JK0-016 CompTIA Network+ 2009 Edition Practice Exam Set 5

After creating a connection, which TCP connect scanner is always configured for normal data traffic?   

Options are :

  • SYN
  • TCP
  • RSH
  • ACK

Answer : ACK

CompTIA JK0-022 Security Cryptography Certification Exam Set 2

A network administrator is troubleshooting a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) that is experiencing trouble with interference. A scan of the wireless network reports that there are two WAPs (Wireless Access Point) from different companies within range of the LAN (Local Area Network). The two WAPs (Wireless Access Point) have different SSIDs (Service Set Identifier) than the LANs (Local Area Network) WAP (Wireless Access Point), but the same channel. Also, the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) appears to be the same on all WAPs (Wireless Access Point). What should the network administrator do to cut down on the interference of the wireless clients on the LAN (Local Area Network)? 

Options are :

  • Change the LANs (Local Area Network) WAP (Wireless Access Point) to the same SSID (Service Set Identifier) as the other two WAPs (Wireless Access Point)
  • Change the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) settings on the two WAPs (Wireless Access Point) to be different than that of the LANs (Local Area Network)s, WAPs (Wireless Access Point), and WEPs (Wired Equivalent Privacy) settings
  • Change the LANs (Local Area Network) WAPs (Wireless Access Point) WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) settings to be different than that of the other two WAPs (Wireless Access Point)
  • Change the LANs (Local Area Network) WAP (Wireless Access Point) channel to a different channel than the other two WAPs (Wireless Access Point)

Answer : Change the LANs (Local Area Network) WAP (Wireless Access Point) channel to a different channel than the other two WAPs (Wireless Access Point)

Your company has just installed three large servers in a rack. However, the network becomes unstable and there are other issues across all servers in the rack. Network bandwidth and power resource are rich enough. Which of the following items will be examined next? 

Options are :

  • Cable tester
  • Temperature monitor
  • Multimeter
  • Certifier

Answer : Temperature monitor

Two network devices are connected by a crossover cable. Which pins below are different between them? 

Options are :

  • Pin4, Pin5, Pin1, Pin2
  • Pin6, Pin7, Pin8, Pin1
  • Pin1, Pin2, Pin3, Pin6
  • Pin4, Pin5, Pin7, Pin8

Answer : Pin1, Pin2, Pin3, Pin6

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 8

Prior to crimping a connector to a UTP/STP cable, which tool will be used? 

Options are :

  • Multimeter
  • Cable tester
  • Cable stripper
  • Punch down tool

Answer : Cable stripper

There are connection problems at multiple locations while using the RJ-45 port on the laptop. The network technician plans to verify whether the CAT5e cable causes this problem. Which tool will be used by the technician to solve this  problem?

Options are :

  • Cable tester
  • Protocol analyzer
  • Toner probe
  • Cable stripper

Answer : Cable tester

Which two network features will slow or limit traffic to improve the performance of other kinds of traffic? (Select TWO).  A. Traffic shaping B. High availability C. Load balancing D. QoS   

Options are :

  • A,C
  • A,D
  • A,B
  • B,C

Answer : A,D

Practical Test : CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

All of your company's workstations have a static IP address. A newly installed workstation can't connect to the company intranet sever through the internet browser. The network administrator can ping the IP address of the intranet server. Which of the following is at fault? 

Options are :

  • DNS server setting on the client.
  • VLAN
  • gateway setting on the client.
  • IP address on the new workstation.

Answer : DNS server setting on the client.

A customer is complaining about the disconnection to the Internet, but all other users can connect to the network. Which action will be taken next after obtaining all the information about the users workstation? 

Options are :

  • Ping the users workstation to verify network connectivity.
  • Perform atraceroute to that users workstation
  • Replace the NIC in theusers workstation.
  • Go to theusers workstation and do an ipconfig.

Answer : Ping the users workstation to verify network connectivity.

Identify the Windows utility being used given the following output: Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP JDoe:epmap JDoe.jdoe.com:0 Listening 

Options are :

  • winipcfg
  • nslookup
  • nbtstat
  • netstat

Answer : netstat

Test : CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-001)

Choose the authentication protocol from following to negotiate access to the network by use of certificates? 

Options are :

  • Kerberos
  • CHAP
  • PAP

Answer : EAP-TLS

Select the most appropriate network technique to describe an active/passive server cluster in which only one server is active and dealing with requests.   

Options are :

  • Load balancing
  • Traffic shaping
  • QoS
  • High availability

Answer : High availability

Which method is the most economical to implement a separate network for guests arriving onsite? 

Options are :

  • Install a firewall.
  • Install a VPN.
  • Implementtrunking.
  • Create a VLAN.

Answer : Create a VLAN.

CompTIA CySA+ Set 12

A network administrator wants to terminate a CAT5e cable with one end 568A and the other end 568B, after that, this cable will become: 

Options are :

  • capable of 10GBaseT.
  • a crossover cable
  • a straight-through cable.
  • non-functional.

