PMI-001 PMP Closing V5 Certification Practical Exam Set 2

Conflict should be best addressed in which manner?

Options are :

  • Early, in private, using a direct, collaborative approach
  • Early, in private, using an indirect, cooperative approach
  • As late as possible, in public, using a direct, confrontational approach
  • Early, in public, using an indirect, collaborative approach

Answer : Early, in private, using a direct, collaborative approach

PMI PGMP Program Management Professional Practice Exam Set 7

What type of reward can hurt team cohesiveness?

Options are :

  • Sole-sum
  • Lose-win
  • Partial-sum
  • Win-lose

Answer : Win-lose

Which type of contract is most commonly used by buying organizations because the price for goods is set at the outset and is not subject to change unless the scope of work changes?

Options are :

  • Firm-Fixed -Price Contract (FFP)
  • Cost-Reimbursable Contract (CR)
  • Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee Contract (FPIF)
  • Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustments Contract (FP-EPA)

Answer : Firm-Fixed -Price Contract (FFP)

The links between the processes in the Process Groups are often:

Options are :

  • Intuitive
  • Measured
  • Iterative
  • Monitored

Answer : Iterative

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 5

In the Develop Project Team process, which of the following is identified as a critical factor for a project's success?

Options are :

  • Virtual teams
  • Teamwork
  • Team meetings
  • Subcontracting teams

Answer : Teamwork

Information collected on the status of project activities being performed to accomplish the project work is known as what?

Options are :

  • Project management information system
  • Work performance information
  • Variance analysis
  • Work breakdown structure

Answer : Work performance information

If the most likely duration of an activity is five weeks, the best-case duration is two weeks, and the worst-case duration is 14 weeks, how many weeks is the expected duration of the activity?

Options are :

  • Five
  • Seven
  • One
  • Six

Answer : Six

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 8

The project management processes presented in the PMBOK Guide® should:

Options are :

  • always be applied uniformly
  • be selected as appropriate by the project team.
  • be applied based on ISO guidelines.
  • be selected as appropriate by the sponsor.

Answer : be selected as appropriate by the project team.

When is a project finished?

Options are :

  • When the project objectives have been met
  • After resources have been released
  • After lessons learned have been documented in contract closure
  • After verbal acceptance of the customer or sponsor

Answer : When the project objectives have been met

What is the number of stakeholders, if the project has 28 potential communication channels?

Options are :

  • 8
  • 14
  • 7
  • 16

Answer : 8

What type of planning is used where the work to be accomplished in the near term is planned in detail, while work in the future is planned at a higher level?

Options are :

  • Finish-to-start planning
  • Dependency determination
  • Rolling wave planning
  • Short term planning

Answer : Rolling wave planning

Which schedule compression technique has phases or activities done in parallel that would normally have been done sequentially?

Options are :

  • Crashing
  • Leads and lags adjustment
  • Fast tracking
  • Parallel task development

Answer : Fast tracking

The process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables is known as:

Options are :

  • Control Quality.
  • Validate Scope.
  • Verify Scope.
  • Close Project or Phase.

Answer : Validate Scope.

PMI-100 Certified Associate Project Management Practice Exam Set 3

The procurement process that documents agreements and related documentation for future reference is known as:

Options are :

  • Close Procurements.
  • Conduct Procurements.
  • Plan Procurements.
  • Control Procurements.

Answer : Close Procurements.

Which process documents the business needs of a project and the new product, service, or other result that is intended to satisfy those requirements?

Options are :

  • Collect Requirements
  • Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution

Answer : Develop Project Charter

In a weak matrix, the project managers role is:

Options are :

  • full-time
  • part-time
  • occasional
  • unlimited

Answer : part-time

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 6

Which of the following is a set of interrelated actions and activities performed to achieve a prespecified product, result, or service?

Options are :

  • Program
  • Portfolio
  • Project
  • Process

Answer : Process

A project has a current cost performance index (CPI) of 1.25. To date, US$10,000 have been spent on performing the project work. What is the earned value of the work completed to date?

Options are :

  • US$9500
  • US$12,500
  • US$10,000
  • US$S000

Answer : US$12,500

Which of the following is an example of the simplest fixed-price contract?

Options are :

  • Purchase requisition
  • Request for quote
  • Purchase order
  • Verbal agreement

Answer : Purchase order

PMI-RMP PMI Risk Management Professional Practice Test Set 8

Which of the following is a conflict resolution technique that emphasizes areas of agreement rather than areas of difference?

Options are :

  • Smoothing
  • Problem Solving
  • Compromising
  • Collaborating

Answer : Smoothing

When sequencing activities, what does the common acronym FF stand for?

Options are :

  • Fixed Finish
  • Free Float
  • Fixed Fee
  • Finish-to-Finish

Answer : Finish-to-Finish

Which is the correct formula for calculating expected activity cost for three-point estimating?

Options are :

  • Ce = (C0 + C„, + 4Cp) / 6
  • Ce = (6C0 + Cm + Cp)/4
  • Ce = (C0 + 4Cm + Cp)/6
  • Ce = (C0 + 6Cm + Cp)/4

Answer : Ce = (C0 + 4Cm + Cp)/6

PMP Practice Exams for Certification 2019 PMBOK 6 Edition Set 5

Which of the following characteristics are found in a functional organizational structure?

Options are :

  • Little or no project manager authority, little or no resource availability, and the functional manager controls the project budget
  • Limited project manager authority, limited resource availability, and a part-time project manager's role
  • High to almost total project manager authority, high to almost total resource availability, and full-time project management administrative staff
  • Low to moderate project manager authority, low to moderate resource availability, and a full-time project manager's role

Answer : Little or no project manager authority, little or no resource availability, and the functional manager controls the project budget

Which of the following is a tool or technique of the Define Activities process?

Options are :

  • Rolling wave planning
  • Parametric estimating
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Precedence diagramming method (PDM)

Answer : Rolling wave planning

Which degree of authority does a project manager have on a project in a strong matrix organizational structure?

Options are :

  • Low to moderate
  • Moderate to high
  • Limited
  • High to almost total

Answer : Moderate to high

PMP Certification

Which category of contracts are sellers legally obligated to complete, with possible financial damages if the project objectives are not met?

Options are :

  • Fixed-price contracts
  • Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts (CPFF)
  • Cost-reimbursable contracts
  • Time and Material contracts (T&M)

Answer : Fixed-price contracts

Lessons learned documentation is gathered during which of the following Project Management Process Groups?

Options are :

  • Initiating
  • Closing
  • Planning
  • Executing

Answer : Closing

When calculating the cost of quality (COQ) for a product or service, money spent for cost of conformance would include the areas of:

Options are :

  • training, testing, and warranty work
  • inspections, rework, and warranty work.
  • equipment, rework, and scrap.
  • training, document processes, and inspections.

Answer : training, document processes, and inspections.

PMP Certification Mock

Types of internal failure costs include:

Options are :

  • lost business.
  • equipment and training.
  • reworking and scrapping.
  • inspections

Answer : reworking and scrapping.

In which Process Group are lessons learned documented?

Options are :

  • Closing
  • Planning
  • Initiating
  • Executing

Answer : Closing

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