N10-006 CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 6

A technician has punched down only the middle two pins (pins 4 and 5) on an ethernet patch panel.  The technician has cabled this port to be used with which of the following?  

Options are :

  • 568B
  • 568A
  • POTS
  • 10baseT

Answer : POTS

FC0-U41 CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Practice Test Set 3

An additional network segment is urgently needed for QA testing on the external network. A software release could be impacted id this change is not immediate. The request come directly from management, and there is no time to go through the emergency change control process.  Given this scenario, which of the following is the BEST course of action for the network administrator to take?  

Options are :

  • Make the change, noting the requester, and document all network changes
  • Send out a notification to the company about the change
  • First document the potential impacts and procedures related to the change
  • Wait until the maintenance window, and make the requested change

Answer : Make the change, noting the requester, and document all network changes

A network technician has configured a point-to-point interface on a router, however, once the fiber optic cables have been run, the interface will not come up. The technician has cleaned the fiber connectors and used an optical power meter to confirm that light is passing in both directions without excessive loss.  Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?  

Options are :

  • EMI
  • Distance limitation
  • cross-talk
  • Macro bend
  • Wavelength mismatch

Answer : Wavelength mismatch

A network technician needs to monitor the network to find a user that is browsing inappropriate websites.  Which of the following would the technician use to view the website and find the user browsing it?  

Options are :

  • A top listener tool
  • An intrusion detection system
  • A packet sniffer

Answer : A packet sniffer

CompTIA JK0-801 A Laptop Printer and Operating certify Exam Set 4

A company installs a new mail server. Which of the following DNS records need to be configured to allow the organization to receive email? 


Options are :

  • PTR
  • MX
  • A

Answer : MX

A network technician is using telnet to connect to a router on a network that has been compromised. A new user and password has been added to the router with full rights. The technician is concerned that the regularly used administrator account has been compromised.  After changing the password on all networking devices, which of the following should the technician perform to prevent the password for the administrator account from being sniffed on the network?  

Options are :

  • Use SNMPv1 for all configurations involving the router
  • Ensure the password is 10 characters, containing letter and numbers
  • Only allow administrators to access routers using port 22
  • Copy all configurations to routers using TFTP for secuirty

Answer : Only allow administrators to access routers using port 22

Which of the following integrity security mechanisms ensures that a sent message has been received intact, by the intended receiver?  

Options are :

  • CRC
  • DES
  • SHA

Answer : IPSEC

CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Certify Exam Set 4

 A network technician needs to connect two switches. The technician needs a link between them which is capable of handling 10gb.  Which of the following media would be optimal for this application?  

Options are :

  • Fiber Optic cable
  • CAT6 cable
  • Coax cable
  • CAT5e cable

Answer : Fiber Optic cable

Which of the following types of equipment should be used for telecommunications equipment and have an open design?  

Options are :

  • Ladder racks
  • 2/4 post racks
  • Rail Racks
  • Vertical frame

Answer : 2/4 post racks

A company is implementing enhanced user authentication for system administrators accessing the company's confidential servers.  Which of the following would be the BEST example of two-factor authentication?  

Options are :

  • ID badge and keys
  • Password and key fob
  • Username and password
  • fingerprint scanner and retina scan

Answer : Password and key fob

CompTIA JK0-018 Security+ E2C Certified Practice Exam Set 9

A client is concerned about a hacker compromising a network in order to gain access to confidential research data.  Which of the following could be implemented to redirect any attackers on the network?  

Options are :

  • Honeypot
  • Content Filter
  • Botnet
  • DMZ

Answer : Honeypot

A company is selecting a fire suppression system for their new datacenter and wants to minimize the IT system recovery period in the event of a fire.  Which of the following is the best choice for the fire suppression system?  

Options are :

  • Portable extinguishers
  • Dry Pipe
  • Clean Gas
  • Wet Pipe

Answer : Clean Gas

A network administrator receives a call asking for assistance with connecting to the network. The user asks for the IP address, subnet class, and VLAN required to access the network.  This describes which of the following attacks?  

Options are :

  • Zero-day attack
  • VLAN hopping
  • Social engineering
  • Spoofing

Answer : Social engineering

CompTIA MB0-001 Mobility+ Certification Practice Exam Set 8

Which of the following default ports is associated with protocols that are connectionless?  

Options are :

  • 80
  • 3389
  • 443
  • 2427

Answer : 2427

A company is installing several APs for a new wireless system that requires users to authenticate to the domain. The network technician would like to authenticate to a central point.  Which of the following would work BEST to achieve these results?  

Options are :

  • A RADIUS server and an access point
  • A TACACS+ device and a RADIUS server
  • A RADIUS server and a network controller
  • A TACACS and a proxy server

Answer : A RADIUS server and an access point

A company has a network with three switches, each one with eight ports. The switch is connected to a router that has a hub with four computers plugged into one of its interfaces.  How many broadcast domains are present in this company's network?  

Options are :

  • 16
  • 2
  • 28
  • 1
  • 5

Answer : 2

SK0-004 CompTIA Server+ Certification Practice Exam Set 3

Which of the following cloud infrastructure designs includes on premise servers utilizing a centralized syslog server that is hosted at a third party organization for review? 

