CompTIA Network+ 6 Certification Practice Exams - 2019 Set 10

A PC is having trouble connecting to a remote resource. Which of the following will identify the routers a packet travels through and provide real-time feedback regarding latency?

Options are :

  • nslookup
  • ipconfig
  • tracert (Correct)
  • ping

Answer : tracert

A system administrator wants to verify external IP addresses are unable to collect software versioning from servers on the network.Which of the following should system administrator do to confirm the network is protected?

Options are :

  • Use nmap to query known ports.
  • Utilize netstat to locate active connections.
  • Analyze packet captures. (Correct)
  • Review the ID3 logs on the network.

Answer : Analyze packet captures.

A technician troubleshooting an area that is having difficulty connecting to a WAP.After identifying the symptoms, which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

Options are :

  • Resolve the issue.
  • Establish the probable cause. (Correct)
  • Implement a solution.
  • Document findings.

Answer : Establish the probable cause.

Several users at an adjacent office building report connectivity issues after a new building was built in between the two offices. The network technician hasdetermined the adjacent office building is connected to the main office building via an 802.11ac bridge. The network technician logs into the AP and confirms theSSID, encryption and channels are all correct.Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this issue?

Options are :

  • Device saturation
  • Bandwidth saturation
  • Antenna type
  • Interference (Correct)

Answer : Interference

A network administrator updated an Internet server to evaluate some new featured in the current release. A week after the update, the Internet server vendor warnsthat the latest release may have introduced a new vulnerability and a patch is in the works.Which of the following should the network administrator do to BEST migrate this risk?

Options are :

  • Utilize WAF to restrict malicious activity to the Internet server.
  • Enable HIPS to protect the server until the patch is released.
  • Downgrade the server and defer the new feature testing. (Correct)
  • Enable the host-based firewall on the Internet server.

Answer : Downgrade the server and defer the new feature testing.

Which of the following physical devices provides the BEST security to a datacenter?

Options are :

  • Video monitoring
  • Mantrap (Correct)
  • Thumbprint reader
  • Cipher lock
  • Key pad

Answer : Mantrap

A network administrator is assigned an approved change request with a change window of 120 minutes. After 90 minutes, the change is stuck on step five of a five-step change. The network manager decides to initiate a rollback.Which of the following describes what the network administrator will do NEXT?

Options are :

  • Leave the change as is and inform users of a workaround.
  • Return the system to step four since this was the last working step.
  • Request additional time since the change is near completion.
  • Return the system back to the original state before the change. (Correct)

Answer : Return the system back to the original state before the change.

Which of the following is an effect of the protocol mechanism QoS with reference to unified communication?

Options are :

  • QoS enables the unified communication traffic compression algorithm to conserve bandwidth across the WAN.
  • QoS prevents any degradation in the voice/video signal quality by tunneling the packets between the unified communication endpoints.
  • QoS ensures that real time traffic is not delayed between unified communication endpoints. (Correct)
  • QoS ensures that unified communication video service is delivered as high definition between the unified communication endpoints.

Answer : QoS ensures that real time traffic is not delayed between unified communication endpoints.

Which of the following allows for spatial reuse utilizing several multipath distortions as RF data streams?

Options are :

  • Beam forming
  • MIMO (Correct)
  • Distributed
  • Omni-directional

Answer : MIMO

When setting up a virtual machine, which of the following is an advantage of a virtual NIC as compared to a hardware NIC?

Options are :

  • A virtual NIC is backwards compatible to work with IPv4.
  • A virtual NIC does not require a dedicated slot. (Correct)
  • A virtual NIC exceeds the IP port limits.
  • A virtual NIC does not have to be assigned an IP address.

Answer : A virtual NIC does not require a dedicated slot.

Which of the following WAN technologies decreases bandwidth performance as the distance from the provider increases?

Options are :

  • Frame relay
  • DSL (Correct)
  • T1
  • ISDN

Answer : DSL

A user is unable to open up websites on the Internet from a browser. The administrator determines that the workstation can ping its local gateway, but not theremote web server. At which of the following layers of the OSI model does the problem MOST likely exist?

Options are :

  • Network (Correct)
  • Data link
  • Session
  • Physical

Answer : Network

Privilege creep among long-term employees can be mitigated by which of the following procedures?

Options are :

  • Separation of duties
  • User permission reviews (Correct)
  • Mandatory vacations
  • Job function rotation

Answer : User permission reviews

A company is setting up a brand new datacenter and would like to keep the cabling infrastructure out of sight but still accessible to the network administrators.Infrastructure cost is not an issue.Which of the following should be installed to meet the requirements?

Options are :

  • Cable trays
  • Patch panels (Correct)
  • Raised floor
  • Conduit

Answer : Patch panels

Which of the following specifications would Sara, an administrator, implement as a network access control?

