PMI-001 PMP Closing V5 Certification Practice Test Set 1

Which tools or techniques are used during the Close Project or Phase process?

Options are :

  • Facilitation techniques and meetings
  • Reserve analysis and expert judgment
  • Performance reviews and meetings
  • Expert judgment and analytical techniques (Correct)

Answer : Expert judgment and analytical techniques

Retreating from an actual or potential conflict or postponing the issue to be better prepared or to be resolved by others describes which of the five general techniques for managing conflict?

Options are :

  • Compromise/reconcile
  • Withdraw/avoid (Correct)
  • Force/direct
  • Smooth/accommodate

Answer : Withdraw/avoid

Updates to organizational process assets such as procurement files, deliverable acceptances, and lessons learned documentation are typical outputs of which process?

Options are :

  • Close Project or Phase
  • Control Procurements
  • Close Procurements (Correct)
  • Conduct Procurements

Answer : Close Procurements

An input to Close Project or Phase is:

Options are :

  • Final products or services,
  • Document updates,
  • Accepted deliverables, (Correct)
  • Work performance information.

Answer : Accepted deliverables,

Which Knowledge Areas include processes from the Closing Process Group?

Options are :

  • Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management (Correct)
  • Project Stakeholder Management and Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management and Project Time Management
  • Project Scope Management and Project Risk Management

Answer : Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management

At the completion of a project, a report is prepared that details the outcome of the research conducted on a global trend during the project. Which item did this project create?

Options are :

  • Service
  • Result (Correct)
  • Product
  • Improvement

Answer : Result

External organizations that have a special relationship with the enterprise and provide specialized expertise are called:

Options are :

  • Functional managers.
  • Customers
  • Business partners. (Correct)
  • Sellers

Answer : Business partners.

Conditions that are not under the control of the project team that influence, direct, or constrain a project are called:

Options are :

  • Organizational process assets
  • Context diagrams
  • Enterprise environmental factors (Correct)
  • Work performance reports

Answer : Enterprise environmental factors

A project manager builds consensus and overcomes obstacles by employing which communication technique?

Options are :

  • Presentation
  • Listening
  • Facilitation (Correct)
  • Meeting management

Answer : Facilitation

Lessons learned are created and project resources are released in which Process Group?

Options are :

  • Planning
  • Closing (Correct)
  • Executing
  • Initiating

Answer : Closing

During which process does a project manager review all prior information to ensure that all project work is completed and that the project has met its objectives?

Options are :

  • Close Project or Phase (Correct)
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Control Scope
  • Monitor and Control Project Work

Answer : Close Project or Phase

Sensitivity analysis is typically displayed as a/an:

Options are :

  • Tornado diagram (Correct)
  • Ishikawa diagram.
  • Decision tree diagram.
  • Pareto diagram.

Answer : Tornado diagram

When a backward pass is calculated from a schedule constraint that is later than the early finish date that has been calculated during a forward pass calculation, this causes which type of total float?

Options are :

  • Zero
  • Negative
  • Positive (Correct)
  • Free

Answer : Positive

Which type of dependency is legally or contractually required or inherent in the nature of work and often involves physical limitations?

Options are :

  • External
  • Mandatory (Correct)
  • Internal
  • Discretionary

Answer : Mandatory

Which conflict resolution technique searches for solutions that bring some degree of satisfaction to all parties in order to temporarily or partially resolve the conflict?

Options are :

  • Collaborate/problem solve
  • Force/direct
  • Withdraw/avoid
  • Compromise/reconcile (Correct)

Answer : Compromise/reconcile

Which tool or technique allows a large number of ideas to be classified into groups for review and analysis?

Options are :

  • Brainstorming
  • Idea/mind mapping
  • Nominal group technique
  • Affinity diagram (Correct)

Answer : Affinity diagram

When alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is necessary, which tool or technique should be utilized?

Options are :

  • Claims administration (Correct)
  • Performance reporting
  • Interactive communication
  • Conflict management

Answer : Claims administration

The process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities is known as:

Options are :

  • Sequence Activities (Correct)
  • Control Schedule.
  • Develop Schedule.
  • Define Activities.

Answer : Sequence Activities

An output of the Direct and Manage Project Work process is:

Options are :

  • A work breakdown structure.
  • Deliverables (Correct)
  • A scope statement.
  • Activity lists.

Answer : Deliverables

A reward can only be effective if it is:

Options are :

  • Satisfying a need valued by the individual. (Correct)
  • Something that is tangible.
  • Formally given during project performance appraisals.
  • Given immediately after the project is completed.

Answer : Satisfying a need valued by the individual.

What type of reward can hurt team cohesiveness?

Options are :

  • Lose-win
  • Win-lose (Correct)
  • Partial-sum
  • Sole-sum

Answer : Win-lose

An example of a group decision-making technique is:

Options are :

  • majority (Correct)
  • nominal group technique
  • multi-criteria decision analysis
  • affinity diagram

Answer : majority

What is the number of stakeholders, if the project has 28 potential communication channels?

Options are :

  • 8 (Correct)
  • 7
  • 14
  • 16

Answer : 8

Those who enter into a contractual agreement to provide services necessary for a project are:

Options are :

  • sellers (Correct)
  • business partners
  • buyers
  • product users

Answer : sellers

Information collected on the status of project activities being performed to accomplish the project work is known as what?

Options are :

  • Work performance information (Correct)
  • Variance analysis
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Project management information system

Answer : Work performance information

What type of planning is used where the work to be accomplished in the near term is planned in detail, while work in the future is planned at a higher level?

Options are :

  • Dependency determination
  • Finish-to-start planning
  • Rolling wave planning (Correct)
  • Short term planning

Answer : Rolling wave planning

Which technique should a project manager use in a situation in which a collaborative approach to conflict management is not possible?

Options are :

  • Avoidance (Correct)
  • Consensus
  • Influencing
  • Coaching

Answer : Avoidance

When is a project finished?

Options are :

  • After resources have been released
  • After lessons learned have been documented in contract closure
  • When the project objectives have been met (Correct)
  • After verbal acceptance of the customer or sponsor

Answer : When the project objectives have been met

When closing a project or phase, part of the process may require the use of which type of analysis?

Options are :

  • Regression analysis (Correct)
  • Reserve analysis
  • Document analysis
  • Product analysis

Answer : Regression analysis

If the most likely duration of an activity is five weeks, the best-case duration is two weeks, and the worst-case duration is 14 weeks, how many weeks is the expected duration of the activity?

Options are :

  • Six (Correct)
  • Five
  • Seven
  • One

Answer : Six

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