Overview of Jira Admin

Jira administration administrates the jira account and jira administration has divided into two sections as Atlassian Admin and Site Jira Settings, as soon as you logged into your jira account by using your login credentials, you will see a settings icon on the left down corner, just click on it, you will see the two different parts of the Administration.

Atlassian Admin

Atlassian admin contains the two parts such as user management and Billing.

User Management:

User management allows us to create a user account and assign them to the user, you have an option called invite user, you can invite them by sending a signup URL.

Just click on the invite user and then it will ask you to enter the user email address, enter the required paths and click on the invite user, in the below image I invited the one user

And at the bottom of the user page, you will see the status of the user as shown below.
The same way you can also export the user from the selected groups as you required, just click on the export user then it will ask to select the users from the users status and also by using the Additional data and then click on the download file.


In the Billing part, you can update the billing details, billing history, billing estimation and also you can manage the subscriptions, the Billing page will look like below.

Jira Settings

Jira Settings is divided into Five parts as

  • System
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Issues
  • Apps


In the system sections, you can make some settings in the General settings and Advanced settings and also you can edit the settings by clicking on the Edit Settings.

Products have two parts in it as Product access and Administration access and we can view and configure which group provide access to your products.

In the product access, we can add the new group to it and also we can edit the current group and if you do not require any group then you can delete the group as well.

Any user added to a group with product access will count your product licenses and when a user is granted access to a product, they will be added to the products default access group and also the groups used administration access cannot be set as a default access group.


Administration Access:

The groups in Administration do not count towards your product license, so when you want these groups to use jira, you need to grant them products access. like belowAdministration access page will like below.



The project section contains the list of the projects which are currently present in the jira account, here we can make project settings and also we can create a new project.


Projects category contains the usable projects to categorize the projects and also you can create a new category.



The issue contains different categories like issue types, issue type schemes and also a subtask, by clicking on the issue types displays you different types of issues. The issue page will look like below


An issue type scheme determines which issue type will be available to a set of projects, it also allows to specify the order in which the issue types are present in the user interface. The issue type scheme page will look like below.


The next one is Subtask, where it contains the three different kinds of subtask as below.



Clicking on the Find new apps under the Apps we can discover many new apps and also integrate them with the jira if required.


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