PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 9

You are the project manager of the NNQ Project for your company and are working with your
project team to define contingency plans for the risks within your project. Mary, one of your project
team members, asks what a contingency plan is. Which of the following statements best defines
what a contingency response is?

Options are :

  • Some responses are designed for use only if certain events occur.
  • Quantified risks should always have contingency responses.
  • Some responses must counteract pending risk events.
  • Some responses have a cost and a time factor to consider for each risk event.

Answer : Some responses are designed for use only if certain events occur.

Nancy is the project manager of a project with 78 stakeholders. This is a high-profile project and
she needs to express to her project team and to the management the importance of
communication in this project. She would like to show the number of stakeholder communication
channels in the project. Based on this information how many communication channels exist within
this project?

Options are :

  • 156
  • 6,084
  • 78
  • 3,003

Answer : 3,003

Sam is the project manager of a construction project in south Florida. This area of the United
States is prone to hurricanes during certain parts of the year. As part of the project plan Sam and
the project team acknowledge the possibility of hurricanes and the damage the hurricane could
have on the project's deliverables, the schedule of the project, and the overall cost of the project.
Once Sam and the project stakeholders acknowledge the risk of the hurricane they go on planning
the project as if the risk is not likely to happen. What type of risk response is Sam using?

Options are :

  • Avoidance
  • Mitigation
  • Passive acceptance
  • Active acceptance

Answer : Passive acceptance

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 9

Gary is the project manager of his organization. He is managing a project that is similar to a
project his organization completed recently. Gary has decided that he will use the information from
the past project to help him and the project team to identify the risks that may be present in the
project. Management agrees that this checklist approach is ideal and will save time in the project.
Which of the following statement is most accurate about the limitations of the checklist analysis
approach for Gary?

Options are :

  • The checklist analysis approach only uses qualitative analysis.
  • The checklist analysis approach is fast but it is impossible to build and exhaustive checklist
  • The checklist analysis approach saves time, but can cost more
  • The checklist is also known as top down risk assessment

Answer : The checklist analysis approach is fast but it is impossible to build and exhaustive checklist

Which of the following diagrams displays sensitivity analysis data?

Options are :

  • Tornado
  • Fishbone
  • Cause and effect
  • Influence

Answer : Tornado

You are the project manager of the NGQQ Project for your company. To help you communicate
project status to your stakeholders, you are going to create a stakeholder register. All of the
following information should be included in the stakeholder register except for which one?

Options are :

  • Stakeholder classification of their role in the project
  • Assessment information of the stakeholders' major requirements, expectations, and potential influence
  • Identification information for each stakeholder
  • Stakeholder management strategy

Answer : Stakeholder management strategy

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 10

You are the project manager of the GGK project for your company. The GGK project has a budget
of $1,265,100 and is currently 40 percent complete. In this project, you elected to add labor to the
project to increase the likelihood of completing the project early as the project was only scheduled
to be 35 percent complete at this time. This positive risk response, while keeping the project
ahead of schedule, has added significant costs to the project. You have already spent $575,000 to
reach this point in the project. Management would like to know what your cost performance index
and the schedule performance index is for this project. What are these values?

Options are :

  • The CPI is 1.14 and the SPI is .88.
  • The CPI is .88 and the SPI is 1.14.
  • The CPI is .88 and the SPI is zero.
  • The CPI is -$68,960 and the SPI is $63,255

Answer : The CPI is .88 and the SPI is 1.14.

You are the project manager for BlueWell Inc. Your current project is a high priority and high
profile project within your organization. You want to identify the project stakeholders that will have
the most power in relation to their interest on your project. This will help you plan for project risks,
stakeholder management, and ongoing communication with the key stakeholders in your project.
In this process of stakeholder analysis, what type of a grid or model should you create based on
these conditions?

Options are :

  • Stakeholder power/interest grid
  • Stakeholder register
  • Salience model
  • Influence/impact grid

Answer : Stakeholder power/interest grid

Lisa is the project manager of the FKN project for her organization. She is working with Sam, the
CIO, to discuss a discount the vendor has offered the project based on the amount of materials
that is ordered. Lisa and Sam review the offer and agree that while their project may qualify for the
discounted materials the savings is nominal and they would not necessarily pursue the savings.
Lisa documents this positive risk response in the risk register. What risk response is this? 

Options are :

  • Enhance
  • Acceptance
  • Transference
  • Share

Answer : Acceptance

PMI-ACP Agile Certified Practitioner Certified Practice Exam Set 4

A part of a project deals with the hardware work. As a project manager, you have decided to hire a
company to deal with all hardware work on the project. Which type of risk response is this? 

Options are :

  • Exploit
  • Mitigation
  • Avoidance
  • Transference

Answer : Transference

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