Exam : CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

Users are reporting extreme slowness across the network every Friday. What should the network technician review first to narrow down the root cause of the problem?

Options are :

  • Baseline
  • Bottleneck
  • Utilization
  • Link status

Answer : Utilization

Explanation Reviewing the network utilization can help the technician identify why the slowness is being experienced every Friday, such as users placing additional load on the network by streaming videos or something similar.

A network administrator noticed that when one computer goes down, all the other computers in the office will not work. What type of network topology is in use?

Options are :

  • Star
  • Ring
  • Hybrid
  • Mesh

Answer : Ring

Explanation In a Ring network, if one computer fails, the token can no longer be passed and then network could fail. (Note, if you are using a dual ring setup, this would not hold true.) If a star, mesh, or hybrid network is used, a single machine could go down without impacting the rest of the network.

JK0-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Set 2

A technician is troubleshooting an area that is having difficulty connecting to a WAP. After identifying the symptoms, what should the technician do NEXT?

Options are :

  • Document findings
  • Resolve the issue
  • Establish the probable cause
  • Implement a solution

Answer : Establish the probable cause

Explanation Establishing the probable cause is the second step in the troubleshooting process, which allows the technician to list reasons from top to bottom, beginning with the simplest and most obvious issues to the most complex.

What communication technology would MOST likely be used to increase bandwidth over an existing fiber optic network by combining multiple signals at different wavelengths?

Options are :

  • DWDM
  • ADSL
  • LACP

Answer : DWDM

Explanation Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) is a high-speed optical network type commonly used in MANs (metropolitan area networks). DWDM uses as many as 32 light wavelengths on a single fiber, where each wavelength can support as many as 160 simultaneous connections.

After a company rolls out software updates, Ann, a lab researcher, is no longer able to use the lab equipment connected to her PC. The technician contacts the vendor and determines there is an incompatibility with the latest IO drivers. What should the technician perform to get the researcher back to work as quickly as possible?

Options are :

  • Roll back the drivers to the previous version
  • Reset Ann's equipment configuration from a backup
  • Downgrade the PC to a working patch level
  • Restore Ann's PC to the last known good configuration

Answer : Roll back the drivers to the previous version

Explanation By rolling back the drivers, Ann would be able to use her lab equipment again. To roll back a driver in Windows means to return the driver to the version that was last installed for the device.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Laptops Printers and Operational Exam Set 9

A company is implementing enhanced user authentication for system administrators accessing the company's confidential servers. They intend to use two-factor authentication to accomplish this. Which of these BEST represents two-factor authentication?

Options are :

  • ID badge and keys
  • Password and key fob
  • Fingerprint scanner and retina scan
  • Username and password

Answer : Password and key fob

Explanation Two-factor authentication requires 2 out of 3 of the following: something you know, something you have, something you are. The only correct answer therefore is Password (something you know) and key fob (something you have).

A technician is concerned about security and is asked to set up a network management protocol. Which network management protocol will provide the best security?

Options are :

  • SLIP
  • SNMPv3
  • TKIP
  • SNMPv2

Answer : SNMPv3

Explanation Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet-standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks and for modifying that information to change device behavior. Three significant versions of SNMP have been created, with SNMPv3 being the most secure.

A network technician responds to a customer reporting that a workstation continually loses the connection to the network. The user explains that it occurs randomly and it happens several times throughout the day. Which step of the troubleshooting method should the technician perform first?

Options are :

  • Test the theory
  • Establish a plan of action
  • Gather information
  • Question the obvious

Answer : Gather information

Explanation In order to have a good understanding and a clear idea on what the issue could be, the technician should gather information as the first step.

CompTIA A+ 220 902 Test Set 3

Routing prefixes, which are assigned in blocks by IANA and distributed by the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), are known as what?

Options are :

  • Network handle
  • Autonomous system number
  • Route aggregation
  • Top level domain

Answer : Autonomous system number

Explanation ASN (or Autonomous System Number) are used to control routing with BGP routing protocols to route traffic across the network.

A network technician has downloaded the latest operating of a particular vendor's switch. This update includes new features and enhancements. What should the technician perform FIRST when updating the switch's operating systems?

Options are :

  • Backup the current configuration for each switch
  • Install during non-business hours to test the system
  • Test the O/S on one of the production switches
  • Power cycle the company's border router

Answer : Backup the current configuration for each switch

Explanation A preventive method is always to back up the current configuration to the NVRAM (SW# copy run start) in case the newly-downloaded Operating System doesn’t work properly. This would allow the technician to restore the switch from the previous backup.