Options are :

  • Private
  • Community
  • Hybrid
  • Public

Answer : Hybrid

A technician is dispatched to investigate sporadic network outages. After looking at the event logs of the network equipment, the technician finds that all of the equipment is restarting at the same time every day.  Which of the following can the technician deploy to correct this issue?  

Options are :

  • Surge protector
  • Rack monitoring
  • UPS
  • Grounding bar
  • Air flow management

Answer : UPS

A technician add memory to a router, but that memory is never recognized by the router. The router is then powered down, and the technician relocates all of the memory to different modules. On startup, the router does not boot and displays memory errors.  Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?  

Options are :

  • Driver update
  • VTP
  • Halon particles
  • ESD

Answer : Driver update

JK0-017 CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 8

A network technician needs to protect IP based servers in the network DMZ from being discovered by an intruder utilizing a ping sweep.  Which of the following should the technician do to protect the network from ping sweeps?  

Options are :

  • Block ICMP at the firewall
  • Block echo replies inbound to the DMZ
  • Disable UDP on the servers
  • Disable TCP/IP on the server

Answer : Block ICMP at the firewall

Which of the following would be the BEST addition to a business continuity plan that would protect business from a catastrophic event such as a fire, tornado, or earthquake?  

Options are :

  • NAS and tape backups
  • Hot sites or cold sites
  • UPS and battery backups
  • Building generator
  • Fire suppression systems

Answer : Hot sites or cold sites

A network engineer is conducting an assessment for a customer that wants to implement an 802.11n wireless network.  
Before the engineer can estimate the number of WAPs needed, it is important to reference which of the following?  

Options are :

  • Site survey
  • Network topology
  • PoE requirements
  • Network diagram

Answer : Site survey

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

A network administrator notices that the border router is having high network capacity loads during non-working hours which is causing web services outages.  Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?  

Options are :

  • ARP cache poisoning
  • Session hijacking
  • Evil twin
  • Distributed DoS

Answer : Distributed DoS

A network technician has created a network consisting of an external internet connection, a DMZ, an internal private network, and an administrative network.  All routers and switches should be configured to accept SSH connections from which of the following network segments?  

Options are :

  • The internet connection to allow admin access from anywhere
  • The internal network since it is private
  • The admin private network allowing only admin access
  • The DMZ only allowing access from the segment with the servers

Answer : The admin private network allowing only admin access

The network administrator is configuring a switch port for a file server with a dual NIC. The file server needs to be configured for redundancy and both ports on the NIC need to be combined for maximum throughput.  Which of the following features on the switch should the network administrator use?  

Options are :

  • LACP
  • Spanning tree
  • Load balancing
  • BPDU

Answer : LACP

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 13

A network administrator wants to deploy a wireless network in a location that has too much RF interference at 2.4 GHz.  
Which of the following standards requires the use of 5 GHz band wireless transmissions? (Select TWO) A. 802.11a 
B. 802.11ac 
C. 802.11b 
D. 802.11g 
E. 802.11n 

Options are :

  • A,E
  • A,B
  • C,E
  • B,D

Answer : A,B

A network administrator received the following email from a user: 
From: [email protected] 
To: [email protected] 
Subject: Free smart phone 
Dear, user, please click the following link to get your free smart phone http://www.freesmartphone.it:8080/survey.php  
Which of of the following should the administrator do to prevent all employees from accessing the link in the above email, while still allowing Internet access to the freesmartphone.it domain?  

Options are :

  • Add DENY TCP http://www.freesmartphone.it ANY EQ 8080 to the firewall ACL
  • Add DENY IP ANY ANY EQ 8080 to the intrusion detection system filter
  • Add http://www.freesmartphone.it:8080/survey.php to the browser group policy block list.
  • Add http://www.freesmartphone.it:8080/survey.php to the load balancer

Answer : Add http://www.freesmartphone.it:8080/survey.php to the browser group policy block list.

A network technician is tasked with designing a firewall to improve security for an existing FTP server that is on the company network and is accessible from the internet. The security concern is that the FTP server is compromised it may be used as a platform to attack other company servers.  Which of the following is the BEST way to mitigate this risk?  

Options are :

  • Change the FTP server to a more secure SFTP
  • Use the implicit deny of the firewall
  • Move the server to the DMZ of the firewall
  • Add an outbound ACL to the firewall

Answer : Move the server to the DMZ of the firewall

CD0-001 CDIA+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

A network technician needs to set up two public facing web servers and wants to ensure that if they are compromised the intruder cannot access the intranet. Which of the following security techniques should be used?  

Options are :

  • Place them between two internal firewalls
  • Place them behind honeypots
  • Place them in a separate subnet
  • Place them in the demilitarized zone

Answer : Place them in the demilitarized zone

A network technician is replacing security devices that protect the DMZ for a client. The client has an application that allows external users to access the application remotely. After replacing the devices, the external users are unable to connect remotely to the application.  Which of the following is MOST likely misconfigured?  

Options are :

  • Content filter
  • DNS
  • Firewall
  • DHCP

Answer : Firewall

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