PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Test Set 9

Which of the following is described in the statement given below?"It serves as the primary input for the Plan Program Stakeholder Management process, as well as for the distribution of program reports and other communication."

Options are :

  • Organizational chart
  • Program scope statement
  • Governance plan
  • Stakeholder register

Answer : Stakeholder register

Which of the following tools/techniques keep program managers and executives informed of the program's progress?

Options are :

  • Review meetings
  • Expert judgment
  • Component analysis
  • Capacity planning

Answer : Review meetings

According to Standard for Program Management, Second Edition, how many knowledge areas are involved for program management?

Options are :

  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 5

Answer : 9

PMP Exam Questions

You are the program manager for your organization. Management has assigned you to a new program that has been chartered. Your team is in the process of the Manage Program Issues process. One of the two outputs of this process is change requests. Which one of the following is the other one?

Options are :

  • Program performance reports
  • Audit reports
  • Program management plan
  • Program issues register updates

Answer : Program issues register updates

Which of the following documents contain a list of all problems, unfavorable events, or situations that occurred so far in the program?

Options are :

  • Program charter
  • Program scope statement
  • Program issue register
  • Program risk register

Answer : Program issue register

Tom is program manager for his organization. His program is scheduled to last ten months and has a cost estimate for the program of $550,000. It is now month nine and Tom reports that he actually has a cost variance of a positive $56,000. While Tom is pleased, the new management is not. Why is a positive cost variance not necessarily good news?

Options are :

  • A poor cost estimate could affect the organization's decisions to invest the funds elsewhere .
  • Tom has overestimated the cost of the program.
  • A poor cost estimate prevented the organization from adding things to the program scope.
  • Tom has forgot to include deliverables in the program

Answer : A poor cost estimate could affect the organization's decisions to invest the funds elsewhere .

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 9

There are 1,500 doors to be installed in Tom's program. Each of the 1,500 doors is required by the building code to swing into the room rather than swing out into the hallways. It has come to Tom's attention that part of the team installing the doors has installed nearly 200 doors to swing into the hallway rather than into the rooms. Tom instructs the team to fix the problem. What type of action has Tom taken in this instance?

Options are :

  • Team development
  • Defect repair validation
  • Scope control
  • Defect repair

Answer : Defect repair

You have completed a project for a client at his facility. The project has lasted for 18 months and you have generated many reports, plans, change request forms, and other documents about the project work. What should you do with the project documentation?

Options are :

  • Leave it as is for the client to destroy or archive.
  • Destroy it, as this information is relevant to the client.
  • Archive it as part of your organization's process assets
  • Give it to the client for his information.

Answer : Archive it as part of your organization's process assets

A project manager in your program is using progress elaboration as part of their planning approach. This approach is also known as what planning methodology?

Options are :

  • Waterfall management
  • Incremental planning
  • Scope refinements
  • Rolling wave planning

Answer : Rolling wave planning

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practice Test Set 6

On which of the following documents you work throughout the risk management processes?

Options are :

  • Risk management plan
  • Project management plan
  • Risk register
  • Project charter

Answer : Risk register

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