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Which of the following is LEAST important when consolidating project/program data for performance reviews?

Options are :

  • a. Standard report templates
  • b. Data naming conventions
  • c. Establishing a program culture that values data integrity
  • d. Common data repository

Answer : a. Standard report templates

Explanation Standard report templates would assist in the reporting/presentation of program data in a consistent manner, and would rely upon the data being consistent across the program and components. However having standard reports will not assist in ensuring consistent data is consolidated across the program. Program Management Professional Examination Specification ā€" Domain IV Executing the Program Task 1- Page 33

Assume you are on a selection committee to determine which programs and projects your organization should undertake in the next year. Resources in terms of both people and funding are major constraints. One program is for an organizational change program in which for one project in this program, its output is a new personnel information system, with an outcome a new resource management and compensation policy, which is documented in theā€"

Options are :

  • a. Benefts realization plan
  • b. Business case
  • c. Program goals and objectives
  • d. Program management plan

Answer : c. Program goals and objectives

Explanation Goals are clearly defned outcomes as to what the program is to achieve, while objectives are fnal results, outputs, and deliverables from the individual projects. They are part of the program plan in Program, Strategy Management. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 28ā€"29

PMI-100 Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 5

You are pleased to be appointed as the Program Manager for the development of a new ballpoint pen program. This pen will never need replacement and is to be physically appealing and available in a variety of colors. It also is to be fun to use but practical for those in a business setting. Therefore, you are developing a series of these pens and so far the program is considered to be on track. Your only key issue is that each of the stakeholders on this next-generation ballpoint pen program has different communications needs. To ensure each stakeholder receives the appropriate information he or she need in a useful format and in a timely manner, you ask a core team member to prepare a(n)ā€"

Options are :

  • a. Lessons-learned process
  • b. Stakeholder register
  • c. Information-retrieval system
  • d. Information-gathering system

Answer : b. Stakeholder register

Explanation The stakeholder register is an output of Communications Planning to document information requirements in the register of each stakeholder. It is also prepared in Program Stakeholder Identifcation and is maintained and updated throughout the program. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 46, 74

As Program Manager you are keen to ensure you motivate your program team using appropriate tools and techniques. What is the primary reason to motivate your team?

Options are :

  • a. To increase productivity
  • b. To improve resource utilization
  • c. To increase commitment to program objectives
  • d. To retain specific team resources

Answer : c. To increase commitment to program objectives

Explanation This answer has the widest application, and represents the primary reason to motivate your team as it covers ALL program objectives. Program Management Professional (PgMP) Examination Specification, Task 3, Page 35

Assume you are managing the reward loyalty operational activity for your airline. Members have been complaining about the diffculty of actually using an award, especially your elite members who tend to ?y on your airline at least one million miles per year. You feel you will lose elite members to other airlines unless the program changes dramatically, and you believe it needs to offer more possible rewards in conjunction with free stays at leading hotels of the world and also free car rentals. You have received authority from your Portfolio Review Board to establish a new program to emphasize improvements in how rewards are to be handled. You now are in the Initiating process. The key output of it isā€"

Options are :

  • a. Identifcation of the program manager
  • b. The program charter
  • c. The benefts analysis plan
  • d. Feasibility studies

Answer : b. The program charter

Explanation Approval of the program charter is critical as it formally authorizes the commencement of the program. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 85

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 2

When your program is complete, it will generate more than 80 percent of the revenue earned by the company. Thus, it will have a major impact on the balance sheet. To assist you in your work, you prepared a program fnancial plan and established a budget baseline. Now you are tracking, monitoring, and controlling funds and expenses. Not to be overlooked in this process isā€"

Options are :

  • a. The proft the company earns
  • b. The balance between proft and loss
  • c. The operational costs
  • d. A summary of the revenue, direct cost, indirect cost, operating proft, and net proft of a company at a given point in time

Answer : c. The operational costs

Explanation As part of Program Financial Monitoring and Control, it is necessary to manage the expenditure on the programā€™s infrastructure. These costs cannot be overlooked, and it is necessary to ensure they are within expected parameters. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 81

Assume you are managing a program for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) in your country. Scientists in NOAA have been doing extensive research on global warming and have noted that the current warming of the worldā€™s oceans can cause serious diseases in the next three years. You and your team prepared a beneft realization plan. This plan is one of the key documents that now are being used by your Governance Board members in NOAA toā€"

Options are :

  • a. Determine specifc projects to pursue in the program
  • b. Present the business case for the program to the Agency Administrator
  • c. Determine whether changes are required to components
  • d. Determine the Governance Boardā€™s roles and responsibilities

