirements you want it to perform as opposed to developing it and then checking later and finding out that it does not perform its function properly. You would have to incur more costs in corrective measures and getting the software recoded, leading to extra time being wasted resulting in delays. This is just one possible situation.

The communications management plan is developed on a project while keeping in view the needs of the 

Options are :

  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Team
  • Project Manager
  • Stakeholders (Correct)

Answer : Stakeholders

Explanation The term stakeholder includes all those who are relevant for the project and need to be communicated to. Stakeholders provide useful value addition by giving expert advice, support on project work and help expedite problems.

The difference between contingency reserves and management reserves is that 

Options are :

  • Contingency reserves are taken care of by the senior management while management reserves are handled by the project manager
  • Contingency reserves are the known unknowns on a project while the management reserves are the unknown knowns on a project
  • Contingency reserves are the known unknowns on a project while the management reserves are the unknown unknowns on a project (Correct)
  • Contingency reserves and management reserves address risks.

Answer : Contingency reserves are the known unknowns on a project while the management reserves are the unknown unknowns on a project

Explanation While contingency reserves and management reserves are used to address risks, hence D is a correct statement BUT it is the Wrong answer. C is the correct answer as it correctly describes the difference between contingency reserves (known unknowns) and management reserves (unknown unknowns).

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