Professional Practice Test Set 9
  • PMI-100 Certified Associate Management Practical Exam Set 1

    Which Collect Requirements output links the product requirements to the deliverables that satisfy them?

    Options are :

    • Project management plan updates
    • Project documents updates
    • Requirements documentation
    • Requirements traceability matrix

    Answer : Requirements traceability matrix

    PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 4

    A key benefit of the Manage Communications process is that it enables:

    Options are :

    • The best use of communication methods.
    • Project costs to be reduced.
    • The best use of communication technology.
    • An efficient and effective communication flow.

    Answer : An efficient and effective communication flow.

    Updates to organizational process assets such as procurement files, deliverable acceptances, and lessons learned documentation are typical outputs of which process?

    Options are :

    • Close Project or Phase
    • Control Procurements
    • Close Procurements
    • Conduct Procurements

    Answer : Close Procurements

    The definition of when and how often the risk management processes will be performed throughout the project life cycle is included in which risk management plan component?

    Options are :

    • Risk categories
    • Timing
    • Budgeting
    • Methodology

    Answer : Timing

    PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 6

    The ways in which the roles and responsibilities, reporting relationships, and staffing management will be addressed and structured within a project is described in the:

    Options are :

    • Human resource management plan.
    • Multi-criteria decision analysis.
    • Personnel assessment tools,
    • Activity resource requirements.

    Answer : Human resource management plan.

    Which item is an output of Plan Quality Management and an input to Perform Quality Assurance?

    Options are :

    • Quality metrics
    • Organizational process updates
    • Change requests
    • Quality control measurements

    Answer : Quality metrics

    Which Control Quality tool is also known as an arrow diagram?

    Options are :

    • Activity network diagram
    • Matrix diagram
    • Affinity diagram
    • Tree diagram

    Answer : Activity network diagram

    PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 4

    Processes in the Planning Process Group are typically carried out during which part of the project life cycle?

    Options are :

    • Repeatedly
    • Only once, at the beginning
    • Once during each phase
    • At the beginning and the end

    Answer : Repeatedly

    When does the project team determine which dependencies are discretionary?

    Options are :

    • Before the Sequence Activities process
    • During the Sequence Activities process
    • Before the Define Activities process
    • During the Define Activities process

    Answer : During the Sequence Activities process

    Which input to Collect Requirements is used to identify stakeholders who can provide information on requirements?

    Options are :

    • Project charter
    • Stakeholder register
    • Scope management plan
    • Stakeholder management plan

    Answer : Stakeholder register

    PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 6

    An output of the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process is:

    Options are :

    • change requests
    • the change log
    • enterprise environmental factors
    • the stakeholder management plan

    Answer : change requests

    Which process identifies whether the needs of a project can best be met by acquiring products, services, or results outside of the organization?

    Options are :

    • Collect Requirements
    • Plan Cost Management
    • Control Procurements
    • Plan Procurement Management

    Answer : Plan Procurement Management

    Risk categorization is a tool or technique used in which process?

    Options are :

    • Plan Risk Responses
    • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    • Plan Risk Management
    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

    Answer : Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

    PMI-001 PMP V5 Executing Certification Practice Exam Set 4

    Inputs to the Plan Schedule Management process include:

    Options are :

    • Organizational process assets and the project charter,
    • Enterprise environmental factors and schedule tools.
    • Time tables and Pareto diagrams.
    • Activity attributes and resource calendars.

    Answer : Organizational process assets and the project charter,

    A regression line is used to estimate:

    Options are :

    • The upper and lower specification limits on a control chart.
    • How a change to the independent variable influences the value of the dependent variable.
    • The central tendency, dispersion, and shape of a statistical distribution.
    • Whether or not a process is stable or has predictable performance.

    Answer : How a change to the independent variable influences the value of the dependent variable.

    A project manager should document the escalation path for unresolved project risks in the:

    Options are :

    • Stakeholder register
    • Risk log
    • Communications management plan
    • Change control plan

    Answer : Communications management plan

    PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 2

    When should quality planning be performed?

    Options are :

    • As part of a detailed risk analysis
    • As a separate step from the other planning processes
    • In parallel with the other planning processes
    • While developing the project charter

    Answer : In parallel with the other planning processes

    Which process numerically analyzes the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives?

    Options are :

    • Plan Risk Management
    • Plan Risk Responses
    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

    Answer : Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

    Typical outcomes of a project include:

    Options are :

    • Improvements, portfolios, and services.
    • Products, programs, and services.
    • Improvements, processes, and products.
    • Products, services, and improvements.

    Answer : Products, services, and improvements.

    Using values such as scope, cost, budget, and duration or measures of scale such as size, weight, and complexity from a previous similar project as the basis for estimating the same parameter or measurement for a current project describes which type of estimating?

    Options are :

    • Parametric
    • Three-point
    • Analogous
    • Bottom-up

    Answer : Analogous

    Which tool or technique allows a large number of ideas to be classified into groups for review and analysis?

    Options are :

    • Idea/mind mapping
    • Brainstorming
    • Affinity diagram
    • Nominal group technique

    Answer : Affinity diagram

    Lessons learned are created and project resources are released in which Process Group?

    Options are :

    • Planning
    • Initiating
    • Executing
    • Closing

    Answer : Closing

    PMI-100 Certified Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 6

    Status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete are examples of:

    Options are :

    • Organizational process assets.
    • Enterprise environmental factors.
    • Earned value management.
    • Work performance information

    Answer : Work performance information

    The organization's perceived balance between risk taking and risk avoidance is reflected in the risk:

    Options are :

    • Responses
    • Tolerance
    • Attitude
    • Appetite

    Answer : Responses

    An input to Conduct Procurements is:

    Options are :

    • Seller proposals.
    • Independent estimates.
    • Selected sellers.
    • Resource calendars.

    Answer : Seller proposals.

    PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Exam Set 2

    Which Knowledge Area involves identifying the people, groups, or organizations that may be impacted by or impact a project?

    Options are :

    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Stakeholder Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Human Resource Management

    Answer : Project Stakeholder Management

    An effective technique for resolving conflict that incorporates multiple viewpoints from differing perspectives to achieve consensus and commitment is:

    Options are :

    • force/direct,
    • smooth/accommodate.
    • compromise/reconcile.
    • collaborate/problem solve,

    Answer : collaborate/problem solve,

    The ability to influence cost is greatest during which stages of the project?

    Options are :

    • Early
    • Middle
    • Completion
    • Late

    Answer : Early

    PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 2

    In which Knowledge Area is the project charter developed?

    Options are :

    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Cost Management
    • Project Time Management
    • Project Integration Management

    Answer : Project Integration Management

    Which risk management strategy seeks to eliminate the uncertainty associated with a particular upside risk by ensuring that the opportunity is realized?

    Options are :

    • Exploit
    • Share
    • Enhance
    • Accept

    Answer : Exploit

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