A system administrator wants to update a web-based application to the latest version. What procedure should the system administrator perform FIRST?

Options are :

  • Remove all user accounts on the server
  • Isolate the server logically on the network
  • Block all HTTP traffic to the server
  • Install the software in a test environment

Answer : Install the software in a test environment

Explanation We should test the new version of the application in a test/lab environment first. This way, any potential issues with the new software would not affect the production environment.

CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901: Practice Tests | Questions and Answers

A company installs a new mail server. What DNS records would need to be configured to allow the organization to receive email?

Options are :

  • MX
  • PTR
  • A

Answer : MX

Explanation An MX record is for mail servers.

In what type of attack does the potential intruder trick a user into providing sensitive information?

Options are :

  • Social engineering
  • Bluesnarfing
  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Evil Twin

Answer : Social engineering

Explanation Social engineering is the art of convincing people to reveal confidential information to the intruder.

A wireless networking technician has completed a survey of a wireless network and documented the detected signal strengths in various locations. This document is known as ______________.

Options are :

  • Logical Network map
  • Heat map
  • Network baseline
  • Bandwidth survey

Answer : Heat map

Explanation A heat map will show the signal strengths of wireless network signals in various locations. Technicians will document this information and use it as a tool during troubleshooting and optimization efforts.

FC0-U41 CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Practice Exam Set 4

How does a DHCP reservation work?

Options are :

  • By leasing a set of reserved IP addresses according to their category
  • By letting the network switches assign IP addresses from a reserved pool
  • By assigning options to the computers on the network by priority
  • By matching a MAC address to an IP address within the DHCP scope

Answer : By matching a MAC address to an IP address within the DHCP scope

Explanation The client requests an IP address by sending a message on the network to the DHCP sever. This DHCP server will assign an IP from its DHCP scope to the client and reserve it based on the client's MAC address.

A network technician is asked to redesign an Ethernet network before some new monitoring software is added to each workstation on the network. The new software will broadcast statistics from each host to a monitoring server for each of the five departments in the company. The added network traffic is a concern of management that must be addressed. How should the technician design the new network?

Options are :

  • Place each department in a separate VLAN
  • Add a router and create a segment for all the monitoring host stations
  • Increase the number of switches on the network to reduce broadcasts
  • Increase the collision domain to compensate for the added broadcasts

Answer : Place each department in a separate VLAN

Explanation Placing each of the departments on separate VLANs will help minimize the added network traffic. VLANs work by taking multiple physical hosts and LANs and configuring them to act as if they were attached to the same Ethernet switch.

A network technician is working with a junior technician when the network technician is called away for a more urgent issue. The junior technician orders an SC 80/125 fiber cable instead of an ST 80/125. What will MOST likely be an issue with the new cable?

Options are :

  • Wavelength mismatch
  • Distance limitations
  • Connector mismatch
  • Attenuation/DB loss

Answer : Connector mismatch

Explanation While both SC and ST are fiber cables, they utilize different connectors. The cable ordered will not be compatible with the current equipment in use.

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 6

A network technician has received reports of an Internet-based application that has stopped functioning. Employees reported that after updating the Internet browsers, the application began to fail. Many users rolled back the update, but this did not correct the issue. What should the company do to reduce this type of action from causing network problems?

Options are :

  • Implement a disaster recovery plan with a hot site to allow users to continue working
  • Segment the network and create a test lab for all updates before deployment
  • Verify the update hashes match those on the vendor’s website
  • Coordinate the Internet Server update to coincide with the users’ updates

Answer : Segment the network and create a test lab for all updates before deployment

Explanation Segmented networks would ensure every system isn’t updated at the same time and would be updated in groups. The test lab would ensure proper functionality prior to deployment or would allow you to work through the technical difficulties prior to deployment.

A company is setting up a brand new datacenter and would like to keep the cabling infrastructure out of sight but still accessible to the network administrators. Infrastructure cost is not an issue. What should be installed to meet the requirements?

Options are :

  • Conduit
  • Cable trays
  • Patch panels
  • Raised floor

Answer : Raised floor

Explanation Raised floors allow the cabling to be placed under the floor, but still accessible to the network administrators.

The RAID controller on a server failed and was replaced with a different brand. What will be needed after the server has been rebuilt and joined to the domain?

Options are :

  • Vendor documentation
  • Recent backups
  • Physical IP address
  • Physical network diagram

Answer : Recent backups

Explanation If the RAID controller fails and is replaced with a RAID controller with a different brand, the RAID will break. We would have to rebuild a new RAID disk and access and restore the most recent backup to the new RAID disk.

