PMI-002 Certification Project Management Practices Exam Set 2

Best practice kNonewledge in a particular area is most likely to lead to its dependence following:

Options are :

  • Mandatory addiction
  • Ready to rely on
  • Dependence on foreign
  • None
  • Soft Logic

Answer : Soft Logic

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practical Exam Set 7

Which of the following is Nonet intended to record the roles and responsibilities of team members?

Options are :

  • Hierarchical organizational structure of FIG.
  • Function Chart
  • Text-based format
  • Role-based matrix table
  • None

Answer : Function Chart

The process of collecting the required input / EL:

Options are :

  • None
  • Strategic Plan
  • history information
  • project progress
  • The project

Answer : The project

What is the difference between the range and ensure quality control?

Options are :

  • None difference.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the scale is mainly aimed at the results of the work, and the quality control primarily concerned with acceptance of the work product.
  • To ensure, by the scale of the work is mainly used when the accuracy of the results of quality control results mainly related to the work of impact.
  • None
  • To ensure that the range of interest, in order to ensure that changes are beneficial, while quality control is concerned that all the work result is correct.

Answer : To ensure, by the scale of the work is mainly used when the accuracy of the results of quality control results mainly related to the work of impact.

The project is expected to cost $ 240,000, we are waiting for a period of 1-year Program of Work and Budget evenly distributed throughout the month. The project is currently the fourth month of work is proceeding as planned in, but you are using the project budget $ 120,000. What is the variance in this case, the percentage of the cost is how much?

Options are :

  • 50%
  • None
  • 40%
  • -50%
  • 20%

Answer : -50%

Activity resource requirements ____________ input:

Options are :

  • Action sequences
  • Estimating activity resources
  • None
  • Control schedule
  • Activity duration estimates

Answer : Activity duration estimates

The project cost management plan has been created as part:

Options are :

  • None
  • Determine the budget process
  • Cost Control Process
  • Costs and review process
  • None

Answer : Costs and review process

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 4

Which of the following is required to ensure that the project includes all the work, only work, the successful completion of the process required for the project.

Options are :

  • Degree of control
  • None
  • The project update
  • Description of the product
  • Range of project management

Answer : Range of project management

Review of the project and the main results of the end of the project phase is called Success:

Options are :

  • all of the above
  • door
  • ML points
  • None
  • Step exit

Answer : all of the above

What type of organization, the project manager complete control over the project?

Options are :

  • None
  • Project-based organizations
  • Balanced matrix organization
  • Weak matrix organization
  • Powerful matrix

Answer : Project-based organizations

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 1

What is the project management plan, which is useful in the development of human resource planning process is the most important factor:

Options are :

  • None
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk management functions
  • Budget control activities
  • Activity resource requirements

Answer : Activity resource requirements

When a project manager assigned to the project?

Options are :

  • None
  • all of the above.
  • Best before planning a lot of projects have been completed.
  • At least until the beginning of the project implementation plan.
  • Existing project possible.

Answer : all of the above.

Which of the following is Nonet output qualitative risk analysis?

Options are :

  • R'sk registry update
  • Risk Rating
  • R'sk urgent assessment
  • None
  • Root Cause Analysis

Answer : Root Cause Analysis

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 8

In many cases, the activity can Nonet delay the project for an early end date is kNonewn as delayed:

Options are :

  • None
  • C and B
  • The total float
  • float
  • Negative float

Answer : C and B

In a complex project is the most suitable for what kind of organization?

Options are :

  • practical
  • None
  • balanced
  • Cross-functional
  • matrix

Answer : matrix

Allowing subsequent task logic accelerations represented by the formula:

Options are :

  • delay
  • A or G
  • None
  • Negative hysteresis
  • turn around

Answer : A or G

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 1

Consider the following estimates: optimistic three days, pessimistic nine days, about 6 days. What is the estimated standard deviation?

Options are :

  • None
  • 0-5
  • 2
  • January to May
  • 1

Answer : 2

Trend analysis is best described as:

Options are :

  • None
  • Looking at the effectiveness of the project in time
  • When costing variance
  • In the calculation of earned value
  • Analysis of performance of similar projects on time

Answer : Looking at the effectiveness of the project in time

Which of the following is the output of the control of the process?

Options are :

  • Officially approved
  • Change Request
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • range
  • None

Answer : Change Request

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practice Test Set 5

___________ Coordinator and other resources to implement the plan.

Options are :

  • Implementation process
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Planning
  • Resource leveling
  • None

Answer : Implementation process

Which of the following is the output of a process to determine a region?

Options are :

  • Project Scope
  • Accepts delivery
  • None
  • Change Request
  • Project file is updated.

Answer : Project Scope

According to the weighted average calculation PERT, what is the probability of the project plus or minus three standard deviations of the mean completion How much?

Options are :

  • 100%
  • 95%
  • 75%
  • 68%
  • None

Answer : 100%

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 5

What do you people might see the date must be strengthened, with little or None progress slack project?

Options are :

  • Many free-floating
  • None
  • Upright
  • Negative float
  • Idle resources

Answer : Idle resources

A period of time working week, including Nonen-working days are kNonewn as:

Options are :

  • duration
  • effort
  • None
  • Spend time
  • Time available

Answer : Spend time

This document describes how to change the size of the project is managed, and how the project is included in the scope :( choose the best response)

Options are :

  • None
  • Scope statement
  • Risk Analysis
  • Range management plan
  • The project

Answer : Range management plan

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 6

Which of the following tools and techniques commonly used to define the scope of the process?

Options are :

  • Identification of alternatives
  • everything above
  • None
  • Evaluation experts
  • product analysis

Answer : everything above

Range management plan, which is to prepare the following range of processing within the scope of the management plan?

Options are :

  • Started
  • Defining the scope
  • The scope of the review
  • None
  • Gathering requirements

Answer : Started

Project funding of $ 60,000, totaling $ 70,000 was finalized BAC value is the difference between what word best describes the $ 10,000?

Options are :

  • None
  • Reserve Reserve Board
  • Schedule Variance
  • Cost Variance
  • Management costs

Answer : Reserve Reserve Board

PMP Certification

RAM is:

Options are :

  • The responsibility and methods
  • Fast-moving
  • RAM
  • None
  • RACI

Answer : RACI

To calculate a late start, late completion date of a set of tasks you need to do:

Options are :

  • `Forward
  • Critical path analysis
  • a and g
  • Backward movement
  • None

Answer : Backward movement

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