Installation and Configuration of JMeter

To install Jmeter, go to Google Chrome and then search for JMeter Download in the browser and select the first one, as shown below.


  • Once you click on the Download Apache JMeter link, the Apache JMeter Page will open, as shown below.
    download-apache-jmeter-page-in bwoser
  • If you scroll down the page, you will see two sections as Binaries and Source.
  • We have to download JMeter from Binaries, If you are working on Linux or MAC, then you need to download from .tgz extension.
  • If you are working on windows, then you need to download from .zip extension.
  • I am working on the windows system, so I am going to download the .zip extension file.
  • And Once you click on the sha512pgp link, it will start the download, Save this file in your system as shown below.
  • Once it is downloaded successfully, extract the zip file.
  • Before opening the extracted files from the JMeter, just go to the command prompt in your system and then search for Java by using the command like Java -version and then press enter.
  • If Java has already installed in your order, then you will see the below message.
  • Next, go to the JMeter extracted files and then go to the Bin folder and then search for the JMeter. Batch file and click on it to launch the JMeter.
  • After clicking on the batch file, it will launch the JMeter UI window, as shown below.
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