CV0-001 CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

What is BEST used to perform a one-time temporary posture assessment in a NAC environment?

Options are :

  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Host-based firewall
  • Non-persistent agent
  • Antivirus

Answer : Non-persistent agent

Explanation A non-persistent agent is used to access the device during one-time check-in at login. This is beneficial in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

Sarah connects a pair of switches using redundant links. When she checks the status of the links, one of them is not active, even when she changes ports. What MOST likely disabled the redundant connection to the other switch?

Options are :

  • Spanning tree
  • IGRP routing
  • SSID mismatch
  • Port Mirroring

Answer : Spanning tree

Explanation The purpose of spanning tree is to verify no loops exist in the network. If something isn’t working, it’s possibly because the switch detects that there’s a loop in the redundant connections.

Exploiting a weakness in a user's wireless headset to compromise the mobile device is known as what?

Options are :

  • Multiplexing
  • Zero-day attack
  • Smurfing
  • Bluejacking

Answer : Bluejacking

Explanation Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, or laptop computers or sending a vCard which typically contains a message in the name field (i.e., for bluedating or bluechat) to another.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Preparation (Latest Version) Set 4

A network technician needs to protect IP-based servers in the network DMZ from an intruder trying to discover them. What should the network technician do to protect the network from ping sweeps?

Options are :

  • Block echo replies inbound to the DMZ
  • Disable UDP on the servers
  • Block ICMP at the firewall
  • Disable TCP/IP on the server

Answer : Block ICMP at the firewall

Explanation All ping requests are based on Internet Control Message Protocol. Blocking ICMP communication at the firewall would stop the firewall from communicating with any ping sweeps that would occur.

An area in which access is controlled by retina scan is protected by what type of security measure?

Options are :

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric
  • Cipher locks
  • Optical reader
  • Proximity reader

Answer : Biometric

Explanation Retina scans are considered a biometric control, so is facial recognition.

An administrator notices an unused cable behind a cabinet that is terminated with a DB-9 connector. What protocol was MOST likely used on this cable?

Options are :

  • RS-232
  • 802.3
  • ATM
  • Token Ring

Answer : RS-232

Explanation RS-232 is a standard for serial communication transmission of data. It formally defines the signals connecting between a DTE (data terminal equipment) such as a computer terminal, and a DCE (data circuit-terminating equipment or data communication equipment).

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 8

An administrator arrives at work and is told that network users are unable to access the file server. The administrator logs into the server and sees the updates were automatically installed last night and the network connection shows "limited? with no availability. What rollback action should the technician perform?

Options are :

  • Browser on the server
  • Server's NIC drivers
  • Server's IP address
  • Antivirus updates

Answer : Server's NIC drivers

Explanation An IP address is attached to a NIC’s MAC address, which would not change in the event of an update. Sometimes, software updates can adjust hardware driver settings accidentally, so it is a good practice to always review these settings first to eliminate this.

A user is unable to connect to a server in another building and discovers the following while troubleshooting the issue:

1) Client PC 1 has an IP address if
2) PC 1 can successfully ping its gateway of, which is an interface of router A
3) Server A is named "BLDGRILFESVR01' and has an IP address of
4) PC 2 with an IP address of can successfully ping server A

However, when PC 1 pings Server A, it gets an error of destination host unreachable. What is the issue?

Options are :

  • Link from SERVER A a to PC 1 are on different subnets
  • Link from ROUTER A to SERVER A is down
  • Link from PC 1 to ROUTER A has duplex issues
  • Link from SERVER A to PC 2 is down

Answer : Link from SERVER A a to PC 1 are on different subnets

Explanation Since the IPs listed are all using /25 for their CIDR notation, we can determine that they are on two separate subnets ( and

A company-wide audit revealed employees are using company laptops and desktops for personal gain. As a result, the company has incorporated the phrase "Company-owned IT assets are to be used to perform authorized company business only" in what document?

Options are :

  • SLA
  • MOU
  • MSA
  • AUP

Answer : AUP

Explanation Acceptable Use Policy dictates what things an employee can or cannot do on company-issued IT equipment.

NEW! CompTIA A+ 2019 Cert. Core 2 (220-1002) Practice Tests Set 1

What protocol must be implemented in order for two switches to share VLAN information?

Options are :

  • MPLS
  • STP
  • PPTP
  • VTP

Answer : VTP

Explanation The VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) allows a VLAN created on one switch to be propagated to other switches in a group of switches (that is, a VTP domain).

What attack utilizes a wireless access point which has been made to look as if it belongs to the network in order to eavesdrop on the wireless traffic?

