Installation of Text Editor for Git Operations

Text Editor: It is a software program which allows the user to input and edit their text definitions for Git operations.

Well, before we start with Git operations, first install some good text editor for our operating system.

where Notepad++ works well with our windows and also you are going to learn how to make Notepad++ accessible to command prompt and Git Bash and finally we will configure Notepad++ with Git.

Now I will show you how to download Notepad++ step by step as follow:

  • Select your preferred browser and Navigate to the page
  • Once Notepad++ page has loaded in the system click on the Download button on left side of the page.
  • Once the installer has finished downloading open and click on the Run button.
  • Then it will ask for your preferred Language, select English.
  • Click Next on the license agreement page.
  • Once you go through the license agreement just click on I Agree.
  • Choose default installation location and click Next.
  • Now let us click on the Install button to install Notepad++.
  • Finally click on Finish, now your Notepad++ has installed in your OS.
  • And close the browser and check by opening your Git bash and type Notepad++ in the command prompt, if yes, then it will display its page.
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