CompTIA Network+ N10 006 Set 1

What is the purpose of using STP ethernet cables instead of UTP ethernet cables?
  • A) Protects against optical interference
  • B) STP cables are fire resistant
  • C) Protects against EMI
  • D) STP cables allow data to travel farther distances
What layer does a router operate at in the OSI Model?
  • A) Data link
  • B) Physical
  • C) Network
  • D) Session
Which port is used by SMTP?
  • A) 88
  • B) 143
  • C) 110
  • D) 25
The process of combining multiple physical network adapters into a single logical interface is known as:
  • A) Route aggregation
  • B) Virtualization
  • C) NIC teaming
  • D) Device pairing
What command would you use to display a MAC address if the administrator is using a Linux machine?
  • A) Ifconfig
  • B) Ipconfig /all
  • C) Ipconfig
  • D) Ipconfig -a
  • A) True
  • B) False
is a telecommunication protocol that provides what kind of resolution?
  • A) IPv6 to IPv4
  • B) MAC to IP
  • C) Domain name to IP
  • D) IP to MAC
resides at which layer of the OSI model?
  • A) Network layer of the OSI model
  • B) Transport layer of the OSI model
  • C) Session layer of the OSI model
  • D) Presentation layer of the OSI model
A standalone malicious computer program that replicates itself over a computer network is known as:
  • A) Spyware
  • B) Worm
  • C) Trojan
  • D) Spam
A monitored host holding no valuable data specifically designed to detect unauthorized access attempts and divert attacker's attention from the corporate network is known as:
  • A) Honeynet
  • B) Rogue access point
  • C) Honeypot
  • D) Flood guard
What would the administrator adjust in the WAP configuration settings so a user could not access the wireless signal from the parking lot?
  • A) Fair access policy
  • B) Power level controls
  • C) Quality of Service (QoS)
  • D) Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • A) Router
  • B) Passive Hub
  • C) Ethernet switch
  • D) Repeater
notifications to the managing station is called:
  • A) Agent
  • B) UC gateway
  • C) Proxy
  • D) ICS server
  • A) IP
  • B) URL
  • C) Port
  • D) MAC
A field in an IP datagram that specifies how many more hops a packet can travel before being discarded is called:
  • A) SPB
  • B) TTL
  • C) MTU
  • D) VTC
as a means for creating private encrypted connections between remote locations is known as:
  • A) Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • B) Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
  • C) Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • D) Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Which option could be used when describing Thinnet or Thinnwire?
  • A) 10Base2
  • B) Twisted-pair cabling
  • C) 20 Mbit/s
  • D) Maximum cable segment length of 100 meters
In which type of network topology do the main network cables become a single point of failure?
  • A) Star
  • B) Full mesh
  • C) Bus
  • D) Partial mesh
A type of network consisting of computers and peripheral devices that use high-frequency radio waves to communicate with each other is commonly referred to as:
  • A) MAN
  • B) WLAN
  • C) LAN
  • D) VLAN
In forensic procedures, a chronological record outlining persons in possession of an evidence is referred to as:
  • A) Proxy list
  • B) Order of volatility
  • C) Access log
  • D) Chain of custody
Which of the following solutions hides the internal IP addresses by modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device?
  • A) QoS
  • B) DHCP
  • C) NAT
  • D) DNS
provides a method for combining two or more physical communication links into one logical interface to improve speed and redundancy.
  • A) True
  • B) False
A command-line utility in MS Windows used for displaying protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections is called:
  • A) Tracert
  • B) Traceroute
  • C) Netstat
  • D) Nslookup
Your supervisor has asked you to try and identify the network device causing increased latency between a client's PC and a server located in a different physical location but on the same enterprise network. Which tool is best suited for identifying the problematic device?
  • A) Tracert
  • B) Traceroute6
  • C) Nbtstat
  • D) Pathping
You have been asked to identify the MAC address for the default gateway for a device's subnet. Which Windows command will help you identify this?
  • A) Arp -a
  • B) Netstat -n
  • C) Nslookup
  • D) Ipconfig /all
What is the leading octet value range for an IPv4 address belonging to a class B network?
  • A) 128 - 191
  • B) 1 - 126
  • C) 192 - 223
  • D) 224 - 239
A device designed to provide emergency power during an unexpected main power source outage is called:
  • A) UPS
  • B) PoE
  • C) SVC
  • D) PSU
In the OSI model layer 4 is known as:
  • A) Transport
  • B) Physical
  • C) Application
  • D) Session
Which of the following solutions enables combining several physical ports into a single logical channel?
  • A) RSTP
  • B) VRRP
  • C) LACP
  • D) HSRP
The practice of connecting to an open port on a remote server to gather more information about the service running on that port is known as:
  • A) Bluejacking
  • B) Banner grabbing
  • C) Session hijacking
  • D) EDiscovery
Which malicious attack or exploit involves spoofing OSI layer 2 addressing?
  • A) ARP poisoning
  • B) DNS poisoning
  • C) DDOS attack
  • D) Bluejacking
Which option is used to manage virtual operating systems?
  • A) Virtual switch
  • B) Hypervisor
  • C) Cloud PC
  • D) KVM
Which term refers to the amount of time a client is able to use an IP address given from a DHCP server?
  • A) Reservation
  • B) Lease
  • C) Scope
  • D) Availability
What would an administrator use the IEEE 802.1X standard for implementing across a network?
  • A) Token ring networks
  • B) Port-based network access control
  • C) VLAN tagging
  • D) Wireless networks
Which device will manipulate network traffic to ensure reliability and performance of some types of network traffic over other types?
  • A) Packet shaper
  • B) Load Balancer
  • C) Router
  • D) Traffic Classifier
Which choice is a NID placed at the demarcation point between an ISP and customer's networks that can be used as a troubleshooting tool when diagnosing a network issue?
  • A) DMZ
  • B) Protocol Analyzer
  • C) Smart jack
  • D) Line validator
model, data compression takes place at the:
  • A) Session layer
  • B) Presentation layer
  • C) Network layer
  • D) Physical layer
Which type of files pose the greatest risk related to the distribution of malware?
  • A) .png
  • B) .exe
  • C) .txt
  • D) .pdf
Which of the following security solutions allows for discarding ARP packets with invalid IP-to-MAC address bindings?
  • A) DCS
  • B) SIEM
  • C) DAI
  • D) RARP
Which of the following network topologies is most commonly used in contemporary Ethernet LANs?
  • A) Bus topology
  • B) Star topology
  • C) Ring topology
  • D) Mesh topology
Your employer has implemented a policy to verify the hash of a file after downloading whenever possible. What is the purpose of verifying a file's hash after downloading?
  • A) Validating data confidentiality
  • B) Verifying file contents are encrypted
  • C) Ensures data deduplication
  • D) Verifying file integrity
A situation in which multiple channels share the frequency band causing interference and performance degradation for devices operating on channels that are too close to each other is called:
  • A) Cross-talk
  • B) Channel overlapping
  • C) Collision
  • D) Channel bonding
You are a Network Architect and Administrator at a large company. The business has asked for a solution that will allow them to freely move around the headquarter campus without losing wireless connectivity and without having to reconnect or re authenticate. Which technology could serve as a solution?
  • A) Switching
  • B) Roaming
  • C) Routing
  • D) Hot-swapping
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