English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 16

In India, the second most populous country in the world, the population growth rate is much higher than the world average and it ---- that, by the year 2050, India ---- for twenty Ė one percent of the worldís population.

Options are :

  • will be estimated / accounted
  • is being estimated / will account (Correct)
  • will have estimated / is accounting
  • has estimated / accounts
  • was estimating / had been accounting

Answer :is being estimated / will account

Complete English Common Errors Practice Test for all Exams Set 2

Had the cellphone not been invented, ---- .

Options are :

  • we won't be able to send a text message to anyone
  • pollution may be less of a problem now
  • how many people would have used it
  • our lives would be difficult today (Correct)

Answer :our lives would be difficult today

How long ---- when Tom finally came.

Options are :

  • had you been worked
  • have you worked
  • had you been working (Correct)
  • were you working

Answer :had you been working

There ---- ice on the highway for about 100 miles; even so, I ---- pass through it without getting panic.

Options are :

  • is / had to
  • has been / could
  • was / was able to (Correct)
  • had been / should
  • will be / have been able to

Answer :was / was able to

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 6

My husband and I ---- in Berlin for 5 years before we ---- to Paris.

Options are :

  • had been living / had moved
  • had been living / moved (Correct)
  • lived / had moved
  • had lived / move

Answer :had been living / moved

A: Can you describe what you are looking for?

B: I'm looking for a ---- glass.

Options are :

  • brown big new nice English
  • big new brown nice English
  • nice big new brown English (Correct)
  • new nice big English brown
  • nice new big Brown English

Answer :nice big new brown English

I wish everybody ---- a job. Then no one ---- from poverty.

Options are :

  • could find / would suffer (Correct)
  • would find / will suffer
  • finds / were suffering
  • has found / suffers

Answer :could find / would suffer

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 14

Our neighbours will ---- their garden ---- by a successful decorator.

Options are :

  • get / to design
  • have / designed (Correct)
  • make / design

Answer :have / designed

Facebook, which ---- in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, is an online social networking and micro blogging service that ---- its users to send and read text Ė based messages of up to 5.000 characters, known as "status".

Options are :

  • is being created / has enabled
  • has been created / had enabled
  • was created / is enabled
  • is created / has been enabled
  • was created / enables (Correct)

Answer :was created / enables

My parents are used to ---- in this city. They have a house here and know every part of the city.

Options are :

  • live
  • living (Correct)

Answer :living

Complete English Common Errors Practice Test for all Exams Set 2

Imagine you ---- a special power, what would it be?

Options are :

  • will have
  • had had
  • would have had
  • had (Correct)
  • could have had

Answer :had

The announcer : "And now, Neymar ---- to Ronaldo. "

Options are :

  • passes (Correct)
  • is passing

Answer :passes

As a swimmer, my brother ---- swim 100 m in one minute. But he ---- break a record, yet.

Options are :

  • should / might not
  • can / hasnít been able to (Correct)
  • must / couldnít
  • was able to / isn't able to
  • could / hadnít been able to

Answer :can / hasnít been able to

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 15

I have worked for this company ---- I graduated from university.

Options are :

  • for
  • ever
  • already
  • since (Correct)

Answer :since

My aunt ---- some steak, but just then she remembered that I was vegetarian.

Options are :

  • cooks
  • had cooked (Correct)
  • had been cooked
  • has cooked

Answer :had cooked

Choose the correct choice according to the given sentence.

"If you book your rooms in advance, you get a better price."

Options are :

  • This sentence refers to an unreal situation.
  • This sentence refers to a real situation that happened in the past.
  • This sentence refers to the future.
  • This sentence refers to a general situation. (Correct)

Answer :This sentence refers to a general situation.

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 8

I'm happy that I ---- in a foreign currency in the bank in the previous year; otherwise, I ---- a considerable loss during the economical crisis.

Options are :

  • invested / would have suffered (Correct)
  • could invest / may suffer
  • was investing / am suffering
  • have invested / will be suffering

Answer :invested / would have suffered

It ---- that more than 250 people in total may ---- because of the jaundice so far.

Options are :

  • is estimated / have been killed (Correct)
  • was expected / had been killed
  • had been feared / be killed
  • has been feared / be killed
  • is expected / get killed

Answer :is estimated / have been killed

Last week, an airplane carrying a statesman ---- by terrorists who threatened to kill the pilot and some of the passengers unless they ---- a ransom of ten million euros.

Options are :

  • has hijacked / have given
  • hijacked / had been given
  • has been hijacking / are given
  • was hijacked / were given (Correct)
  • was being hijacked / were giving

Answer :was hijacked / were given

Complete English Common Errors Practice Test for all Exams Set 8

She got her sister ---- the truth about what happened the day before.

Options are :

  • tell
  • telling
  • told
  • to tell (Correct)

Answer :to tell

He got his guitar ---- so that he could play perfectly.

Options are :

  • tuned (Correct)
  • tunning
  • tune
  • to tune

Answer :tuned

Angela ---- the horror film with her sister for a while when I ---- home.

Options are :

  • would watch / came
  • have watched / come
  • watched / have come
  • had been watching / came (Correct)
  • watched / would come

Answer :had been watching / came

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 13

In-ship entertainment is a ---- business, yet people still get this service even if it is accessible to them ----.

Options are :

  • costly / expensively
  • costly / in an expensive way (Correct)
  • cost / expensive

Answer :costly / in an expensive way

Yes, we clearly ---- that you ---- dolphins at the very moment.

Options are :

  • understand / feed
  • are understanding / feed
  • understand / are feeding (Correct)
  • are understanding / are feeding

Answer :understand / are feeding

Many companies in the country ---- survive after the economic crisis; however, some small-scale firms ---- stand up to the conditions.

Options are :

  • must / mustnít
  • were able to / couldnít (Correct)
  • had to / hasnít been able to
  • could / ought not to
  • used to / wouldnít

Answer :were able to / couldnít

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 8

She's ---- as clever as her brother. She couldnít pass any of her classes, whereas her brother is going to graduate with a degree.

Options are :

  • rather
  • fairly
  • quite
  • nowhere near (Correct)

Answer :nowhere near

I ---- to the office to send a message or an e-mail anymore. The firm has bought me a mobile phone which can be used for electronic mail and the Internet.

Options are :

  • neednít have returned
  • donít have to return (Correct)
  • must not have returned
  • didnít use to return
  • may not return

Answer :donít have to return

It's really surprising. Until he ---- those cats what to do, they ---- anything. 

Options are :

  • says / donít even do (Correct)
  • had said / weren't even doing
  • was saying / didnít even do
  • is saying / havenít even did

Answer :says / donít even do

English Grammar Tests - From Beginner to Advanced Set 6

Which of the sentences is correct according to the sentence below?

"Monica could be at home now as she usually goes home in the evening, but I am not sure."

Options are :

  • She is probably not at home.
  • She is definitely at home.
  • There is 50 percent chance that she is at home. (Correct)

Answer :There is 50 percent chance that she is at home.

---- all the students follow my instructions please? Or else, you ---- be upset when the results are announced.

Options are :

  • Could / will (Correct)
  • Will / must
  • Shall / would
  • May / could
  • Might / can

Answer :Could / will

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