PMI-001 PMP V5 Executing Certification Practice Exam Set 1

What is one of the main outputs of the sequencing operation?

Options are :

  • work breakdown structure update
  • Mandatory dependencies list
  • Raci
  • None
  • The project network diagram

Answer : The project network diagram

Which of the following correctly describes when and stakeholders are willing to accept varying degrees of risk?

Options are :

  • attitude to risk
  • None
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • risk Tolerance

Answer : risk Tolerance

The stakes Define Activities process include:

Options are :

  • None
  • The project amendment adopted by the scope of the requests and WBS Dictionary
  • Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, including the assessment of the duration of activities.
  • The project scope, resource calendars, and work performance information.
  • Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Answer : Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.

Car dealership authorized a project to build more fuel-efficient cars in response to gasoline shortages. Which has the following strategic considerations of this project mainly?

Options are :

  • None
  • market demand
  • technological progress
  • strategic opportunity
  • Legal requirements

Answer : market demand

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practical Exam Set 2

Which of the following processes is necessary to ensure that the project employs all processes needed to meet the needs?

Options are :

  • quality planning
  • None
  • Perform Quality Control
  • Perform quality assurance
  • quality policy

Answer : Perform quality assurance

What possibilities does the definition of technology is used to generate different approaches to execute and do work on the project?

Options are :

  • expert assessment
  • Identifying alternatives
  • None
  • product analysis
  • Develop your self vs. buy

Answer : Identifying alternatives

How are we to the variance calculated earned value technique?

Options are :

  • EV less AC
  • None
  • AC PV less
  • EV less PV
  • AC fewer EV

Answer : EV less PV

What is your budget?

Options are :

  • Design
  • Monitoring and Surveillance
  • commencement of
  • showing
  • None

Answer : showing

Which of the following is part of a three-point estimates?

Options are :

  • expected
  • None
  • anticipated
  • Most likely,
  • probabilistic

Answer : Most likely,

Which of the following is a tool or technique Procurement Plan process?

Options are :

  • The proposal evaluation methods
  • None
  • Bidder conferences
  • the types of contracts
  • change in control agreement

Answer : Bidder conferences

PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Test Set 8

Based on the following indicators: EV = $ 20,000 = $ 22,000 AC, and PV = $ 28,000, which is the CV of the project?

Options are :

  • 8000
  • -2000
  • 2000
  • -8000
  • None

Answer : -2000

The project is the EV 100 days of work, the AC 120 days of work, and PV 80 days. What should be of concern?

Options are :

  • There is a cost overrun.
  • It is run at cost
  • The project is 20 days late.
  • May not meet the deadline.
  • None

Answer : There is a cost overrun.

Organizational process assets which can be divided into the following two categories?

Options are :

  • Business knowledge base and processes and procedures
  • Project files, and corporate knowledge base
  • Models, and processes and procedures
  • Standards, and processes and procedures
  • None

Answer : Business knowledge base and processes and procedures

The Pareto chart is a special type:

Options are :

  • control card
  • a scatter diagram
  • histogram
  • cause and effect diagram
  • None

Answer : histogram

Weighting is a tool that procurement?

Options are :

  • Select vendors
  • None
  • The plan for the purchase and acquisition of
  • plan contract
  • Ask the seller replies

Answer : Select vendors

Which of the following forms the basis for the evaluation, scheduling, executing, and monitoring and control project work?

Options are :

  • activities
  • work packages
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Milestone list
  • None

Answer : activities

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practice Test Set 2

Which of the following processes are triggering a process group?

Options are :

  • To develop a project plan and its stakeholders
  • Develop project plan and develop the scope and control system project
  • Develop Project Management Plan and Communications Plan
  • None
  • Develop Project Management Plan and its stakeholders

Answer : To develop a project plan and its stakeholders

The set deadline for completion of the project the client is an example of the project:

Options are :

  • None
  • assumption
  • limited
  • performance
  • exclusion

Answer : limited

Which of the following tools is used to generate performance reports that provide information to stakeholders about the project cost, schedule, progress, and performance?

Options are :

  • evaluation methods
  • Analysis of variance
  • None
  • reporting systems
  • of communication

Answer : reporting systems

Each process group includes the processes performed to finalize all activities?

Options are :

  • Monitoring and control of Process Group
  • None
  • The closing Group
  • Planning Process Group
  • Executing Process Group

Answer : The closing Group

Which of the following could be the organization's process assets?

Options are :

  • industry standards
  • historical information
  • organizational infrastructure
  • None
  • Marketplace conditions

Answer : historical information

Project XYZ stationers is a sequenced operation of the project to set up a new office. It is known best practices knowledge that is better to wait until the end of the painters paint the walls before the new flooring will be installed. This is an example, which of the following types of dependency?

Options are :

  • Obligatory
  • None
  • discretionary
  • external
  • priority

Answer : discretionary

The activities on the critical path is the type of float?

Options are :

  • Zero or negative buoyancy
  • Zero or positive float
  • Negative and positive float
  • None
  • Zero free float

Answer : Zero or negative buoyancy

Which of the following organizations, is the availability of resources moderate or high?

Options are :

  • strong matrix
  • weak matrix
  • Projectized
  • None
  • balanced matrix

Answer : strong matrix

Which of the following is the output of the quality plan process?

Options are :

  • Cost-effectiveness Baseline
  • Organizational process assets update
  • control card
  • None

Answer : PROJECT DOCUMENT update

Which communicates with stakeholders to collect a senior management organization to support and promote the benefits of the proje