Options are :

  • 802.1q
  • 802.11n
  • 802.1x (Correct)
  • 802.3

Answer : 802.1x

Which of the following access controls enforces permissions based on data labeling at specific levels?

Options are :

  • Mandatory access control (Correct)
  • Separation of duties access control
  • Discretionary access control
  • Role based access control

Answer : Mandatory access control

A network administrator at a large campus has determined that many connectivity issues reported in the residence halls are due to residents connecting the LANside of personal routers to the campus network.Which of the following can be implemented to resolve this problem?

Options are :

  • DHCP snooping (Correct)
  • Disabling multicast
  • Loop protection
  • Disable the default VLAN

Answer : DHCP snooping

An employee of a highly secure company needs to use facial recognition in addition to username/password to successfully establish a VPN. Which of the following describes this methodology?

Options are :

  • Biometric authentication
  • Federated identity
  • Two-factor authentication
  • AAA
  • PKI (Correct)

Answer : PKI

When a criminal or government investigation is underway, which of the following describes the identification, recovery or exchange of electronic information relevantto that investigation?

Options are :

  • First responder
  • eDiscovery (Correct)
  • Data transport
  • Encryption

Answer : eDiscovery

A technician is testing a new web-based tool capable of generating automatic teller machine (ATM) cash and service availability reports. The web-based tool wasdeveloped by a consortium of financial institutions.Which of the following cloud delivery models and technologies are being utilized? (Select two.)

Options are :

  • PaaS
  • SaaS
  • Public
  • Community (Correct)
  • Private (Correct)
  • IaaS

Answer : Community Private

A network technician is connecting three temporary office trailers with a point-to-multipoint microwave radio solution in a wooded area. The microwave radios are upand the network technician can ping devices in all office trailers, however, connectivity is sporadic.Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this issue?

Options are :

  • Throttling
  • Latency
  • Interference (Correct)
  • Split horizon

Answer : Interference

A computer on VLAN 10 with the IP address of cannot ping a computer on VLAN 20 with the IP address of Which configurationchange will allow the PING to be successful?

Options are :

  • Change VLAN 10 computers Default Gateway to
  • Change VLAN 20 computers Default Gateway to
  • AllowICMP to pass through the Router (Correct)
  • Replace the router with a Layer 2 switch that supports VLANs

Answer : AllowICMP to pass through the Router

Which of the following should a first responder perform when arriving at a site to perform a basic forensic investigation?

Options are :

  • Search for hidden storage devices and duplicate them on site. (Correct)
  • Utilize a strong magnet to secure all data on drives from being erased.
  • Isolate the area and block radio transmissions to the device.
  • Power off all computers and devices to stop them from erasing data.

Answer : Search for hidden storage devices and duplicate them on site.

A network administrator is comparing several different wireless technologies. To calculate the effective maximum file transfer rate instead of the theoretical, whichof the following should be measured?

Options are :

  • Throughput (Correct)
  • Bandwidth
  • Goodput
  • Latency

Answer : Throughput

Workers in a company branch office are required to click on an initial web page and agree to have web surfing mentioned.This is an example of:

Options are :

  • an SLA
  • an AUP (Correct)
  • an end-user license agreement
  • an MOU

Answer : an AUP

A network architect is designing a highly redundant network with a distance vector routing protocol in order to prevent routing loops, the architect has configured therouters to advertise failed routes with the addition of an infinite metric.Which of the following methods has the architect chosen?

Options are :

  • Hold down timers
  • Spanning tree
  • Split horizon
  • Route poisoning (Correct)

Answer : Route poisoning

A network technician replaced a faulty Ethernet cable. The technician replaced one side of the patch in the incorrect part of the patch panel. Within a few minutes,the technician was informed that users were experiencing slow or no Internet connectivity all over the building. A broadcast storm began.After removing the replacement cable, which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

Options are :

  • Re-terminate all of the other Ethernet cables on the switch to isolate the issue.
  • Review labeling and logical network diagram documentation. (Correct)
  • Attempt to isolate the storm to the domain by rebooting the switch.
  • Replace the cable during the next maintenance window.

Answer : Review labeling and logical network diagram documentation.

A network technician has been asked to add a user to an administrative group on the network.Which of the following change management procedures should be followed?

Options are :

  • Potential impact analysis
  • Rollback process
  • Approval process (Correct)
  • Network configuration

Answer : Approval process

A client has combined the voice-data circuit from a provider and is getting the maximum download and upload speeds of 2.0Mbps.Which of the following services is being used?

Options are :

  • T1
  • ADSL (Correct)
  • E1
  • VDSL

Answer : ADSL

A technician wants to configure the inbound port of a router to prevent FTP traffic from leaving the LAN.Which of the following should be placed on the router interface to accomplish this goal?

Options are :

  • ACL for ports 20 and 21 (Correct)
  • DHCP reservations for all /24 subnets
  • Static routes for all port 80 traffic
  • MAC filtering using wildcards

Answer : ACL for ports 20 and 21

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