PMI-001 PMP Monitoring and Controlling V5 Practice Exam Set 4

Projects are approved, which of the following individuals?

Options are :

  • project managers
  • None
  • Sponsors
  • functional leaders
  • stakeholders

Answer : Sponsors

at the expense of quality (COQ) refers to the total cost / address:

Options are :

  • All efforts related to quality.
  • To maintain quality of the plan.
  • Product inspection activities.
  • None
  • Perform quality control.

Answer : Product inspection activities.

What are the key elements of the communication model?

Options are :

  • None
  • The sender, the message and the message is returned, medium size, noise, and rotated
  • Encode, messaging technology, medium size, noise, and extract
  • The receiver, message and the feedback message, the medium noise, and towards
  • To encode the message and the feedback message, the medium noise, and towards

Answer : To encode the message and the feedback message, the medium noise, and towards

Schedule of milestones and a pre-budget are examples:

Options are :

  • Organizational process assets.
  • Requirements documentation.
  • None
  • Activity cost estimates.
  • The project constraints.

Answer : The project constraints.

PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following are the outputs to monitor and manage the project process?

Options are :

  • The proposed changes, forecasts the recommended corrective measures
  • The proposed changes, the recommended corrective measures, the project constraints
  • Forecasts, resources plan, bottom-up assessment of the
  • Recommended corrective actions, cost baseline, projections
  • None

Answer : The proposed changes, forecasts the recommended corrective measures

What will happen to the project stakeholders affected by the passage of time?

Options are :

  • There is no meaning.
  • Reductions
  • None
  • uploads
  • Remains the same.

Answer : Reductions

Every process takes place within the monitoring and control of the Process Group?

Options are :

  • cost management
  • quality planning
  • quantitative risk analysis
  • cost budgeting
  • None

Answer : cost management

Which of the following tools and techniques used to assess the cost?

Options are :

  • budget forecast
  • The three-point estimate
  • The activity cost estimate
  • None
  • Analysis of variance

Answer : The three-point estimate

CPI is 0.92, and the EV of US $ 172500. What is the real cost of the project?

Options are :

  • US $ 245,600
  • US $ 158,700
  • None
  • US $ 187,500
  • US $ 172,500

Answer : US $ 187,500

Which technology is utilized Schedule Control process?

Options are :

  • baseline schedule
  • schedule comparison
  • Analysis of variance
  • None
  • performance measurement

Answer : Analysis of variance

PMI-100 Certified Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 8

The budgets reserved for unplanned changes to the scope and costs of the project are:

Options are :

  • Cost baselines.
  • Management reserves.
  • Reservations contingencies.
  • Authorized budgets.
  • None

Answer : Management reserves.

Which technique is commonly used in quantitative risk analysis activities?

Options are :

  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • None
  • Risk assessment of the quality of information
  • Brainstorming
  • strategies Opportunities

Answer : Decision Tree Analysis

Cost variance (CV) is equal to the earned value:

Options are :

  • Minus the actual cost [EV - AC].
  • Minus the value of the plan [EV - PV].
  • None
  • Divided by the actual cost [EV / AC].
  • designed divided by the value [EV / PV].

Answer : Minus the actual cost [EV - AC].

Which of the following is a schedule network analysis technique that takes into account the limited resources?

Options are :

  • Network analysis of the reserve
  • critical path
  • None
  • Lead and lag adjustment
  • The critical chain method

Answer : The critical chain method

What standard will review the company's project management capabilities?

Options are :

  • Standard Portfolio Management
  • PMBOK Guide
  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Model ā € œOPMJ
  • None
  • Standard Program Management

Answer : Organizational Project Management Maturity Model ā € œOPMJ

Combining cost is typically carried out by combining the work packages in accordance with:

Options are :

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • At the expense of quality (COQ).
  • Pert (PERT).
  • None
  • A rough order of magnitude (ROM).

Answer : Work breakdown structure (WBS).

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Practice Exam Set 5

Associated company that calculates daily payments support department makes which of the following?

Options are :

  • phase of work
  • the life cycle of the work
  • None
  • project work
  • functions operate

Answer : functions operate

As part of the mid-project evaluation, project sponsor has asked you to provide a forecast of the total project cost. You should calculate the forecast using which of the following methods?

Options are :

  • None
  • WBS
  • BAC
  • EAC

Answer : EAC

Management Procurement process, in which the following project management process groups?

Options are :

  • commencement of
  • Design
  • showing
  • Monitoring and control of
  • None

Answer : Monitoring and control of

Every Project Time Management processes sequencing analyzes the activities, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints?

Options are :

  • None
  • Develop a schedule
  • Estimate Activity Durations
  • ControlSchedule
  • The sequence Action

Answer : Develop a schedule

What are the next parts of the basic-level scope?

Options are :

  • The project scope, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS Dictionary
  • The project design, project management plan, and a plan for procurement
  • The project plan, the project scope statement, and the work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Project management plan, plan procurement and contract administration;
  • None

Answer : The project scope, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS Dictionary

Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the project known as:

Options are :

  • comparing the benefits of the project
  • In calculating the expense of quality
  • performing measurements in the analysis
  • risk identification
  • None

Answer : risk identification

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practical Exam Set 8

Which is a tool that monitors and restricts the project work?

Options are :

  • Designed for network analysis
  • Project Management Information System (PMI)
  • Activity duration estimates
  • None
  • Work performance information

Answer : Project Management Information System (PMI)

What is the critical chain method?

Options are :

  • None
  • Technology to evaluate the duration of the project, when there is a limited amount of detailed information about the project
  • Technology calculate the theoretical early start and finish dates, and late start and finish dates
  • Schedule compression technology that analyzes the cost and schedule trade-offs to figure out how to get the greatest amount of compression of the least additional cost
  • Schedule network analysis method, which is to change the project schedule into account the limited resources

Answer : Schedule network analysis method, which is to change the project schedule into account the limited resources

When the control chart used to monitor the performance of the process, which of the following may strengthen the project manager and appropriate stakeholders to reflect (s), where corrective will be taken to prevent cross is not the definitions?

Options are :

  • The upper and lower specification limits
  • data Points
  • None
  • The upper and lower limit values
  • average process

Answer : The upper and lower limit values

What's schedule in developing the technology to change the project schedule to the account with limited resources?

Options are :

  • Fast tracking
  • None
  • Rolling wave planning
  • Human resource planning
  • The critical chain method

Answer : The critical chain method

One of the key principles of modern quality management states that quality is:

Options are :

  • planned, designed and constructed.
  • built, created and revised.
  • designed, engineered and tested.
  • built, created, and standardized.
  • None

Answer : planned, designed and constructed.

Which of the following outputs of the Schedule Control process aids Communication SV, SPI or performance status to stakeholders?

Options are :

  • performance measurements
  • schedule baselines
  • None
  • change requests
  • the performance of organizations

Answer : performance measurements

PMP Certification

What type of monitoring tool detects whether the process is predictable performance?

Options are :

  • histogram
  • Pareto Chart
  • control Cards
  • None
  • Cause and effect diagram

Answer : control Cards

The cost performance baseline is typically displayed in the form:

Options are :

  • S-curve.
  • None
  • U-curve.
  • The positive slope of the line.
  • Normal curve.

Answer : S-curve.

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