File Name

File name for the every article should contains right description about the articles, file name should not cross four words

All the files should have php extensions, below few examples for filenames


Replace all the occurance of the sample-file-name with your file name

Article title

Articles title should provide right detais about the article and its content,

								Conditional statements in java
								Data structure and design Pattens
								return keyword and uses

Replace all the occurances of the change-this-title with your article title

Article description and keywords

Article description should be crisp and clear with what the topic is, this also called as meta description. description can have upto 50 words in it Replace all the occurance of the change-this-description with your article description

Articles keywords are nothing but the keywords to describe this article Replace all the occurance of the change-this-keywords with your article keywords

Main topic name

Main topic title could be same as your article title or you can write more suitable title make sure main topic title is related to the content.


Below code should be used for creating a division/main topic block.

								<div class="card mb-3">
								<div class="card-header"><i class="headericon"></i><h2 id='topic'>Main topic name</h2></div><p>

Little Sub-topic

You can use the smaller sub topics if there related to broader Sub topics using below code inside the sub topic or inside main topic

All the sub title should be formed using <h3> or <h4> tags only also <p> tag should follow them


Boolean Data type

Ploymorphism and Abstraction relationship

								<h3 id='boolean'>Boolean Data type</h3><p>
								<h4 id='polymorphism'>Ploymorphism and Abstraction relationship</h4><p>

irrepective of main or sub topic, you must include the id='topic-name' for every main/sub topic

Subtopics Research

In our Chercher technologies, we create a quality articles and complete articles. So it becomes important to us that we should cover each and every sub topic for a Article.

You can get sub topic ideas in below places:

  • it will provide all the sub topics related to a article
  • Google Suggestions at the bottom of google search
  • Bing suggestions


Add images whereever is required like flow charts, categories, outputs,

All the images should have name corresponding to the functionality and name should use -(hyphens) instead of spaces.


Standard image tag should be used like below, alt and title are also same as file name. Folder name is nothing but the folder we have assigned

								<img class='img' src="../images/folder-name/image-file-name.png" alt="image-file-name" title="image-file-name">

Feature images

Feature image is nothing but the topic image name, write the topic image name on related image. This image will be displayed when we share it to the social media.

Featured image name should be same as the file bu with .png extention


								If article file name is : instructions-for-articles.php
								then Feature image name should be : instructions-for-articles.png

You should keep the featured image on tiles folder by creating a sub folder same as assigned folder

You will not be using in code, beacuse code is already present and it will pick it up

Links are used to denote other relted pages for reference so use below tag format while writing links

href should be equal to the file you want show for reference and donot change target='_blank'. Example for Images: blockquotes

								<a target='_blank' href='file-name'> polymorphism </a>


Blockquotes are nothing but bigger text, we will using it to show very importan point. Block quote should not exceed 20 words

This is an example for blockquote, this attracts use attention

<p> should always follow the blockquote,

								<blockquote>This is an example for blockquote, this attracts use attention</blockquote><p>


List will be usefuls when you want to provide categories and advantages, all the list should have <p> at the end

You can use below lists

Square lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='square'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>

Circle lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='circle'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>

star lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='star'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>

Tri lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='tri'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>

Snow lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='snow'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>

Diamond lists

  • point 1
  • point 2

								<ul class='diamond'>
								<li>point 1</li>
								<li>point 2</li>


All code should go using below tags only, when you have lins of code

								<pre><code class="language-java">
								// code goes here

When you have code or a code related keyword then it should use below tags


Create below kind of division using code

this is kind of warning

								<div class='warn'>this is kind of warning </div><p>

this is kind of note

								<div class='note'>this is kind of note  </div><p>


Create below kind of suggestion using code

Create QR Code

								<!--suggestions start--><p class="alsosee"><strong></strong><a target='_blank' href="fie-name">title-of-header of title</a></p><!--suggestions end-->

table of content

You should start writing the table of content only after completing a article, use the ids from the subtopics to form the table of content

Table of content will be present at top of the article

When you click this links it will take you to the respective section of the same file.

Table of content

							<!--toc start-->	
								<div class="card mb-3" id='toc'>
									<p><topic>Table of content
										<ul class="toc"> 
											<li><a href="file-name#id-of-sub-title" title="Sub title">Sub Title
								<!--toc end-->

Side Menu

Side menu will be useful to navigate the articles, You find it in the sample article present in the your technology section

Author Bio

we value every person works for use so your bio will be present bottom of all your article and kepp it less than 100 words also you can set a picture

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