PMI-100 Certified Associate Management Practical Exam Set 8

A tool and technique used in the Develop Project Charter process is:

Options are :

  • meetings
  • analytical techniques
  • change control tools
  • expert judgment (Correct)

Answer : expert judgment

Which project document is updated in the Control Stakeholder Engagement process?

Options are :

  • Issue log (Correct)
  • Project reports
  • Lessons learned documentation
  • Work performance information

Answer : Issue log

The methodology that combines scope, schedule, and resource measurements to assess project performance and progress is known as:

Options are :

  • Earned value management. (Correct)
  • Critical chain methodology.
  • Forecasting.
  • Critical path methodology.

Answer : Earned value management.

A projects purpose or justification, measurable project objectives and related success criteria, a summary milestone schedule, and a summary budget are all components of which document?

Options are :

  • Project management plan
  • Requirements document
  • Project charter (Correct)
  • Work breakdown structure

Answer : Project charter

Project Stakeholder Management focuses on:

Options are :

  • project staff assignments
  • communication methods
  • managing conflicting interests (Correct)
  • project tea m acquisition

Answer : managing conflicting interests

Success is measured by benefits realization for a:

Options are :

  • program
  • portfolio (Correct)
  • project
  • strategic plan

Answer : portfolio

At the start of a typical project life cycle, costs are:

Options are :

  • low, become steady as work is carried out, and increase as the project nears the end
  • high, become low as work is carried out, and drop as the project nears the end.
  • high, drop as work is carried out, and increase as the project nears the end
  • low, peak as work is carried out, and drop as the project nears the end. (Correct)

Answer : low, peak as work is carried out, and drop as the project nears the end.

Which change request is an intentional activity that realigns the performance of the project work with the project management plan?

Options are :

  • Preventive action
  • Corrective action (Correct)
  • Defect repair
  • Update

Answer : Corrective action

A benefit of using virtual teams in the Acquire Project Team process is the reduction of the:

Options are :

  • cultural differences of team members
  • costs associated with travel (Correct)
  • possibility of communication misunderstandings
  • costs associated with technology

Answer : costs associated with travel

The process of defining how the project scope will be validated and controlled is known as:

Options are :

  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Define Scope.
  • Plan Quality Management.
  • Plan Scope Management. (Correct)

Answer : Plan Scope Management.

Which process is conducted from project inception through completion and is ultimately the responsibility of the project manager?

Options are :

  • Control Quality
  • Control Scope
  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control (Correct)

Answer : Perform Integrated Change Control

When painting a bedroom, preparing the walls can be done while the paint is being chosen. This is an example of a:

Options are :

  • mandatory dependency
  • lag
  • internal dependency
  • lead (Correct)

Answer : lead

Which is an enterprise environmental factor?

Options are :

  • Marketplace conditions (Correct)
  • Policies and procedures
  • Lessons learned from previous projects
  • Project files from previous projects

Answer : Marketplace conditions

A project team member agrees to change a project deliverable after a conversation with an external stakeholder. It is later discovered that the change has had an adverse effect on another deliverable. This could have been avoided if the project team had implemented:

Options are :

  • Project team building.
  • Integrated change control. (Correct)
  • A stakeholder management plan.
  • Quality assurance.

Answer : Integrated change control.

Progressively elaborating high-level information into detailed plans is performed by the:

Options are :

  • project management office
  • program manager
  • portfolio manager
  • project manager (Correct)

Answer : project manager

Which Define Activities tool or technique is used for dividing and subdividing the project scope and project deliverables into smaller, more manageable parts?

Options are :

  • Decomposition (Correct)
  • Inspection
  • Document analysis
  • Project analysis

Answer : Decomposition

Which process is usually a rapid and cost-effective means of establishing priorities for Plan Risk Responses?

Options are :

  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (Correct)
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Identify Risks
  • Plan Risk Management

Answer : Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

The scope management plan and scope baseline are contained in:

Options are :

  • a requirements traceability matrix
  • organizational process assets
  • the project management plan (Correct)
  • the project charter

Answer : the project management plan

Which items are an output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

Options are :

  • Project management plan updates (Correct)
  • Accepted deliverables
  • Work performance reports
  • Organizational process assets

Answer : Project management plan updates

Which Perform Quality Assurance tool or technique is used to identify a problem, discover the underlying causes that lead to it, and develop preventative actions?

Options are :

  • Inspection
  • Quality audits
  • Root cause analysis (Correct)
  • Design of experiments

Answer : Root cause analysis

The Project Human Resource Management process that involves confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities is:

Options are :

  • Plan Human Resource Management.
  • Manage Project Team
  • Acquire Project Team. (Correct)
  • Develop Project Team.

Answer : Acquire Project Team.

Which stakeholder approves a project's result?

Options are :

  • Sponsor
  • Functional manager
  • Seller
  • Customer (Correct)

Answer : Customer

Which action is included in the Control Costs process?

Options are :

  • Determine policies, objectives, and responsibilities to satisfy stakeholder needs
  • Develop an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project activities
  • Monitor cost performance to isolate and understand variances from the approved cost baseline (Correct)
  • Identify how the project costs will be planned, structured, and controlled

Answer : Monitor cost performance to isolate and understand variances from the approved cost baseline

Organizational process assets, a lessons-learned database, and historical information are all inputs to which process?

Options are :

  • Plan Scope Management
  • Plan Schedule Management
  • Plan Cost Management
  • Plan Stakeholder Management (Correct)

Answer : Plan Stakeholder Management

Which process involves determining, documenting, and managing stakeholders' needs and requirements to meet project objectives?

Options are :

  • Plan Scope Management
  • Collect Requirements (Correct)
  • Define Scope
  • Define Activities

Answer : Collect Requirements

Which items are components of a project management plan?

Options are :

  • Schedule management plan, project schedule, and resource calendars
  • Change management plan, process improvement plan, and scope management plan (Correct)
  • Scope baseline, project statement of work, and requirements traceability matrix
  • Agreements, procurement management plan, and work performance information

Answer : Change management plan, process improvement plan, and scope management plan

The risk response strategy in which the project team acts to reduce the probability of occurrence or impact of a risk is known as:

Options are :

  • exploit
  • share
  • avoid
  • mitigate (Correct)

Answer : mitigate

Which term describes an assessment of correctness?

Options are :

  • Precision
  • Grade
  • Quality
  • Accuracy (Correct)

Answer : Accuracy

Plan Communications Management develops an approach and plan for project communications based on stakeholders' needs and requirements and:

Options are :

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Enterprise environmental factors
  • Project staff assignments
  • Available organizational assets (Correct)

Answer : Available organizational assets

An input to the Control Quality process is:

Options are :

  • Activity attributes
  • Quality control measurements
  • Deliverables (Correct)
  • Enterprise environmental factors

Answer : Deliverables

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