JK0-017 CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 10

In which management style would the project manager make themselves available by being visible, interacting with the project team, and hosting an "open door" policy?   

Options are :

  • Dictatorship
  • Active observation
  • Management by walking around (Correct)
  • Autocratic

Answer : Management by walking around

Project XYZ promises to be worth $587,000 in three years. Assuming that the rate of return is currently six percent, what is the minimum amount of funds that Project XYZ may cost and still be  initiated if the organization wants to earn at least $75,000 on the project? 

Options are :

  • $417,863 (Correct)
  • This answer depends on the cost of the project resources.
  • $492,863
  • $512,000

Answer : $417,863

What type of project manager review requires the project sponsor, functional managers, other project managers, and the project team to review the performance of the project manager? 

Options are :

  • SWOT analysis
  • Peer review
  • 360-degree appraisal (Correct)
  • Project closure review

Answer : 360-degree appraisal

What term is assigned to the completion of a project that allows the next phase of a project to begin?   

Options are :

  • Milestones
  • Step funding
  • Project phase closure
  • Phase gate (Correct)

Answer : Phase gate

What communications theory suggests that the language people speak affects the way they think and process information? 

Options are :

  • Halo Effect
  • Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis (Correct)
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Parkinson's Law

Answer : Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Robert is the project manager of the NHH Project and is working with his project team to create the WBS for his organization. He has a project scope statement that needs to be broken down into smaller, more manageable components. He would like to organize the components by project phase to help organize the deliverables created in each phase of the project. What is the tool and technique called that breaks down the project scope into the WBS?   

Options are :

  • Functional analysis
  • Subdivision
  • Requirements breakdown
  • Decomposition (Correct)

Answer : Decomposition

Which of the following formulas is used to calculate schedule variance percent (SV %)? 

Options are :

  • SV % = Schedule Variance (SV) / Planned Value (PV)
  • SV % = Schedule Variance (SV) / Earned Value (EV) (Correct)
  • SV % = Planned Value (EV) / Earned Value (PV)
  • SV % = Earned Value (EV) / Planned Value (PV)

Answer : SV % = Schedule Variance (SV) / Earned Value (EV)

You are the project manager of the NGH Project for your organization. A stakeholder has requested a significant change to the project that will cause an increase in the project budget by fifteen percent and will add six months to the project schedule. You do not have the power as a project manager to make this type of change decision. To whom should you forward the request?   

Options are :

  • Project sponsor
  • Change control board (Correct)
  • Project portfolio management board
  • Project stakeholder committee

Answer : Change control board

You are the project manager for the GHY Organization. A stakeholder has presented a change to your project that will cause the project scope to increase considerably. You are considering the change for approval and you need to review the impact of the change on all areas of the project.What change control system component is responsible for guiding the review of the impact of all changes on the project management knowledge areas?   

Options are :

  • Change control system
  • Configuration management
  • Integrated change control (Correct)
  • Scope change control system

Answer : Integrated change control

Which of the following refers to uncontrolled changes in a project's scope? 

Options are :

  • Scope creep (Correct)
  • Project scope statement
  • Control scope
  • Scope extension

Answer : Scope creep

Which of the following provides a method to track project progress during project execution against what was planned? 

Options are :

  • Benefit-cost ratio
  • Team members profile
  • Detailed project budget
  • Schedule baseline (Correct)

Answer : Schedule baseline

You are the project manager for your organization. Your project has reached the end of a project phase and you believe you're ready to move onto the next phase of the project. Management, however, reviews your project team's work to date and they don't think the deliverables your team has created are accurate. They want you to instruct your project team to fix the problem before the project can move forward. What must happen once the project team completes the corrective action? 

Options are :

  • Quality control
  • Defect repair review validation (Correct)
  • Scope verification
  • Then the project can move forward

Answer : Defect repair review validation

You are the project manager for your organization; you're currently managing a project to create a Web-based ordering form for your company's clients. The project will allow clients to place their orders through the Website at any time of day regardless of your company's operating hours.Larry, the CIO of the company, demands that you add some extra features to the Website. Larry is not the project sponsor but he is a key stakeholder in this project. What should you do with Larry's request for the additional features? 

Options are :

  • Implement the features as Larry has requested.
  • Determine the cost and schedule impact of the change request
  • Send Larry to the project sponsor for approval on the requested features
  • Complete and submit a change request form (Correct)

Answer : Complete and submit a change request form

Your project will use labor represented by a union. The union has several requirements about the utilization of employees that they represent and they must approve the project plan that deals with their members. Which part of the project management plan will define when specific union members will be unavailable to work on the project? 

Options are :

  • Communications management plan
  • Resource management plan
  • Resource calendar (Correct)
  • Staffing management plan

Answer : Resource calendar

You are the project manager for your organization. A vendor has told you that the cost of the resources you'll be implementing in your project will increase by forty percent but they can deliver the product within ten days. Another vendor has a substantially lower price but they can't deliver the product for 21 days. What should you do with the documentation of the increase in price? 

Options are :

  • Document the scenario consideration, in both the schedule change control system and the cost change control system. (Correct)
  • Enter the price increase into the cost change control system.
  • Document the scenario for examination by the project team.
  • Reject the vendor's price increase and choose the vendor with the lower price.

Answer : Document the scenario consideration, in both the schedule change control system and the cost change control system.

You are the project manager of the GHG Project. This project has a budget at completion of $456,000 and is expected to last one year. You are currently at month six of the project though you have only completed forty percent of the project work. Your actual costs for the project to date is $175,000. What is the project's cost variance? 