Answer : a crossover cable

Which method is the most economical to apply fault tolerance feature to a server?   

Options are :

  • Install two NICs for teaming.
  • Install a single fiber NIC
  • Install a single router.
  • Install two switches.

Answer : Install two NICs for teaming.

A network administrator discovers that many wireless client machines often lose network connectivity in the secure wireless office. The wired clients never have downtime. The administrator also discovers that the wireless clients all lose connectivity from the network at the same time, but can still see each other. How to solve this problem?   

Options are :

  • Change the SSID on all of the clients.
  • Check the connection from the WAP to the wired clients.
  • Check the connection from the WAP to the network
  • Check the WEP settings on the clients.

Answer : Check the connection from the WAP to the network

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 1

Prior to crimping a connector to a UTP/STP cable, which one of the following tools is applicable? 

Options are :

  • Cable tester
  • Punch down tool
  • Cable stripper
  • Multimeter

Answer : Cable stripper

You are working as a senior technician at ass4sure.com. One of the trainees asks you to clarify at which OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) layers a packet filtering firewall operates. What will your answer be?   

Options are :

  • Transport and Session Layers.
  • Network and Data Link Layers.
  • Network and Transport Layers.
  • Physical and Data Link Layers

Answer : Network and Transport Layers.

According to the following descriptions about Pins colors, identify which wiring standards is used? Pin 1 White Orange Pin 2 Orange Pin 3 White Green Pin 4 Blue Pin 5 White Blue Pin 6 Green Pin 7 White Brown Pin 8 Brown 

Options are :

  • 568A
  • 568B
  • Crossover cable
  • IEEE 1394

Answer : 568B

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Test Set 5

Your company has four branch offices. You are asked to configure each office with 12 computers and allow each office to expand to 16 computers. Which subnet mask will help you complete this task? 

Options are :


Answer :

On a switched Ethernet network that is operating perfectly, what is the state in which a user will find the activity LED (Light Emitting Diode)? 

Options are :

  • Rhythmically blinking
  • None
  • Off
  • Periodically blinking
  • Lit solid

Answer : Periodically blinking

If you want to permit different broadcast domains to communicate with each other, which network component will you use to connect them?   

Options are :

  • Bridge
  • Hub
  • Layer 2 switch
  • Multilayer switch

Answer : Multilayer switch

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Practical Exam Set 7

There is one headquarter and ten branch offices in your company. You are the network technician of your company. You are asked to accomplish the following task: The branch offices mustn'tcommunicate with each other, but they must communicate with headquarter. Which network topology will you deploy? 

Options are :

  • Mesh
  • Hybrid
  • Star
  • Ring

Answer : Star

Computer networks use a tunneling protocol when one network protocol (the delivery protocol) encapsulates a different payload protocol. Encryption is especially important in wireless communications. Refer to the following protocols, which two are applicable to tunneling and encryption purposes? (Select TWO). A. L2TP B. IPSec C. SLIP D. PPPoE 

Options are :

  • A,B
  • A,C
  • B,D
  • C,D

Answer : A,B

A network administrator of a 50 machine network is receiving complaints that some users are losingconnectivity to network services. On inspection it is discovered that the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses for the subnet of have been exhausted. Which of the following explains the problem? 

Options are :

  • A rogue Windows DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is running a man-inthemiddle attack and has exhausted the IP (Internet Protocol) stack
  • The subnet range needs to be changed to to accommodate more users.
  • A DNS (Domain Name Service)A record has been deleted for the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server path and must be re-established.
  • The network router has lost its connection to the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server and must be rebooted.

Answer : A rogue Windows DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server is running a man-inthemiddle attack and has exhausted the IP (Internet Protocol) stack

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Cert Exam Prep CL0-002 Set 3

Tom is an employee of the HR department in your company. Today, he is transferred to the accounting department. However, he can use the HR department printer instead of the Account department printer. Why? 

Options are :

  • Wrong VLAN
  • Wrong host file
  • Wrong gateway
  • Wrong DNS

Answer : Wrong VLAN

When the connection is created, which TCP connect scanner will be always set for normal data traffic? 

Options are :

  • ACK
  • RSH
  • TCP
  • SYN

Answer : ACK

Given that Switch A has two ports connected to switch B. Which characteristic of switch will allow ports to be combined and managed as a single entity?   

Options are :

  • port mirroring.
  • spanning tree.
  • VLAN
  • trunking

Answer : trunking

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 1

On a network segment, which equipment can increase the signal strength? 

Options are :

  • Repeater
  • Transceiver
  • NIC
  • Modem

Answer : Repeater

In order to assure fault tolerance in the event of a disk controller failure, which level of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) should be implemented? 

Options are :

  • 0
  • 3
  • 1
  • 5

Answer : 1

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