PMI-001 PMP Closing V5 Certification Practice Exam Set 3

Which of the following is the complete indexed contract documentation, including the closed contract?

Options are :

  • procurement file
  • None
  • procurement
  • procurement management plan
  • negotiated agreements

Answer : procurement file

during which process stakeholders provide the formal adoption of the decision The scope of the project?

Options are :

  • The extent of control
  • Develop a schedule
  • None
  • to review the scope of the
  • Perform Quality Control

Answer : to review the scope of the

carrying out the process of variance may vary, depending on:

Options are :

  • the work will be completed next.
  • None
  • working relationship with the various stakeholders and team members.
  • scenario development, technology forecasting, and forecasting by analogy.
  • of application used for the standard and the industry

Answer : of application used for the standard and the industry

The cost-benefit analysis tool is used to create:

Options are :

  • quality indicators.
  • None
  • Pareto charts.
  • change requests,
  • Ishikawa diagrams.

Answer : quality indicators.

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 1

What organizations are engaged in a composite?

Options are :

  • Technical managers and project managers
  • Project managers only
  • Functional and Project Managers
  • None
  • Functional managers only

Answer : Functional and Project Managers

Which of the following is the output Close procurement?

Options are :

  • earnings Reports
  • Accepted deliverables
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Organizational process assets updates
  • None

Answer : Organizational process assets updates

At the end of the project, what will be the value of the SV?

Options are :

  • Zero
  • None
  • positive
  • Greater than one
  • negative

Answer : Zero

Every activity can occur in a project or phase closure?

Options are :

  • None
  • The project management plan update
  • change requests
  • Approval of deliverables
  • benchmarking

Answer : Approval of deliverables

Verification of project deliverables which takes place in the process?

Options are :

  • Develop preliminary project scope
  • None
  • Create WBS
  • To develop a project plan
  • Near the project or phase

Answer : Near the project or phase

end of project report is ready, the information on the results of research is a global trend during the project. What object is created in this project?

Options are :

  • Product
  • None
  • improvement
  • service
  • Result

Answer : Result

What tools or techniques used in the Project Close step in the process?

Options are :

  • Development discussions and meetings
  • Expert assessment and analysis methods
  • None
  • Facilitation Techniques and meetings
  • Reserve analysis and expert assessment

Answer : Expert assessment and analysis methods

That the organizational process assets update will be made during Close Purchasing process?

Options are :

  • Lessons learned
  • payment requests
  • None
  • performance reporting
  • procurement audit

Answer : Lessons learned

Where knowledge areas are closing processes Group?

Options are :

  • The scope of the project management and project risk management
  • The project integration management and project procurement management
  • Project quality management and project time management
  • management of the project stakeholders and project cost control
  • None

Answer : The project integration management and project procurement management

PMI-100 Certify Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 3

What tool or technique used in Control Procurement process can be carried out during the execution of verifying compliance with the project deliverables?

Options are :

  • None
  • the procurement documents
  • Review budget
  • risk register
  • Audit and Inspection

Answer : Audit and Inspection

The project or phase closure of any instructions or requests, historical information, and the lessons learned knowledge base are examples, which are fed to Close a project or step in the process?

Options are :

  • work breakdown structure
  • Environmental factors
  • Organizational process assets
  • None
  • The project management plan

Answer : Organizational process assets

Completed product definition is measured against the product:

Options are :

  • The reference values
  • None
  • prototypes
  • analyzes
  • requirements

Answer : requirements

An example of the decision-making technique is the group:

Options are :

  • multi-criteria decision analysis
  • None
  • The nominal group technique
  • the affinity diagram
  • most

Answer : most

Withdrawn from an actual or potential conflict or suspends its better prepared to be resolved or the other which describes five general techniques for managing conflict?

Options are :

  • Smooth / accommodate
  • Force / straight
  • Cancel / avoided
  • None
  • Compromise / reconcile

Answer : Cancel / avoided

Which conflict resolution technique is looking for solutions that some degree of satisfaction to all parties to a temporary or partially resolve the conflict?

Options are :

  • None
  • Cancel / avoided
  • Force / straight
  • Compromise / reconcile
  • Collaboration / problem to solve

Answer : Compromise / reconcile

PMI-002 Certified Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 7

Sharing good practices introduced or implemented in similar projects in the organization and / or industry is an example:

Options are :

  • process analysis
  • statistical sampling
  • benchmarking
  • None
  • quality audits

Answer : quality audits

Those who enter into an agreement for the project services are essential:

Options are :

  • buyers
  • sellers
  • None
  • business partners
  • product users

Answer : sellers

What technique would be to use the Project Manager in a situation where a collaborative approach to conflict management is not possible?

Options are :

  • Training
  • Avoidance
  • Understanding
  • None
  • influencing

Answer : Avoidance

When closing the project or phase, part of the process may require the use of any type of analysis?

Options are :

  • None
  • document analysis
  • booking analysis
  • Taantumisanalyysi
  • product analysis

Answer : Taantumisanalyysi

The individual or group that provides resources and support to the project and is responsible for success is:

Options are :

  • None
  • business partners
  • functional leaders
  • customer
  • sponsor

Answer : sponsor

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