PMI-100 Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 4

end of project report is ready, the information on the results of research is a global trend during the project. What object is created in this project?

Options are :

  • service
  • Result
  • improvement
  • Product
  • None

Answer : Result

External organizations that have a special relationship with the company and offer special skills are called:

Options are :

  • None
  • Sellers
  • Customers.
  • Business Partners.
  • Functional leaders.

Answer : Business Partners.

Every method group and area of ??expertise contain a sequence of operation of the process?

Options are :

  • Executing Process Group and Project Time Management
  • None
  • Group planning process, and Project Time Management
  • Executing Process Group and the project cost management
  • Group planning process and project cost control

Answer : Group planning process, and Project Time Management

What type of agreement gives both the seller and the buyer's flexibility to deviate from the performance of financial incentives?

Options are :

  • And material (T & M)
  • Cost-Pius Award Re (CPAF)
  • Fixed price premium (FPIF)
  • Cost Plus Fee (CPIF)
  • None

Answer : Fixed price premium (FPIF)

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 2

Plan stakeholder management process, the expert estimates are used:

Options are :

  • None
  • Which is needed to design appropriate ways to engage project stakeholders.
  • Decide on the degree of commitment of stakeholders at each stage required.
  • By analyzing the information needed to develop the project scope.
  • To ensure comprehensive identification and listing of new stakeholders.

Answer : Decide on the degree of commitment of stakeholders at each stage required.

What tools or techniques used in the Project Close step in the process?

Options are :

  • Facilitation Techniques and meetings
  • Expert assessment and analysis methods
  • Reserve analysis and expert assessment
  • None
  • Development discussions and meetings

Answer : Expert assessment and analysis methods

During which process does the project receive offers and suggestions?

Options are :

  • budget control
  • procurement plan
  • estimate of costs
  • None
  • behavior procurement

Answer : behavior procurement

What tool or technique is used for validating the scope of the project?

Options are :

  • Facilitated workshops
  • None
  • inspection
  • interviews
  • meetings

Answer : inspection

Job satisfaction, challenging work, and adequate financial compensation is related to the values ??that interpersonal skill?

Options are :

  • Motivation
  • counsel
  • building trust
  • influencing
  • None

Answer : Motivation

A stakeholder analysis reflects the need for the project manager is not known. probably missed Project phase, in which the stakeholders in the management process?

Options are :

  • Manage Stakeholder engagement
  • Control Stakeholder engagement
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Planned stakeholder management
  • None

Answer : Planned stakeholder management

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 5

When the processes of the planning process group seek to collect feedback and to define the project documents to guide the project work, the organization's policies dictate the project design:

Options are :

  • differs
  • start
  • delays
  • ends
  • None

Answer : ends

The process of prioritizing risks for further analysis or operation are known:

Options are :

  • Risk Management Plan.
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Risk Replies plan.
  • None
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.

Answer : Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.

The input to identify stakeholders in the process is:

Options are :

  • None
  • The project management plan
  • Stakeholder Register.
  • Stakeholder analysis.
  • The procurement documents.

Answer : The procurement documents.

The activity cost estimates and project schedule are the inputs to which the costs of the project management process?

Options are :

  • None
  • estimate of costs
  • determine your budget
  • Cost management plan
  • control costs

Answer : determine your budget

What is the key to interpersonal skills The project manager defines the strategy for sharing power and trusting interpersonal skills to convince others to work together towards a common goal?

Options are :

  • influencing
  • Decision
  • None
  • counsel
  • cooperation

Answer : influencing

Output Create WBS process is:

Options are :

  • Approved deliverables.
  • None
  • Change requests.
  • Scope baseline.
  • Analysis of variance.

Answer : Scope baseline.

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practical Exam Set 9

The number of potential communication channels 5 project stakeholders:

Options are :

  • 10
  • 24
  • None
  • 12
  • 20

Answer : 10

Output Perform Integrated Change Control Management process is:

Options are :

  • Outputs
  • None
  • Requirements traceability matrix
  • Validated changes.
  • The change log.

Answer : The change log.

What tool or technique Define Activities process makes it possible to work there at different levels of detail depending on where it is the project cycle?

Options are :

  • dependency determination
  • Rolling wave planning
  • The bottom-up assessment of the
  • historical relations
  • None

Answer : Rolling wave planning

Where knowledge areas are closing processes Group?

Options are :

  • Project quality management and project time management
  • The scope of the project management and project risk management
  • management of the project stakeholders and project cost control
  • The project integration management and project procurement management
  • None

Answer : The project integration management and project procurement management

Interest groups can be identified in the later stages of the project, as stakeholders identification process should be:

Options are :

  • regulated
  • Continuous
  • None
  • separate
  • arbitrary

Answer : Continuous

Which conflict resolution technique is looking for solutions that some degree of satisfaction to all parties to a temporary or partially resolve the conflict?

Options are :

  • None
  • Compromise / reconcile
  • Cancel / avoided
  • Collaboration / problem to solve
  • Force / straight

Answer : Compromise / reconcile

PMI-002 Certification Project Management Practices Exam Set 2

Output Direct and manage project work process is:

Options are :

  • Outputs
  • None
  • Activity lists.
  • Scope statement.
  • Work breakdown structure.

Answer : Outputs

Feed Close Project or Phase is:

Options are :

  • Final products or services,
  • Work performance information.
  • The document updates,
  • Approved deliverables,
  • None

Answer : Approved deliverables,

What is the target cost-conformity?

Options are :

  • training
  • the lost
  • Liabilities
  • Scrap
  • None

Answer : training

The purpose of the Project Communications Management is the Knowledge Area:

Options are :

  • None
  • Monitoring and control communication throughout the project life cycle.
  • Maintain an optimal flow of information between all participants.
  • To ensure timely and appropriate project documentation information.
  • To develop an appropriate approach to project communication.

Answer : To ensure timely and appropriate project documentation information.

Power, urgency, and legitimacy are the features that interest groups classification model?

Options are :

  • The impact / effects
  • salience
  • Current / impact
  • Power / interest
  • None

Answer : salience

Uncertainty unit is ready to take in anticipation of a reward is known for its risk:

Options are :

  • answer
  • None
  • appetite
  • management
  • tolerance

Answer : appetite

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 6

Graphical display of project team members and their reporting relationships are known:

Options are :

  • Structural analysis of resources (RBs).
  • Resource Calendar.
  • Raci (RAM).
  • None
  • The project organization chart.

Answer : The project organization chart.

The degree, quantity or volume of risk that an organization or an individual takes, is the risk:

Options are :

  • None
  • Appetite
  • Tolerance
  • analysis
  • Answer

Answer : Tolerance

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