D. definition access sets
E. subledger accounting method 

Options are :

Answer : A,E

1Z0-519 Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 Inventory Essentials Set 3

Choose three required steps while performing the accounting setup in the Accounting Setup Manager. (Choose three.)
A. Define operating units.
B. Update accounting options.
C. Complete the accounting setup.
D. Define intercompany balancing rules.
E. Create the accounting setup structure.
F. Assign balancing segment values to legal entities. 

Options are :

Answer : B,C,E

XYZ Limited has hired Jack as the Oracle General Ledger implementation consultant. Select three steps that are required for creating a new accounting structure. (Choose three.) A. Define jurisdictions.
B. Define period types.
C. Assign legal entities.
D. Save the accounting structure.
E. Define accounting representations.
F. Define subledger accounting methods.

Options are :

Answer : C,D,E

ABC Enterprises has operations in the UK, France, the US (West), and the US (East). The US  (West) has budgetary control enabled and the US (East) requires approvals for journals. All operations share the same chart of accounts, accounting calendar, and subledger accountingmethod. The US (West) and the US (East) operate on the USD currency. The UK's currency is GBP, whereas France operates on the EUR currency. Identify the least number of legal entities and accounting setups to be created. 

Options are :

Answer : 4 legal entities and 4 accounting setups

Oracle 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071 Real Exam 2019 Set 3

Michael is responsible for the accounting setup. Here is the list of accounts for the accounting setup structure mapped to their requirement.
1. suspense account - suspense posting
2. reserve for encumbrance account - exchange rate gain/loss
3. non-postable net income account - average balance processing
4. ledger currency balancing account - for using Oracle sub ledgers and balance sub ledger journals by the entered currency and balancing segment value
5. entered currency balancing account - for using Oracle sub ledgers and balance foreign currency sub ledger journals by the ledger currency and balancing segment value Identify two correct mappings of accounts. (Choose two.)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5 

Options are :

Answer : A,C

ABC Enterprise has operations in the US, France, and Italy. The US, France, and Italy operations have separate legal and statutory requirements. The tax requirements also differ for each country. Identify the action you would perform to set up Oracle General Ledger. 

Options are :

Answer : Create a separate legal entity and accounting setup for each operation.

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