Answer : c. Determine whether changes are required to components

Explanation The benefts realization plan is used by program governance for a number of reasons. The Governance Board is interested in determining if beneft achievement is occurring as planned or whether changes are needed to the components or to the program. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 38

You are responsible for business development in your division, which is a subsidiary of a large defense contractor. Recently, you attended a conference and learned that many of your competitors are focusing on continuous improvement in the area of sales strategies and techniques and are conducting maturity assessments. When you returned to your offce, you prepared a business case and recommended that such a program be initiated. One of the criteria you used wasā€"

Options are :

  • a. Representatives from each business unit in the organization would participate in the program
  • b. The program duration would be short because a maturity assessment typically can be conducted in three months
  • c. It would be necessary to set up some specifc projects as a result of the improvement plan from the maturity assessment, but these projects would be unique to each business unit
  • d. The benefts that would accrue from the program would be independent of specifc deliverables of the various associated projects

Answer : a. Representatives from each business unit in the organization would participate in the program

Explanation Such internal programs serve as a catalyst for change. Participation across the various business units is desirable so that resources can be shared. Furthermore, while the maturity assessment itself is typically conducted rather quickly, it takes time to implement the various recommendations, each of which is a specifc project that depends on other projects to create a set of benefts. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 27 PMIĀ®, Program Management Professional (PgMP)Ā® Examination Content Outline, 2011, 7

PMI Risk Management Professional Certification Practice Exam Set 2

Assume that you are the program manager for a product to be delivered to an external customer, and you are now planning your program. This new product is to be completed in two years. So far, you have three projects in your program and plan to add several more as the program continues. You believe you have an excellent team with the key competencies to assist you in the program. You also are glad to have a Governance Board. Conflicts, though, are program challenges, which means you shouldā€"

Options are :

  • a. Actively listen
  • b. Use a variety of approaches to lead the team
  • c. Assume program ownership and take responsibility
  • d. Leverage political dynamics to promote program goals

Answer : a. Actively listen

Explanation Program managers require strong communications skills. A key part of communications is to actively listen, understand, and respond to stakeholders. It is essential to pay close attention to the speaker and make sure there is an understanding of the speakerā€™s concerns, showing empathy for the points of view of others. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 15 Levin and Ward, 2011, 61

It is easy to focus primarily on the benefts programs will deliver to the organization and the deliverables the projects in each program will produce. Many organizations though do not have a clear understanding of all of the programs and projects that are under way, and many people do not want to disclose some ā€˜petā€™ program they are working on as they believe they are breakthrough initiatives for the company. However, assume you are in an organization that lacks such a list of all the work in progress, and your company needs such a list as the executives have mandated that a portfolio management process be followed. The executives plan to meet monthly to review the existing portfolio and determine whether or not new programs and projects should be added and others deferred or terminated. The overall objective is to ensure theā€"

Options are :

  • a. Programs and projects in the portfolio are focused on alignment to strategic objectives
  • b. The portfolioā€™s strategy is one in which it focuses on preventing poor return on investments in the programs and projects that are pursued
  • c. Program and project inputs are emphasized along with direct program deliverables and metrics
  • d. The emphasis continues on the triple constraint as programs and projects to pursue are considered

Answer : a. Programs and projects in the portfolio are focused on alignment to strategic objectives

Explanation strategic objectives Portfolio management involves the process of creating, managing, and evaluating a portfolio of strategic initiatives focused on delivering lasting results and benefts. The objective is to align the portfolio to strategic objectives, approving only those components that support business objectives. If the strategic direction changes, the portfolio is reexamined. PMIĀ®, Program Management Professional (PgMP) Ā® Examination Content Outline, 2011, 6 PMIĀ®. The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 10ā€"11 Williams and Parr, 2006, 19

Assume your suggestion to your City government to combine projects into programs in the regulations and standards area has been well received. After a meeting of the Cityā€™s Commissioners, they appointed you as the program manager to oversee this work. You have decided as one of your frst tasks to prepare a benefts register and will base it on the expected benefts as defned in theā€"

Options are :

  • a. Program charter
  • b. Program business case
  • c. Program management plan
  • d. Organizationā€™s strategic plan

Answer : b. Program business case

Explanation The benefts register is established during benefts realization and uses the programā€™s business case since the business case is the formal declaration of the value the program is expected to deliver and the resources required to do so. PMIĀ®, The Standard for Program Management, 2013, 36

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