Install Oracle Guest Addition

Oracle Guest Addition installation steps are listed below:

  • Become root by running the command:
    su -​
  • Make sure that we are running the latest kernel by running the command:
    yum update kernel*​
  • Install the following package with the command:
    rpm -Uvh​
  • Install the packages gcc, kernel-devel, kernel-headers, dkms, make, bzip2, perl with the command:
    yum install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers dkms make bzip2 perl
  • Mount the VirtualBox Guest Additions with the following steps:

Click on Devices from the menu. Then select the option Insert Guest Additions CD Image. linux-guestadditioninstall A disk icon gets created along with a pop-up. Click on Run. linux-guestadditioninstall1

Authenticate Required pop-up comes. Enter the root password. Click on Authenticate.


The VirtualBox Guest Additions installation terminal window comes. Type yes to finish.

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