FC0-U41 CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Practice Exam Set 9

You are responsible for the laptops used by travelling sales people in your company. These all laptops use Windows XP. You want the machines to go to a lower power state when they have been inactive for more than 10 minutes and are running on battery. The sales people complain that when their laptops go inactive they want them to return to active state very quickly. Which low power state should you use? 

Options are :

  • Low Power
  • Hibernate
  • Sleep
  • Standby (Correct)

Answer : Standby

Which of the following typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet?   

Options are :

  • None
  • Cloud computing (Correct)
  • Terminal services
  • Application Virtualization
  • Thin client

Answer : Cloud computing

Which of the following is the lightest but most expensive battery used in laptops?   

Options are :

  • Sodium-Ion
  • NiCad
  • Li-Ion (Correct)
  • NiMH

Answer : Li-Ion

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following are types of Random Access Memory (RAM) ?Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.A. EDO RAMB. DRAMC. SRAMD. VRAME. NRAM

Options are :

  • C,D,E
  • A,B,C
  • A,B,D (Correct)
  • B,C,D

Answer : A,B,D

Which of the following is used by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) to provide data encryption?   

Options are :

  • IDEA
  • RSA
  • TKIP (Correct)
  • RC4

Answer : TKIP

How many IEEE 1394 devices can be connected to a single IEEE 1394 port through daisychaining? 

Options are :

  • 53
  • 127
  • 63 (Correct)
  • 110

Answer : 63

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following terms describes software technologies that improve portability, manageability and compatibility of applications by encapsulating them from the underlying operating system on which they are executed? 

Options are :

  • Application virtualization (Correct)
  • Failover
  • System hardening
  • Encapsulation

Answer : Application virtualization

What is the display resolution of the WUXGA standard? 

Options are :

  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • 1920 x 1200 pixels (Correct)

Answer : 1920 x 1200 pixels

Which of the following is an e-mail message retrieval protocol that allows e-mail clients to retrieve email messages from e-mail servers?   

Options are :

  • PPTP
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • IMAP (Correct)

Answer : IMAP

CompTIA Security+ SY0 401 Test Set 1

Which of the following can be used to maintain data related to the user during navigation, possibly across multiple visits? 

Options are :

  • Cookie (Correct)
  • Web caching
  • Access control list
  • CPU cache

Answer : Cookie

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