CompTIA Network+ N10 006 Set 2

Which Windows command line utility will use ICMP echo/reply packets to test a connection to a remote host?
  • A) Dxdiag
  • B) Netstat
  • C) Ping
  • D) Nslookup
Which cable type would be a cost effective choice for a data center with large amounts of servers?
  • A) STP
  • B) RJ-11
  • C) UTP
  • D) Fiber
Which protocol periodically uses a 3-way handshake to authenticate a connection?
  • A) PAP
  • B) CHAP
  • C) Kerberos
  • D) PPP
What command will allow you to determine the MAC Address of a local print server?
  • A) Ping
  • B) Nbstat
  • C) Arp
  • D) Dig
The transmission of bits is considered to be on which layer in the OSI model?
  • A) Data-Link
  • B) Application
  • C) Layer 1
  • D) Layer 2
An employee connects to her desktop from her home computer, using the built in Windows Remote Desktop feature. What port is she most likely using?
  • A) 443
  • B) 23
  • C) 3389
  • D) 89
You suspect a hacker has accessed the network. Which of the following may help you confirm your suspicion?
  • A) Traffic analysis
  • B) Network Sniffer
  • C) System logs
  • D) SNMP
If a CAT5 cable is longer than the standard maximum length, which problem is most likely to be an issue?
  • A) Split cable
  • B) Increase of EMI
  • C) Db loss
  • D) Packet collisions will increase
How many collision and broadcast domains are present on a 24-port router?
  • A) 24 collision domains, 24 broadcast domains
  • B) 24 collision domains, 1 broadcast domain
  • C) 1 collision domain, 24 broadcast domains
  • D) 1 collision domain, 1 broadcast domain
Which OSI model layer is used for logical addressing?
  • A) Physical
  • B) Transport
  • C) Data Link
  • D) Network
What media would be best for a backbone connection, which will connect multiple floors of a large buildings network with thousands of users?
  • A) Ethernet
  • B) Fiber Optic
  • C) Coax
  • D) Wireless
Which of the following is a technology used specifically for wireless communications?
  • A) CSMA/CD
  • B) CSU/DSU
  • C) Modem
  • D) CSMA/CA
Which of these default ports, when disabled, will disallow TFTP traffic?
  • A) 20
  • B) 21
  • C) 80
  • D) 69
What type of IP address should be a assigned to a server?
  • A) Static
  • B) Dynamic
  • C) Lease
  • D) Scope
Which wireless encryption protocol supports the AES cipher?
  • A) WEP
  • B) WPA2
  • C) TKIP
  • D) 802.3
Your company wants to allow only HTTPS traffic to a web server, what port should be allowed?
  • A) 80
  • B) 8080
  • C) 443
  • D) 22
What would the default subnet mask for the IP be?
  • A)
  • B)
  • C)
  • D)
Which devices can block ports and filter data on a network?
  • A) Repeater
  • B) Firewall
  • C) Switch
  • D) Hub
Which command will give you a list of host names connected to the local network?
  • A) Nslookup
  • B) Hostname
  • C) Arp
  • D) Nbtstat
What is the effect of increasing antenna gain on an access point?
  • A) Cell size increases
  • B) Throughput decreases
  • C) Connection speeds decrease
  • D) Frequency increases
You need to confirm the configuration of a NIC, what command should you use?
  • A) Ping
  • B) Msconfig
  • C) Dxdiag
  • D) Ipconfig
A subnet placed outside of a firewall, that is very lightly protected is known as what?
  • A) VPN
  • B) Subnet zero
  • C) VLAN
  • D) DMZ
Which tool can help a technician identify a break in a fiber optic line?
  • A) OTDR
  • B) Toner & Probe
  • C) Punch down tool
  • D) OpticsID
What software tool will save a packet for later review?
  • A) TCP/IP Scanner
  • B) Protocol Analyzer
  • C) Port Scanner
  • D) TLS
Which choice is a feature on a switch using port-security?
  • A) Load balancing
  • B) QoS
  • C) Vlan Trunking/Tagging
  • D) Mac Filtering
Which switch for the ping command, will ping a host a specific number of times?
  • A) -t
  • B) -l
  • C) -n
  • D) -a
A user on a company's network is experiencing network issues. Their IP is, what does this IP indicate?
  • A) NIC may be faulty
  • B) APIPA was used
  • C) WINS Server is down
  • D) TCP/IP Stack is corrupt
In full duplex communication, information can pass?
  • A) One way
  • B) Two way, but only one at a time
  • C) Two way, simultaneously
  • D) None of the above
Which type of cabling would not be affected by interference from other nearby cables?
  • A) Fiber-optic
  • B) Coaxial
  • C) UTP
  • D) STP
Jack, a network technician, needs to subnet a class C network into as many subnets as possible, with at least 22 usable hosts per subnet. What subnet mask should he use?
  • A)
  • B)
  • C)
  • D)
Which of the following can translate IP Addresses, allowing for private IP's to traverse the Internet?
  • A) NAC
  • B) NAT
  • C) DMZ
  • D) IPv6 tunneling
What type of server dynamically assigns Internet Protocol Addresses?
  • A) DNS
  • B) DHCP
  • C) WINS
  • D) SNMP
Which of the following is a loopback address?
  • A) 00-21-86-5C-B4-6C
  • B) ::127:0:0:1
  • C) ::0
  • D)
Which choice prevents indefinite loops in an IP Network?
  • A) Terminators
  • B) Hop count
  • C) TTL
  • D) VTP
Switches and Bridges reside on what OSI layer?
  • A) Session
  • B) Layer 3
  • C) Layer 2
  • D) Application
RIP and OSPF are examples of what?
  • A) Authentication protocols
  • B) Encryption algorithms
  • C) Hashing algorithms
  • D) Routing protocols
You need to view a Windows PC's open TCP connections, which command would you use?
  • A) Tracert
  • B) Ping
  • C) Ipconfig
  • D) Netstat
A malicious AP that appears as a legitimate wireless access point, is known as what?
  • A) Evil Twin
  • B) War driving
  • C) Phishing point
  • D) MITM
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