Options are :

  • Rogue access point
  • War driving
  • Evil twin
  • WEP attack

Answer : Evil twin

Explanation An Evil Twin is meant to mimic a legitimate hotspot provided by a nearby business, such as a coffee shop that provides free Wi-Fi access to its patrons.

What protocol utilizes 3DES encryption by default?

Options are :

  • IPSec
  • STP
  • GRE
  • PPTP

Answer : IPSec

Explanation IPSec uses 3DES (an older encryption standard) by default.

CompTIA JK0-017 E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 7

A network’s design includes gateways connecting an assembly-line network. The assembly-line network uses specialized cabling and interfaces to allow the assembly-line robots to communicate with one another. The IP is connecting the technician workstation with what type of network?

Options are :

  • IS-IS
  • LAN

Answer : SCADA/ICS

Explanation SCADA/ICS is used in industrial control systems, such as assembly-line network.

What broadband WAN technologies would MOST likely be used to connect several remote branches that have no fiber or satellite connections?

Options are :

  • POTS
  • WiMax
  • OC3
  • OC12

Answer : POTS

Explanation POTS is the Plain Old Telephone System, and is connected to almost every facility in the United States. DSL and dial-up services can be received over POTS.

A technician is installing a network firewall and would like to block all WAN to LAN traffic that is using ports other than the default ports for Internet and email connectivity. What rule should the technician verify FIRST?

Options are :

  • All inbound traffic is blocked
  • All outbound traffic is blocked
  • An implicit deny is enabled
  • A DMZ has been created

Answer : An implicit deny is enabled

Explanation Implicit deny only allows certain traffic through that is specified by certain ports.

FC0-TS1 CompTIA Strata IT for Sales Practice Exam Set 4

What communication technology is used by video conferencing systems to synchronize video streams and reduce bandwidth being sent by a central location to subscribed devices?

Options are :

  • Multicast
  • CoS
  • Anycast
  • Unicast

Answer : Multicast

Explanation Multicasting is a technique used for a one-to-many communication over an IP network. In this example, the central location sends a signal to subscribed devices. It reduces bandwidth as the source only has to send the signal once, which is then received by multiple hosts simultaneously.

A software company is meeting with a car manufacturer to finalize discussions. In the signed document, the software company will provide the latest versions of its mapping application suite for the car manufacturer’s next generation of cars. In return, the car manufacturer will provide three specific vehicle analytics to the software company to enhance the software company’s mapping application suite. The software company can offer its enhanced mapping application to other car manufacturer but must pay the car manufacturer a royalty. What BEST describes this document? 

Options are :

  • MOU
  • MSA
  • SOW
  • SLA

Answer : MOU

Explanation MOU is a memorandum of understanding. This is the most accurate description based on the choices given.

A network administrator was told by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to set up a new office with a network that has redundancy. What topology would the network administrator need to create?

Options are :

  • Hybrid
  • Mesh
  • Star
  • Bus

Answer : Mesh

Explanation A mesh topology connects every endpoint to every other endpoint, creating a fully redundant network.

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Laptops Printers and Operational Exam Set 5

A switch technician is being tasked to centrally manage the switches and to segment the switches by broadcast domains. The corporate network is currently using VLAN1 for all of its devices and is using a single private IP address range with a 24-bit mask. The supervisor wants VLAN 100 to be the management subnet and all switches to share the VLAN information. What options would work BEST to accomplish these requirements? 

Options are :

  • Use VLSM on the IP address range with VTP and 802.1x on all inter switch connections with native VLAN 100
  • Use VLSM on VLAN1, with VTP and 802.1w on the inter switch connections with native VLAN 100
  • Use VLSM on the IP address range with VTP and 802.1q on the inter switch connections with native VLAN 100
  • Use VLSM on the IP address range, with STP and 802.1q on the inter switch connections with native VLAN 100

Answer : Use VLSM on the IP address range with VTP and 802.1q on the inter switch connections with native VLAN 100

Explanation 801.2q is the networking standard that supports VLANs and VLAN tagging. VTP is the VLAN Trunk Protocol and carries all VLAN information to all switches in a VTP domain.

Various hypervisor guests are configured to use different VLANs in the same virtualization environment through what device?

Options are :

  • Virtual firewall
  • Virtual router
  • NIC teaming
  • Virtual switch

Answer : Virtual switch

Explanation Virtual switches can act like real switches, but are configured in the Hyper-V environment.

Andy is a network technician who is preparing to configure a company's network. He has installed a firewall to allow for an internal DMZ and an external network. No hosts on the internal network should be directly accessible by their IP address from the Internet, but they should be able to reach remote networks after receiving a proper IP address. What addressing solution would work for this network?

