page, iLO and iLO2 cards

B. configure interface adapters and cascaded legacy KVM console switches

You see in the documentation for a ProLiant ML350 G4 that it is designed with highavailability features. What does this include? Select TWO.

Options are :

Answer : The server has redundant fans. The server has more than one power supply.

When should you establish a new performance baseline for a server?

Options are :

Answer : when the hardware configuration has changed

A Site Survey is useful to determine which options? Select TWO.

Options are :

Answer : the location of where the server will be installed the load placed on the current electrical system

Where do you set thresholds on the file system space used on a ProLiant server running Windows 2003, that sends warnings to HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)?

Options are :

Answer : in the storage section of the HP Insight Management agents

Which tool should you use to predict multiple drive faults within your ProLiant server's logical drive?

D. Insight Diagnostics Online edition

Which NIC feature enables high-speed, low processor utilization and low-latency performance between your server and an iSCSI network storage disk array?

Options are :

Answer : TCP Offload Engine (TOE)

Your customer wants to implement a storage solution where disk performance is as important as data availability. Which RAID level should you recommend?

Options are :

Answer : RAID 1+0

Which add-on to HP Systems Insight Manager provides the ability to detect, analyze and explain system performance bottlenecks?

Options are :

Answer : Performance Management Pack

Which utility is used to download new drivers, firmware and ProLiant Support Pack from the Internet?

Options are :

Answer : Version Control Repository Manager

Which tool allows you to manage multiple IP console switches?

Options are :

Answer : HP IP Console Viewer on all machines that will be used for administrative tasks

When using the Performance Management Pack, you found the ProLiant DL580 server is running slowly with high paging. What should you do to resolve the problem?

B. Increase the amount of memory.

Set 1 : HP0-055 Implementing HP ProLiant Servers
Set 2 : HP0-055 Implementing HP ProLiant Servers

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