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A disjoint-set data structure is a data structure that keeps track of a set of elements partitioned into a number of disjoint (non-overlapping) subsets.

A union-find algorithm is an algorithm that performs two useful operations on such a data structure:

Find: Determine which subset a particular element is in. This can be used for determining if two elements are in the same subset.

Union: Join two subsets into a single subset.

class DisjointSet(val size: Int) {
    private val parent = IntArray(size)
    private val rank = ByteArray(size)
    public var count = size
        private set
    init {
        for (i in parent.indices) {
            parent[i] = i
    public fun connected(v: Int, w: Int): Boolean {
        return find(v) == find(w)
    public fun find(v: Int): Int {
        var v = v
        while (parent[v] != v) {
            parent[v] = parent[parent[v]]
            v = parent[v]
        return v
    public fun union(v: Int, w: Int) {
        val rootV = find(v)
        val rootW = find(w)
        if (rootV == rootW) return
        if (rank[rootV] > rank[rootW]) {
            parent[rootW] = rootV
        } else if (rank[rootW] > rank[rootV]) {
            parent[rootV] = rootW
        } else {
            parent[rootV] = rootW

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