PMI-001 PMP Closing V5 Certification Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following is a measure of the value of the work performed compared to the development of the project or the real costs?

Options are :

  • Cost-effectiveness index (CPI)
  • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • The planned value (PV)
  • None

Answer : Cost-effectiveness index (CPI)

Endpoint phase of the project can be referred to as:

Options are :

  • project failure
  • stage gate
  • closing
  • None
  • life cycle

Answer : stage gate

Which of the following choices is a contract closure tool or technique?

Options are :

  • None
  • procurement audits
  • procurement plan
  • the closure of
  • contract plan

Answer : procurement audits

The person designated by the performing organization to respond to achieve the objectives of the project are:

Options are :

  • The Investment Manager
  • functional Director
  • project manager
  • Head of Programming
  • None

Answer : project manager

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The closing Group includes which of the following areas of expertise?

Options are :

  • The project integration management and project procurement management
  • None
  • Project risk management and project integration management
  • The project integration management and project quality management
  • Project risk management and project procurement management

Answer : The project integration management and project procurement management

during which process you get the formal approval of stakeholders, the extent of the finished project?

Options are :

  • Quality control
  • The scope of verification
  • None
  • The scope of control
  • close the project

Answer : The scope of verification

Which of the following tools and techniques are utilized Close Project step in the process?

Options are :

  • None
  • inspection
  • Project Management Information System
  • product analysis
  • expert assessment

Answer : expert assessment

Procurement audits negotiated solutions and file management are the tools and techniques used in the procurement management process?

Options are :

  • None
  • manage procurement
  • behavior procurement
  • close procurement
  • procurement plan

Answer : close procurement

Close to the output Project (Closed or phase) the process is:

Options are :

  • organizational process assets updates
  • Project management plan updates
  • None
  • Accepted deliverables
  • work performance information

Answer : organizational process assets updates

The process of formalization of the adoption of the completed project deliverables are known:

Options are :

  • None
  • Check the extent of it.
  • Near the project or phase.
  • Confirm the extent of it.
  • Quality Control.

Answer : Confirm the extent of it.

When the project is finished?

Options are :

  • After the verbal approval of the client or sponsor
  • Once the resources have been released
  • None
  • After that experience gained is documented in the contract closure
  • Once the project objectives have been achieved

Answer : Once the project objectives have been achieved

What kind of rewards that can hurt team unity?

Options are :

  • Lose-win
  • Sole-sum
  • Partial-sum
  • None
  • win lose

Answer : win lose

Every schedule compression technology has phases or activities done in parallel, which are normally made in a row?

Options are :

  • Fast tracking
  • crashes
  • The parallel development
  • None
  • Adjusting leads and lags

Answer : Fast tracking

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 5

Every method of documenting the business needs of the project and a new product, service, or other result that is intended to satisfy those requirements?

Options are :

  • To develop a project plan
  • Direct and manage project execution
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • None
  • Collect requirements

Answer : To develop a project plan

In the process to develop the project, which of the following has been identified as a critical factor in the success of the project?

Options are :

  • subcontracting teams
  • virtual teams
  • teamwork
  • None
  • team meetings

Answer : teamwork

Procurement process, which documents the agreements and is known for related documents for future use:

Options are :

  • Control Supplies.
  • Plan Acquisitions.
  • Conduct procurement.
  • None
  • Close purchases.

Answer : Close purchases.

What type of contract is the most commonly used by buying organizations as the price of goods is set at the very beginning and not subject to change, unless the scope of work changes?

Options are :

  • Cost-Reimbursable Contract (CR)
  • None
  • Firm Orientation-Fixed -Price Contract (FFP)
  • The solid-priced Incentive Fee Contract (FPIF)
  • Fixed price, which corresponds to the economic changes in the contract price (FP-EPA)

Answer : Firm Orientation-Fixed -Price Contract (FFP)

If five weeks the most likely duration of the activity, in the best case, the duration is two weeks, and in the worst case, lasts for 14 weeks, how many weeks is the expected duration of the activity?

Options are :

  • seven
  • None
  • One
  • Six
  • Five

Answer : Six

Ties to the processes of process groups are often:

Options are :

  • Intuitive
  • will be monitored
  • iterative
  • Measured
  • None

Answer : iterative

PMP® Certification v6: 2 PMP Exams& Detailed PMP Math_14pdus Set 4

Conflict would be the best deal in what way?

Options are :

  • As late as possible, in public, using a direct, confrontational approach
  • Early, publicly, through an indirect, collaborative approach
  • Early, privately, using an indirect, willingness to cooperate
  • None
  • Early, in private, using a direct, collaborative approach

Answer : Early, in private, using a direct, collaborative approach

What is the number of stakeholders, if a project has 28 potential communication channels?

Options are :

  • 8
  • None
  • 7
  • 14
  • 16

Answer : 8

What kind of planning where the work can be carried out in the near future is planned in detail, when the work is planned in the future at a higher level?

Options are :

  • Rolling wave planning
  • Short-term planning
  • None
  • dependency determination
  • Ready-start design

Answer : Rolling wave planning

The project management processes are presented PMBOK GuideĀ® would be:

Options are :

  • always be applied uniformly
  • based applicable ISO guidelines.
  • None
  • selected as appropriate sponsor.
  • selected as appropriate according to the project team.

Answer : selected as appropriate according to the project team.

Collected data about the status of project activities carried out in filling the project is called what?

Options are :

  • None
  • Analysis of variance
  • work breakdown structure
  • Project Management Information System
  • Work performance information

Answer : Work performance information

Documentation of the experience gained, which is collected during the following project management process groups?

Options are :

  • showing
  • None
  • Design
  • Closure
  • commencement of

Answer : Closure

In calculating the expense of quality (COQ) product or service, the money is used to contain the cost of conformity areas:

Options are :

  • None
  • checks, edit, and warranty work.
  • training, testing and warranty work
  • training, document processes and controls.
  • equipment, customize, and scrap.

Answer : training, document processes and controls.

Which of the following is a set of interconnected actions and activities performed to achieve a pre-specified product, for one reason or service?

Options are :

  • project
  • Program
  • None
  • Process
  • portfolio

Answer : Process

Which of the following is a conflict resolution technique that highlights areas of agreement rather than disagreement?

Options are :

  • without compromising
  • problem solving
  • cooperation
  • handicap
  • None

Answer : handicap

PMI-SP Scheduling Professional Certification Practice Test Set 2

Which of the following is an example of the simplest fixed-price contract?

Options are :

  • verbal agreement
  • None
  • Offer request
  • purchase order
  • a solicitation to buy

Answer : purchase order

Types of internal failure costs are:

Options are :

  • equipment and training.
  • inspections
  • lost business.
  • None
  • editing and scrapping.

Answer : editing and scrapping.

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