Options are :

  • -$45,600
  • There is no cost variance.
  • 1.04
  • $7,400 (Correct)

Answer : $7,400

You are the project manager of the GHG Project for your organization. Management has determined that the project must not cost more than $1,597,000 and must not take longer than two years to complete. What do the cost and schedule objectives represent in this instance? 

Options are :

  • Project risks
  • Project requirements
  • Project assumptions
  • Project constraints (Correct)

Answer : Project constraints

You are the project manager of the NJY Electrical Grid Project. Cathy is an electrical engineer in your project. She is to complete all of the electrical design activities as part of her duties in the project. Cathy's electrical engineering duties on your project can best be called what project management term? 

Options are :

  • Role
  • Accountability
  • Assignments
  • Responsibility (Correct)

Answer : Responsibility

You are the project manager of the NHQ Project and are working with several stakeholders to create the project scope. The stakeholders have agreed that the project must be completed by December 20 and should not cost more than $750,000. The budget and delivery date were decided by the stakeholders before the project scope has been finalized. What are the schedule and budget factors considered? 

Options are :

  • Requirements
  • Risks
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints (Correct)

Answer : Constraints

You are the project manager for a new project in your organization. In which stage of team development will the project team settle into their roles on the project team?   

Options are :

  • Forming
  • Norming (Correct)
  • Storming
  • Performing

Answer : Norming

Frank is the project manager of the NH Project to install wireless networking equipment in a conference center. The wireless network is to provide access to the Internet and email for people attending conferences at the center. Frank must use some assumptions during the planning of the project scope. Which one of the following is NOT an assumption? 

Options are :

  • The firewall on the wireless network must block certain objectionable Web sites. (Correct)
  • The wireless signal will not interfere with other networks in the area.
  • The wireless network will be fast enough for the clients.
  • The walls will not interfere with the wireless signal.

Answer : The firewall on the wireless network must block certain objectionable Web sites.

You are the project manager of the UTN Project and are working on the roles and responsibilities for your project. You'll need to define four aspects of the roles and responsibilities. All of the following must be defined except for which one? 

Options are :

  • Responsibilities
  • Management (Correct)
  • Management
  • Role

Answer : Management

You are the project manager for your organization and are using PERT for your time estimates. You have the following time estimates for an activity:24, 45, 75. What time   do you record for your estimate of the activity? 

Options are :

  • 24, 45, 75
  • 46.5 (Correct)
  • 144
  • 124

Answer : 46.5

Which project management risk event would you be using if you changed the sequence of activities to reduce the probability of the project being delayed?   

Options are :

  • Enhancing
  • Avoidance (Correct)
  • Withdrawal
  • Exploiting

Answer : Avoidance

Which of the following is a measure of cost efficiency on a project? 

Options are :

  • Cost variance (CV)
  • Budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS)
  • Actual Cost (AC)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI) (Correct)

Answer : Cost Performance Index (CPI)

You are creating time estimates for the activity duration in your project. Nancy, your assistant, recommends that you pad each activity by a few hours in case there are problems or issues with the project work. You tell her that Parkinson's Law will prevent you from doing her suggested approach. What is Parkinson's Law? 

Options are :

  • You cannot add labor to activities of fixed duration.
  • You cannot exponentially add labor to reduce the project duration with affect the costs and yield of the labor.
  • Work will expand to fill the amount of time allotted to it. (Correct)
  • Workers are driven by one of three needs. affiliation, power, or achievement.

Answer : Work will expand to fill the amount of time allotted to it.

You are the project manager of the NGHQ Project for your organization. Your project team has 21 members and the team is dispersed throughout the US. In this environment you have created some ground rules for the project team to abide by regarding work performance, communications, and working hours. Who is responsible for enforcing the ground rules once they've been established? 

Options are :

  • The project sponsor
  • The team leader for each locale
  • The functional management
  • The project team (Correct)

Answer : The project team

You are working with the project stakeholders to analyze and prioritize their requirements for the project. One of the project requirements is to achieve a high-level of customer satisfaction for the project deliverable. What is the danger in this project requirement? 

Options are :

  • Achieving customer satisfaction should always map to the quality requirements for the project.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is a risk as the project manager cannot control how satisfied the customer will be with the project deliverables.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is an assumption and should be documented in the project scope
  • Achieving customer satisfaction is a subjective requirement and entails a high level of risk of bein successfully accomplished. (Correct)

Answer : Achieving customer satisfaction is a subjective requirement and entails a high level of risk of bein successfully accomplished.

You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your organization. Your organization is a functional structure and you report the CIO, Henry Davis. Henry has told you that while your project is going well you'll need to limit the number of hours the project resources can contribute to the project from this point forward. This is because the resources have other projects in the IT department they'll be starting next week. If Henry limits the number of hours to 20 hours per week for your project what will happen to the project duration?   

Options are :

  • The amount of work will increase and it will take longer to complete.
  • The delay in the project will cause your project's cost and schedule baseline to diminish.
  • The amount of workers will need to increase on the project.
  • The amount of work will remain the same but it will take longer to complete. (Correct)

Answer : The amount of work will remain the same but it will take longer to complete.

Which of the following risk responses delineates that the project plan will not be changed to deal with the risk? 

Options are :

  • Exploitation
  • Mitigation
  • Transference
  • Acceptance (Correct)

Answer : Acceptance

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