PMI-100 Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 2

In determining how the scope of the project has been validated and controlled is known:

Options are :

  • Define the extent of it.
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Quality Management Plan.
  • Scope Management Plan.
  • None

Answer : Scope Management Plan.

The danger that the direct result of taking a risk, the answer is called:

Options are :

  • The potential risk of
  • secondary risk
  • None
  • risk of contingent
  • residual risk

Answer : secondary risk

Perform integrated change management is the process:

Options are :

  • Reviewing, approving and manage all change requests
  • By comparing the actual results of planned results, in order to extend or modify the project
  • Documentation of changes to the change in the change of control of the control board
  • None
  • To facilitate the management of change, manuals or automation tools

Answer : Reviewing, approving and manage all change requests

Perfect for concepts, terms and functions that make up the area known as the specialization of:

Options are :

  • knowledge area
  • None
  • management of programs
  • portfolio management
  • process Group

Answer : knowledge area

PMP Exam Questions

Those who enter into an agreement for the project services are essential:

Options are :

  • business partners
  • sellers
  • None
  • product users
  • buyers

Answer : sellers

Every activity is included to control the cost of the process?

Options are :

  • Keep track of the cost of performance to isolate and understand variances from the basic level of the approved costs
  • Define the objectives and responsibilities to satisfy the needs of stakeholders in policy
  • None
  • Develop an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project activities
  • To find out how the cost of the project is planned, structured, and supervised

Answer : Keep track of the cost of performance to isolate and understand variances from the basic level of the approved costs

Using a parametric estimation, if the specified resource is capable of producing 120 units per hour, how many hours are needed to produce 12,000 units?

Options are :

  • 1200
  • None
  • 100
  • 120
  • 1000

Answer : 100

The project scope management is primarily concerned with:

Options are :

  • To develop a detailed description of the project and product.
  • Formalization of the adoption of the completed project deliverables.
  • None
  • In order to determine how the requirements are analyzed, documented, and managed.
  • Defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.

Answer : Defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.

Communications Management plan to develop an approach and plan for project communication is based on the needs and requirements of stakeholders and:

Options are :

  • Available organizational resources
  • Project staff assignments
  • None
  • Environmental factors
  • interpersonal skills

Answer : Available organizational resources

At which point the team building activities are team members begin to work together and adjust their work habits and behavior support team?

Options are :

  • norms
  • forming
  • storming
  • None
  • performing

Answer : norms

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 5

What type of analysis is used and the cause of degrees difference between the starting point and the actual results?

Options are :

  • An alternative analysis
  • booking analysis
  • Analysis of variance
  • Schedule network analysis
  • None

Answer : Analysis of variance

The element in order to achieve a modern quality management is used for compatibility with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is well-known:

Options are :

  • Historical databases.
  • None
  • Brainstorming
  • at the expense of quality.
  • divination

Answer : at the expense of quality.

Technical capability, past performance, and intellectual property rights are examples:

Options are :

  • Step End Product
  • performance measurement criteria
  • source selection
  • None
  • product acceptance criteria

Answer : source selection

One of the main benefits of the plan of Human Resource Management process is that it:

Options are :

  • give an accurate picture of the team member's performance.
  • None
  • create tasks and responsibilities of the project.
  • outlines the steps the team selection and team member responsibilities.
  • improve teamwork, communication skills and know-how.

Answer : create tasks and responsibilities of the project.

Every stakeholder accepts the project result?

Options are :

  • functional Director
  • customer
  • Sponsor
  • Seller
  • None

Answer : customer

Login Quality Control process has:

Options are :

  • Quality control measurements
  • Outputs
  • Environmental factors
  • activity is determined
  • None

Answer : Outputs

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 6

The cost of baseline and project funding requirements are the outputs of that process Project Cost Management?

Options are :

  • Cost management plan
  • control costs
  • determine your budget
  • estimate of costs
  • None

Answer : determine your budget

Which objects are output Perform Integrated Change Control Management process?

Options are :

  • The project management plan update
  • Organizational process assets
  • Work performance reports
  • Accepted deliverables
  • None

Answer : The project management plan update

The tool and technique used in the project plan development process to:

Options are :

  • meetings
  • expert assessment
  • None
  • change management tools
  • analytical techniques

Answer : expert assessment

Every change request is intentional activity, which realigns the performance of the project work of the project management plan?

Options are :

  • bugfix
  • Corrective action
  • Update
  • preventive action
  • None

Answer : Corrective action

What type of probability distribution is used to represent uncertain events, such as the result of a test or a possible scenario of a decision tree?

Options are :

  • separate
  • uniform
  • Continuous
  • None
  • Linear

Answer : separate

When closing the project or phase, part of the process may require the use of any type of analysis?

Options are :

  • Taantumisanalyysi
  • product analysis
  • document analysis
  • None
  • booking analysis

Answer : Taantumisanalyysi

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 5

Which term describes the correctness of the estimate?

Options are :

  • Grade
  • Accuracy
  • accuracy
  • Quality
  • None

Answer : accuracy

Define action process, schedule management plan through:

Options are :

  • Document and supports the project change requests.
  • Incorporating standard activity list.
  • To capture the lessons learned from other projects for comparison.
  • None
  • Determine the level of detail needed to manage the work.

Answer : Determine the level of detail needed to manage the work.

Full-time project a low or moderate authority and part-time administrative staff working in the organization structure in which the type of matrix?

Options are :

  • Weak
  • balanced
  • Maintenance
  • Strong
  • None

Answer : balanced

a member of the project team agrees to modify the project is carried out after discussion with external stakeholders. It is later discovered that the change has had an adverse effect on the second deliverable. This could have been avoided if the project was implemented:

Options are :

  • The project team building.
  • A stakeholder analysis management plan.
  • Quality Insurance.
  • None
  • Integrated management of change.

Answer : Integrated management of change.

Every process is usually fast and cost-effective way to create priorities for Plan Risk Responses?

Options are :

  • The risk management plan
  • identify risks
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • None
  • quantitative risk analysis

Answer : Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

The aim is to develop a project scope management plan:

Options are :

  • Manage the timely completion of the project.
  • None
  • Make sure the project will satisfy for which it has begun.
  • That project includes all the work required.
  • To reduce the negative events in the project.

Answer : That project includes all the work required.

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 7

The project team is trying to produce a deliverable and notes that they do not have the expertise or the time to the end of the deliverable on time. This problem could have been avoided if they had created and complied with:

Options are :

  • The scope management plan
  • human resource management plan
  • procurement management plan
  • risk management plan
  • None

Answer : procurement management plan

Gradually drawing up detailed plans for high-level information made by:

Options are :

  • The Investment Manager
  • project management office
  • None
  • Head of Programming
  • project manager

Answer : project manager

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