FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 1

Which of the following is required to have a multimedia conversation with someone across the Internet? (Select THREE).
A. Network connection
B. Microphone
C. Modem
D. Firewall
E. Webcam
F. Cable connection
G. Wired NIC 

Options are :

  • A,B,E
  • D,E,F
  • A,B,C
  • B,C,D

Answer : A,B,E

CompTIA HT0-201 DHTI+ Certification Practice Exam Set 5

A user, Ann, is experiencing slow browsing on a website she frequently visits that displays constant pop-up ads. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

Options are :

  • The website is not secured by SSL
  • The website is not secured by SSL
  • The browser is incompatible with the website
  • The workstation has been infected with malware

Answer : The workstation has been infected with malware

A user is at the office and has a cellular phone that previously functioned properly. The phone is powered on with a fully charged battery. However, the phone does not have connectivity. Which of the following describes the problem?

Options are :

  • Provider is conducting system testing
  • MAC address is bad
  • Phone is disconnected from WiFi
  • Phone is in airplane mode

Answer : Phone is in airplane mode

Which of the following could be described as both an input and output device?

Options are :

  • Flat-screen monitor
  • Multi-function printer
  • Microphone
  • Scanner

Answer : Multi-function printer

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Test Set 5

Which of the following operating systems is MOST likely to be found on a desktop where its primary functions include professional video and audio editing?

Options are :

  • iOS
  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows 7 Home

Answer : Mac OS X

Which of the following is MOST likely required during installation in order to legally install software?

Options are :

  • Antivirus software
  • License key
  • Service level agreement
  • Automatic updates

Answer : License key

Which of the following alternative technologies allows a computer to run multiple operating systems without partitioning the hard drive?

Options are :

  • Telepresence
  • Dual boot
  • Virtualization
  • Web applications

Answer : Virtualization

LX0-104 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam Set 1

A user has purchased some new software from a vendor and wants to install it on all of the Windows computers in the house. Which of the following will help the user accomplish the task and ensure compliance with the software vendor?

Options are :

  • Use remote desktop to share the program between computers
  • Copy and paste the program between computers
  • Purchase a multi-user license.
  • Purchase a single-user license.

Answer : Purchase a multi-user license.

Which of the following is performed during WiFi setup on a mobile device?

Options are :

  • Configuring bluetooth pairing settings
  • Configuring SSID settings
  • Configuring email settings
  • Configuring screen lock settings

Answer : Configuring SSID settings

A laptop owner, Ann, can no longer see web pages when she opens her browser, and she can only see her search bars and plug-ins. Which of the following is the MOST likely source of this issue?

Options are :

  • The downloaded toolbars are filling the browser screen
  • he computer does not have current antivirus software installed
  • The owner was not using complex passwords
  • The computer needs to have its components upgraded

Answer : The downloaded toolbars are filling the browser screen

CompTIA JK0-022 Security Cryptography Certification Exam Set 4

A user had to replace the hard drive in a computer. The user would like to install the games that came with the computer but were not installed as part of the initial OS setup wizard. The user can  install the games by performing which of the following?

Options are :

  • Reinstall productivity applications
  • Enable installed OS features.
  • Update hardware drivers.
  • Schedule automatic updates.

Answer : Enable installed OS features.

A user learns of an operating system vulnerability that would allow a hacker to access the computer. The user would like to keep the operating system up to date to prevent such vulnerabilities from occurring. Which of the following should the user configure?

Options are :

  • Additional OS features
  • Automatic updates
  • Anti-malware software
  • Software firewall

Answer : Automatic updates

Which of the following components is required to send faxes via POTS?

Options are :

  • Wireless adapter
  • NIC
  • Modem
  • Power supply

Answer : Modem

220-701 A+ Essentials Certification Practice Exam Set 9

Several users want to share a common folder with high availability. Which of the following devices is BEST to use for this requirement?

Options are :

  • Large USB flash drive connected to a PC
  • Network attached storage appliance
  • Medium capacity SATA hard drive
  • Firewall with security management

Answer : Network attached storage appliance

Which of the following are considered input devices for a computer? (Select TWO).
A. Mouse
B. Printer
C. Speakers
D. Microphone
E. Monitor

Options are :

  • A,E
  • B,C
  • C,D
  • A,D

Answer : A,D

A technician sets up a new computer system and connects the keyboard and mouse to the PS/2 ports. When the computer boots, the BIOS gives a keyboard and mouse error. Both devices are connected. Which of the following is the solution?

Options are :

  • Configure the keyboard localization settings
  • Update the BIOS to recognize the newer keyboard and mouse.
  • Swap the mouse and keyboard to the other PS/2 ports
  • Remap the mouse and keyboard in the BIOS.

Answer : Swap the mouse and keyboard to the other PS/2 ports

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Part - 2 Practice Exam Set 3

Which of the following file formats contain other files within them? (Select TWO).
A. tiff
B. dmg
C. png
D. mp3

E. iso
F. flac

Options are :

  • E,F
  • A,B
  • B,E
  • B,C

Answer : B,E

Which of the following features of a smartphone controls the screen orientation?

Options are :

  • Accelerometer
  • NFC
  • Gyroscope
  • GPS

Answer : Gyroscope

Before purchasing a new video card for a PC, which of the following should be checked to ensure there will be enough electricity for the video card to function properly?

Options are :

  • PSU
  • GUI
  • CPU
  • GPU

Answer : PSU

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 11

Which of the following operating systems is very lightweight and relies heavily on Internet applications?

Options are :

  • Linux
  • Blackberry OS
  • Windows
  • Chrome OS

Answer : Chrome OS

Which of the following technologies allows people to communicate all over the world inexpensively?

Options are :

  • SSID
  • Virtualization
  • Kinetics
  • VoIP

Answer : VoIP

Which of the following are examples of keyboard connectors? (Select TWO).
B. RJ-11
C. Serial
D. FireWire
E. PS/2

Options are :

  • A,E
  • C,D
  • B,C
  • D,E

Answer : A,E

CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) Practice Exams 2019 Set 6

Which of the following software types allows for the creation of a single file composed of multiple subfiles, while at the same time reducing the overall size of the combined elements?

Options are :

  • Maintenance
  • Database
  • Compression
  • Document sharing

Answer : Compression

Which of the following is a requirement to connect a smartphone to a wireless network?

Options are :

  • SMTP
  • gzip
  • SATA
  • SSID

Answer : SSID

Which of the following is the BEST example of productivity software?

Options are :

  • Image editing software
  • Anti-malware software
  • Word processing software
  • Entertainment software

Answer : Word processing software

N10-006 CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 1

Which of the following is considered an optical storage medium?

Options are :

  • Flash drive
  • SSD
  • Memory card
  • Blu-Ray

Answer : Blu-Ray

Which of the following printer types uses a powder based consumable with a lower cost per page compared to other printers?

Options are :

  • Thermal
  • Dot matrix
  • Inkjet
  • Laser

Answer : Laser

A user's operating system is set to automatically update as updates are released. However, last week's updates failed to download. Which of the following should the user do FIRST to install the updates? 

Options are :

  • Change the automatic update schedule.
  • Reinstall the operating system
  • Reference the OS manufacturer's website.
  • Manually download the updates.
  • Run a virus scan to remove viruses.

Answer : Change the automatic update schedule.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Practical Exam Set 3

When considering backup media, which of the following holds the MOST data?

Options are :

  • DVD-DL
  • DVD-R
  • BD-R
  • CD-ROM

Answer : BD-R

Which of the following extensions identifies a video file?

Options are :

  • .img
  • tar
  • msi
  • .mp4

Answer : .mp4

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