CV0-001 CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

An administrator is tasked with installing an application patch on a virtual server. The administrator needs the ability to restore the server to its previous state quickly if the patch corrupts the system. Which of the following should the administrator do to accomplish this task? 

Options are :

  • Create a snapshot (Correct)
  • Create a full backup
  • Install the patch on a test server
  • Install the patch on a development server

Answer : Create a snapshot

Which of the following would be used to establish a dedicated connection in a hybrid cloud environment?

Options are :

  • AES
  • PKI
  • CHAP
  • VPN (Correct)

Answer : VPN

A small business is moving ten physical servers to the cloud. Which of the following should the cloud provider implement to ensure that all ten servers can dynamically share memory resources with other tenants as needed while not interfering with the other tenants?

Options are :

  • Soft limits
  • Caching
  • Load balancing
  • Resource pooling (Correct)

Answer : Resource pooling

A company has five servers and wishes to consolidate into a single physical server. Which of the following migration methods would accomplish this?

Options are :

  • V2P
  • P2P
  • P2V (Correct)
  • V2V

Answer : P2V

A company has virtualized all of their servers on one physical server located on the company's first floor data center. The company also uses security software from a third-party cloud vendor as part of a SaaS contract. The overall cloud network model for this companys network is BEST described by which of the following? 

Options are :

  • Offsite public
  • On-site private
  • Community
  • Hybrid (Correct)

Answer : Hybrid

The performance logs on a virtualization server show a large number of pages being written to disk at a high rate. Which of the following should the technician do? 

Options are :

  • Increase the amount of swap space on the disk
  • Increase the amount of physical memory (Correct)
  • Allocate additional CPU power to the guests
  • Install and provision additional disk space

Answer : Increase the amount of physical memory

Which of the following would be used to prove the existence of vulnerabilities on a network?

Options are :

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing (Correct)
  • Business impact analysis
  • Risk assessment

Answer : Penetration testing

An administrator is called in to determine why a virtual desktop has been unable to connect to the corporate network. Which of the following should be run to determine if the adapter is enabled? (Select TWO).
A. ipconfig
B. netstat
C. ping
D. ifconfig
E. iwconfig

Options are :

  • C,D
  • B,E
  • A,D (Correct)
  • A,B

Answer : A,D

Which of the following should an administrator implement when connecting the companys existing network to a public cloud environment to ensure confidentiality of data that is being transmitted?

Options are :

  • A server clustering solution
  • An IPSec tunnel (Correct)
  • A proxy server
  • A load balancing solution

Answer : An IPSec tunnel

Several servers are connected to a SAN using three storage devices and FCoE for transmissions. These servers only need to access one SAN device. All servers, the SAN, and the HBA are virtualized. Which of the following should be used to ensure access is controlled appropriately between devices? (Select TWO).
LUN Masking
Hard Zoning
Soft Zoning

E. subnetting

Options are :

  • A,E
  • A,B
  • A,D (Correct)
  • B,D

Answer : A,D

Network statistics show that the 1Gbps switch port used for storage traffic is fully saturated. Which of the following switch technologies can be used to provide twice the bandwidth?

Options are :

  • NAT
  • VLAN
  • Multi pathing
  • Link aggregation (Correct)

Answer : Link aggregation

An external USB hard drive physically attached to a server is a:

Options are :

  • NAS
  • VLAN.
  • SAN.
  • DAS. (Correct)

Answer : DAS.

Which of the following is true about a Type II hyper visor? 

Options are :

  • It provides slower performance than a Type I hyper visor installed on the same hardware (Correct)
  • It requires a primary hypervisor to function properly
  • It provides direct hardware access through the use of specialized drivers
  • It implements stronger security controls than a Type I supervisor at the same patch level.

Answer : It provides slower performance than a Type I hyper visor installed on the same hardware

A small startup wins a contest giving them advertising time during a major sporting event. Which of the following cloud characteristics should be in place to handle the possible spike in demand?

Options are :

  • Elasticity (Correct)
  • Shared disk space
  • Scalability
  • Shared memory

Answer : Elasticity

A technician wants to configure a server for storage redundancy so that if any two of the four drives fail, the server is still operational. Which of the following should the technician configure?

Options are :

  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6 (Correct)
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1

Answer : RAID 6

Which of the following storage technologies can leverage switches in its implementation?

Options are :

  • HBA
  • SAN (Correct)
  • DAS
  • SCSI

Answer : SAN

A technician wants to isolate storage from other network traffic. Which of the following MUST the technician implement to ensure storage traffic is securely segregated? 

Options are :

  • NTFS
  • PAT
  • VMFS
  • VLAN (Correct)

Answer : VLAN

An administrator needs to provide Internet access to all internal systems using a single IP address. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

Options are :

  • VLAN tagging
  • Virtual switching
  • NAT (Correct)
  • PAT

Answer : NAT

Which of the following can be used to encrypt data at rest on a VM located in the cloud?

Options are :

  • VPN
  • AES (Correct)
  • SSL
  • TLS

Answer : AES

After an administrator successfully migrated the last physical application server to a virtual environment, the help desk reported slow performance. Which of the following should the administrator have done FIRST before migrating this server?

Options are :

  • Apply operating system patches to the application server after the migration.
  • Contact the vendor to see if the application is supported in a virtual environment (Correct)
  • Take a backup of the application server after the migration
  • Migrate the application server in a test environment and have users test it

Answer : Contact the vendor to see if the application is supported in a virtual environment

The network administrator creates a DNS A record. Which of the following tools can identify which IP has been assigned to a FQDN?

Options are :

  • ipconfig
  • nslookup (Correct)
  • arp
  • tracert

Answer : nslookup

Which of the following access control types allows users to assign security attributes to objects such as files and directories?

Options are :

  • Rule set based
  • Discretionary (Correct)
  • Mandatory
  • Role based

Answer : Discretionary

Ubiquitous access to cloud computing means:

Options are :

  • access by authorized personnel only
  • access by any person
  • international access across country borders
  • access by any device through any network connection (Correct)

Answer : access by any device through any network connection

Which of the following would allow the knowledge management division to maximize the ability to find documents within an online document repository?

Options are :

  • Object ID
  • Rapid deployment
  • Metadata (Correct)
  • Access control

Answer : Metadata

A system administrator wants to be able to use one server to collect all of the logs on the network. Which of the following would be used to satisfy this scenario?

Options are :

  • Firewall logging
  • Change management database
  • SNMP
  • Syslog service (Correct)

Answer : Syslog service

Which of the following would create an efficient means of accessing and organizing data in a cloud environment, as well as provide a list of useful, relevant data?

Options are :

  • Object ID
  • Blob data
  • Replicas
  • Metadata (Correct)

Answer : Metadata

Which of the following MUST be in a zone? (Select TWO).

Fibre Channel

Options are :

  • A,,E
  • A,B (Correct)
  • D,E
  • B,C

Answer : A,B

Which of the following cloud delivery models is deployed over a company intranet or company hosted data center ?

Options are :

  • Public cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Private cloud (Correct)
  • Hybrid cloud

Answer : Private cloud

Which of the following will provide the MOST network address information possible for a system that belongs to a tenant in a private cloud?

Options are :

  • nslookup
  • traceroute
  • ipconfig (Correct)
  • telnet

Answer : ipconfig

Which of the following could be reviewed on devices to help determine whether unauthorized access has occurred?

Options are :

  • IDS
  • Firewall
  • Audit logs (Correct)
  • Antivirus

Answer : Audit logs

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