SK0-004 CompTIA Server+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

A server administrator is implementing disk redundancy in all database servers. Which of the
following RAID configurations should the administrator use so that a MINIMUM number of disks
are required?

Options are :

  • RAID 6
  • RAID 1 (Correct)
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 5

Answer : RAID 1

Which of the following is a benefit of utilizing a type 2 hypervisor to manage guests?

Options are :

  • There is increased hardware support since there is an OS layer. (Correct)
  • There is reduced resource overhead since there is no OS layer.
  • A type 2 hypervisor offers increased performance over a type 1 hypervisor.
  • The administration of the guest OS is significantly less complex.

Answer : There is increased hardware support since there is an OS layer.

A network administrator is tasked to block all outbound SSH connections on the default port from anetwork subnet of on a Linux based firewall. Which of the following rule sets would accomplish this task?

Options are :

  • iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j REJECT (Correct)
  • iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 23 -j ACCEPT
  • iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 23 -j REJECT
  • iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

Answer : iptables -i OUTPUT -d -p TCP --dport 22 -j REJECT

A blade server chassis has two power supplies. Which of the following is a benefit of a technician
connecting each power supply to a separate UPS unit?

Options are :

  • Traffic shaping
  • Load balancing
  • Fault tolerance (Correct)
  • Quality of service

Answer : Fault tolerance

A server administrator wants to isolate a SAN hosted LUN to be visible to only a single host. Which of the following methodologies would be used to present the LUN to only that host?

Options are :

  • Port mapping
  • LUN masking (Correct)
  • Port zoning
  • LUN ID assignment

Answer : LUN masking

An administrator is developing a storage growth plan for a new file server. Which of the following
should be implemented on the server so that storage growth is restricted?

Options are :

  • Automatic defragmentation
  • Disk quotas (Correct)
  • Automatic usage reports
  • Disk compression

Answer : Disk quotas

A technician is tasked with building a test server. Which of the following hard drive types will provide the highest performance?

Options are :

  • SCSI .
  • SATA
  • iSCS
  • SAS (Correct)

Answer : SAS

An administrator wishes to use KVM remotely to monitor and control a server farm. In order to
perform this function

Options are :

  • the host must be reachable via the IP address. (Correct)
  • remote control must be disabled on each server.
  • a monitor must be attached to every server.
  • a serial cable must be available.

Answer : the host must be reachable via the IP address.

Two servers are to be configured for high availability in a cluster. Both servers will be running
applications at the same time. This feature is know as:

Options are :

  • active/passive.
  • heartbeat.
  • active/active. (Correct)
  • round robin.

Answer : active/active.

A system administrator is tasked with dividing the network so that each department is separate from the other. Which of the following should be used to accomplish this task?

Options are :

  • VPN
  • VM
  • VLAN (Correct)
  • VNC

Answer : VLAN

A technician installs a rack in a datacenter. The rack has two power strips installed in it. To ensure
maximum power redundancy for the rack, how should each PDU power strip be connected?

Options are :

  • Each to different floor PDUs
  • Each to the same datacenter UPS
  • Each to a different datacenter UPS (Correct)
  • Each to the same floor PDU

Answer : Each to a different datacenter UPS

Which of the following is the MOST secure method of storing critical and sensitive system information (e.g., administrative passwords, trusted signing keys)?

Options are :

  • Utilize a drive with full disk encryption enabled.
  • Create an encrypted virtual disk for storage.
  • Store the information encrypted and offline in a storage safe. (Correct)
  • Encrypt the information using a zip file with a password.

Answer : Store the information encrypted and offline in a storage safe.

Which of the following RAID configurations consists of mirrored disks?

Options are :

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1 (Correct)
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 5

Answer : RAID 1

A technician needs to install an OS patch on a virtual server. Which of the following backup types
should the technician perform prior to the patch installation that will allow the server to be restored

Options are :

  • Snapshot (Correct)
  • Incremental
  • Full
  • Differential

Answer : Snapshot

An administrator needs to run five CAT6 cable runs to a new server. Which of the following steps
should the administrator do FIRST?

Options are :

  • Label both ends of the cables with unique identifiers. (Correct)
  • Install the cables into cable trays.
  • Bundle the cables with velcro or zip ties.
  • Verify the bend radius of the cables.

Answer : Label both ends of the cables with unique identifiers.

