Java OOPS Interview Questions

What is a class?

What is an object?

What is state of an object?

What is behavior of an object?

What is the super class of every class in Java?

Explain about toString method ?

What is the use of equals method in Java?

What are the important things to consider when implementing equals method?

What is the Hashcode method used for in Java?

Explain inheritance with examples .
What is method overloading?

What is method overriding?

Can super class reference variable can hold an object of sub class?

Is multiple inheritance allowed in Java?

What is an interface?

How do you define an interface?

How do you implement an interface?

Can you explain a few tricky things about interfaces?

Can you extend an interface?

Can a class extend multiple interfaces?

What is an abstract class?

When do you use an abstract class?

How do you define an abstract method?

Compare abstract class vs interface?

What is a constructor?

What is a default constructor?

Will this code compile?

How do you call a super class constructor from a constructor?

Will this code compile?

What is the use of this()?

Can a constructor be called directly from a method?

Is a super class constructor called even when there is no explicit call from a sub class constructor?

What is polymorphism?

What is the use of instanceof operator in Java?

What is coupling?

What is cohesion?

What is encapsulation?

What is an inner class?

What is a static inner class?

Can you create an inner class inside a method?

What is an anonymous class?

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