ZUZU`ZUhZUZUЪZU@ЪZUong>A table has 15 Attribute columns to capture additional information. The attributes 1-12 are set up
in the Descriptive Flexfield as Global Segments. How many attributes can be set up under any
new context?

Options are :

Answer : 3

Which two parameters facilitate cross organization reports in a Multi-Org environment? (Choose
A. Ledger
B. Legal Entity
C. Operating Unit
D. Reporting Level
E. Reporting Context
Options are :

Answer : D,E

Oracle 1Z0-207 Billing & Revenue Mgmt Pricing Practice Exam Set 11

Identify two functions the Revenue Accounting Management (RAM) Wizard performs in Oracle
Receivables. (Choose two.)
A. Apply receipts
B. Resolve claims
C. Adjust sales credits
D. Execute the invoicing process
E. Manage revenue contingrncies 

Options are :

Answer : C,E

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