The IT director instructed the systems administrator to build a server to support the accounting
departments file growth. The IT director requested that the accounting users have the ability to
encrypt their files; however, the accounting users have reported the inability to encrypt their files.
Which of the following file system types is MOST likely causing this issue?

Options are :

  • CIFS
  • ext4
  • ZFS
  • QFS
  • FAT32 (Correct)

Answer : FAT32

An administrator is using IPv4 on all servers. If a new technician installs only IPv6 on a
workstation, which of the following servers will the workstation be able to access?

Options are :

  • Domain controller.
  • No servers. (Correct)
  • DNS server
  • DHCP server

Answer : No servers.

An administrator needs to reconfigure a Linux servers OS. Which of the following tools can theadministrator use to access a command shell over the network? (Choose two.)

Options are :

  • Connect with VNC
  • Connect with BASH
  • Connect with SSH (Correct)
  • Connect with FTP
  • Connect with RDP

Answer : Connect with SSH

A technician is backing up 10GB of data on a file server to a 250GB external USB hard drive. After4GB has been backed up, the software generates an error that the size of the backup exceeds the file limit. Which of the following file system types is being used?

Options are :

  • VMFS
  • NTFS
  • FAT32 (Correct)
  • ZFS

Answer : FAT32

Joe, a system administrator, is replacing an aging print server. Once he reached the step to join
the new server to the existing domain, he kept getting an error and could not complete the step
successfully. Which of the following did Joe forget to do?

Options are :

  • He did not migrate the print server database.
  • He did not restore a full backup of the old print server.
  • He did not properly configure the network settings. (Correct)
  • He did not recreate the printer on the new print server.

Answer : He did not properly configure the network settings.

Which of the following describes a root cause analysis?

Options are :

  • dentify the circumstances that initiated the problem. (Correct)
  • Replicate the problem in a test environment.
  • Confirm the theory of probable cause.
  • List necessary corrective actions for the problem.

Answer : dentify the circumstances that initiated the problem.

A user changed departments from sales to accounting. The user is unable to access the shared
network drive containing the accounting departments file. Which of the following should a
technician check?

Options are :

  • Encryption
  • File redirections
  • File permissions (Correct)
  • Local group policy

Answer : File permissions

A secondary office location containing servers already configured with all necessary software and files to minimize downtime is considered to be which of the following types of disaster recovery sites?

Options are :

  • Hosted site
  • Hot site (Correct)
  • Cold site
  • Warm site

Answer : Hot site

A technician is having problems sending a notification from a server. The technician suspects the firewall may be blocking traffic. Which of the following clients can be used to confirm the technicians suspicions?

Options are :

  • Dtelnetx
  • traceroute (Correct)
  • nslookup
  • sendmail

Answer : traceroute

A clustered server goes offline due to a backplane failure. Which of the following clusters does not
lose capacity when a server goes offline?

Options are :

  • A distributed cluster
  • An active-active cluster (Correct)
  • An active-passive cluster
  • A sandby switch cluster

Answer : An active-active cluster

A server administrator implements external storage for a file server. At a later time, anotheradministrator wants to extend this storage to a second server but is unable to connect to twoservers simultaneously. Which of the following storage types was implemented by the first  administrator?

Options are :

  • SAN
  • VSAN
  • NAS
  • DAS (Correct)

Answer : DAS

A datacenter audit finds that a number of personnel are not using access cards when entering asecured area with a coworker. Which of the following security methods could be implemented tohelp prevent this behavior?

Options are :

  • Security camera
  • Smart card
  • Mantrap (Correct)
  • Keypad

Answer : Mantrap

While performing routine testing of a hot standby site located at a remote hosting center, a system
administrator is unable to access one of the server operating systems to verify functionality. Which
of the following is MOST applicable to access the host?

Options are :

  • Serial console access
  • KVM over IP (Correct)
  • Secure shell
  • RDP over HTTP
  • VNC

Answer : KVM over IP

A server technician is updating the operating system on a server. Currently, the server is running
the following services:

The updated server will be used to allow clients to access Web services, resolve host names to IPaddresses for mobile iOS clients, and provide network access to thin clients running a Linuxoperating system. Which of the following services can be removed?

Options are :

  • WINS (Correct)
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • HTTP

Answer : WINS

A system technician is asked to create a test environment that will consist of 45 computers and afile server. Which of the following types of servers is BEST suited for IP management in the labnetwork?

Options are :

  • Routing and Remote Access
  • Domain Name Service
  • Window Internet Naming Services
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Correct)

Answer : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

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