ch of the following is least effective at deterring man-in-the-middle attacks?

Options are :

Answer : mutual authentication

Oracle Reference Architecture uses multiple views (as defined by standard IEEE 1471) to
describe the architecture. Which statement best describes the use of views within ORA?

Options are :

Answer : ORA provides multiple views (for example, Conceptual, Logical, Deployment) to describe the architecture to various stakeholders.

1Z1-574 Oracle IT Architecture Essentials Practice Exam Set 6

What are the three primary delivery models of Cloud computing?
A. Infrastructure as a Service
B. Application as a Service
C. Software as a Service
D. Platform as a Service

Options are :

Answer : A,C,D

Which statements arc true about Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)?
A. A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a web application that provides the type of sophisticated
user Interface that has traditionally requiredadedicated desktop client.
B. There are a variety of technologies being applied to create RIAs, but all provide a sophisticated
user interface delivered through a browser.
C. Rich Internet Applications provide only limited functionality and the traditional fat client is still needed in cases such as those requiring animation.D. Rich Internet Applications transfer all the business application processing to the client, thereby reducing the cost of the server infrastructure.

Options are :

Answer : A,B

The Product Mapping view of the Service-Oriented Integration architecture shows some of the
Oracle products mapped onto two or more layers in the architecture. For example, Oracle
WebLogic Suite (OWLS) is mapped to the Business Service Layer, the Data Normalization Layer,
and the Connectivity Layer. Which statement best describes why OWLS is mapped to these three
layers in the OSI architecture?

Options are :

Answer : The other Oracle product mapped to the three layers all have OWLS embedded in the product. Thus, OWLS is required for the products mapped into three layers.

Oracle 1Z0-516 EBS R12 General Essential Practice Exam Set 13

A company is building a new customer self-service website. The company has an existing CRM
application that contains customer information that needs to be integrated into the self-service
website. The CRM application provides a synchronous interface to access the needed customer
information. The CRM application takes 5 to 30 seconds to respond to the request for customer
information. The requirements for the new customer self-service website is to respond within 3
seconds 90% of the time. What integration pattern would you suggest that the company use to
integrate the CRM application into the new customer self-service website?

Options are :

Answer : When customer information from the CRM application is needed, asynchronously fetch the information by using the store-and-forward integration pattern. This approach allows the selfservice website to respond quickly to customer requests without waiting for the CRM application. The website can display the fetched customer information when it is available.

Which statement is true with respect to Metadata Repository and Asset Repository?

Options are :

Answer : Metadata Repository manages the data about the assets, and Asset Repository stores the payload of the assets.

What are the key differentiating characteristics of Oracle Reference Architecture User Interaction?

Options are :

Answer : ORA UI is user centric, providing a feature-rich, intuitive human Interface.

1Z0-409 Oracle Linux Fundamentals Practice Exam Set 5

Which of the following are examples of the management and visibility gap between the traditionally
monitored IT Infrastructure resources and the Services?
A. On-going Shift to Move to an Agile Shared Service Computing Environment
B. On-going Shift to Manage IT from an End-User Experience Perspective
C. Loosening of Corporate Policies and Regulations
D. Increasing Number of Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure Components to Manage
E. Complex Distributed Environments Requiring Access to Consolidated Information

Options are :

Answer : A,B,D,E

The Conceptual, Logical, and Product Mapping architecture views are core to the documents
within the Oracle Reference Architecture (ORA) library- Which statement best describes the
relationship between these three architectural views?

Options are :

Answer : The Conceptual view is a high-level description of the architecture, the Logical view is a detailed description of the architecture, and the Product Mapping view illustrates the deployment of Oracle products

What does the Identity Asserter do in a J2EE framework?

Options are :

Answer : It Inserts identity into Web Service credentials used for outbound service requests.

1Z0-982 Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Test Set 1

IT Strategies from Oracle (ITSO) includes many Enterprise Solution Designs (ESD). Which
statement best describes what an ESD provides to ITSO?

Options are :

Answer : An ESD detailsindustry-specific business processes that span two or more Oracle applications.

Oracle 1Z0-207 Billing & Revenue Mgmt Pricing Practice Exam Set 8

Which of the following statements describes the relationship between Cloud computing and Grid computing?

Options are :

Answer : Grid architectures are likely to be used in building Clouds

Which of the following statements are true about defense-in-depth strategy?
A. It saves money by allowing organizations to remove costly perimeter security Infrastructure.
B. It is a strategy designed to win the battle by attrition. It consists of multiple security measures at
various levels as opposed to a single barrier.
C. It includes security measures for the network, the operating system, the application, and data.
D. Due to network overhead issues, it should not be used in a distributed computing environment
such as SOA or cloud computing.
E. It is a good strategy to protect an organization from insider threats.

Options are :

Answer : B,C,E

When mapping Oracle Products onto the Logical view, what is the best approach?

Options are :

Answer : Use an Oracle Enterprise Manager product to provide all the capabilities required by the three layers in the Management and Monitoring architecture.

OCP Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Set 3

Which product provides the standard communication protocols (for example, HTTPS) between the
Client Tier and the Service Tier as well as Message Security?

Options are :

Answer : Oracle platform Security Services

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