Options are :

  • Teredo tunneling
  • Private
  • Classless

Answer : Private

Explanation A private IP address is an IP address that's reserved for internal use behind a router or other Network Address Translation (NAT) devices, apart from the public. Private IP addresses provide an entirely separate set of addresses that still allow access on a network but without taking up a public IP address space.

CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) : 6 Practice Exams - 2019 Set 7

What protocol is used to send email from one server to another server?

Options are :

  • SNMP
  • POP
  • RTP
  • SMTP

Answer : SMTP

Explanation Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a well-known application that uses port 25 for sending email from one server to another server.

Multiple students within a networking lab are required to simultaneously access a single switch remotely. The administrator checks and confirms that the switch can be accessed using the console, but currently only one student can log in at a time. What should be done to fix this issue?

Options are :

  • Increase the number of virtual terminals available
  • Increase the number of VLANs configured on the switch
  • Increase installed memory and install a larger flash module
  • Decrease the number of VLANs configured on the switch

Answer : Increase the number of virtual terminals available

Explanation You can set a limit of how many virtual terminals can simultaneously connect to a switch. Here, the limit is set to one and we should increase it to solve the issue.

What BEST describes the process of documenting everyone who has physical access or possession of evidence?

Options are :

  • Chain of custody
  • Secure copy protocol
  • Financial responsibility
  • Legal hold

Answer : Chain of custody

Explanation Chain of custody refers to documentation that identifies all changes in the control, handling, possession, ownership, or custody of a piece of evidence.

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

After installing some new switches on the network, a looping problem is occurring. The switch vendor suggested the use of 802.1d. What is the MOST likely reason that the vendor suggested this?

Options are :

  • It is a simple version of port mirroring tree that uses BPDU to detect problems
  • It is a version of spanning tree that uses BPDU to detect problems
  • It is a rapid version or port mirroring that uses BDPU to detect problems
  • It is a regular version of port mirroring that uses hello packets to detect loops

Answer : It is a version of spanning tree that uses BPDU to detect problems

Explanation 802.1d is Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). The main purpose of STP is to ensure that you do not create loops when you have redundant paths in your network.

A home user reports that a speed test website shows the following information:

Download speed: 33.3Mbps
Upload speed: 10.2Mbps

You are being asked to interpret these results.

Options are :

  • The website upload bandwidth is saturated and it does not match the download speed.
  • The home PC is receiving data at 33.3 Mbps and sending data at 10.2 Mbps.
  • The home PC downloaded 33.3 MB of data to the website and uploaded 10.2 MB of data from the website.
  • The website is downloading data to its server at 33.3 Mbps and uploading data from its server at10.2 Mbps.

Answer : The home PC is receiving data at 33.3 Mbps and sending data at 10.2 Mbps.

Explanation This connection is an asymmetric connection, like a cable modem or DSL, where upload and download speeds do not match.

A technician is looking at an issue with a computer connecting to the network. The technician determines wire 3 of a UTP Ethernet cable run has a break in it. This computer was previously connected to the switch at 1 Gbps throughput. This PC is a kiosk and doesn't need anything faster than 55 Mbps of connection speed. What could the technician do to resolve this issue quickly?

Options are :

  • Rewire both ends to have the wire on pin 6 remapped to pin 3. Force the duplex and speed to 1000 Mbps full duplex.
  • Rewire both ends to have the wire on pin 7 remapped to pin 3. Force the duplex and speed to 100 Mbps full duplex.
  • Rewire both ends to have the wire on pin 6 remapped to pin 3. Force the duplex and speed to 100 Mbps full duplex.
  • Rewire both ends to have the wire on pin 7 remapped to pin 3. Force the duplex and speed to 1000 Mbps full duplex.

Answer : Rewire both ends to have the wire on pin 7 remapped to pin 3. Force the duplex and speed to 100 Mbps full duplex.

Explanation Ethernet uses pins 1-2-3-6 so you’ll choose to use pin 7 since it’s not normally what UTP depends on. Choosing the 100 Mpbs full duplex is necessarily since a Ethernet cable running on only 2 pairs (4 wires) is limited to 100 mbps and cannot achieve 1000 mbps. To achieve 1000 mbps, you would need to use all 4 pairs (8 wires).

N10-006 CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 7

What provides origin authenticity through source authentication, data integrity through hash functions, and confidentiality through encryption protection for IP packets?

Options are :

  • CRC
  • DES
  • SHA

Answer : IPSEC

Explanation Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is a network protocol that encrypts and authenticates data sent over a network. All other choices offer encryption or authentication.

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