Bridge Pattern

The bridge pattern allows the Abstraction and the Implementation to be developed independently and the client code can access only the Abstraction part without being concerned about the Implementation part.

package structural
interface Switch {
    var appliance: Appliance
    fun turnOn()
interface Appliance {
    fun run()
class RemoteControl(override var appliance: Appliance) : Switch {
    override fun turnOn() =
class TV : Appliance {
    override fun run() = println("TV turned on")
class VacuumCleaner : Appliance {
    override fun run() = println("VacuumCleaner turned on")
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    var tvRemoteControl = RemoteControl(appliance = TV())
    var fancyVacuumCleanerRemoteControl = RemoteControl(appliance = VacuumCleaner())

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