CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 1

A company is about to install a second network connect on with a new ISP. Which of the following routing protocols is the BEST choice?

Options are :

  • IS-IS
  • OSPF
  • BGP (Correct)
  • RIP

Answer : BGP

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 5

In which of the following layers of the OSI model does the TCP protocol operate?

Options are :

  • Data link
  • Network
  • Session
  • Transport (Correct)

Answer : Transport

Administrators are performing a war drive around their company's complex. Which of the following are they attempting to detect?

Options are :

  • Rogue access points (Correct)
  • Bluesnarfing attacks
  • DDoS attacks
  • Worms

Answer : Rogue access points

Which of the following applications is MOST likely to require QoS to ensure proper functionality?

Options are :

  • Peer to peer
  • SNMPv3
  • VOIP (Correct)
  • HTTP

Answer : VOIP

220-902 CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Exam Set 3

A customer wants to network several computers within a large warehouse. The warehouse has one computer at the very far end of the warehouse that is 170 meters (557 feet) from the network switch. Which of the following cable types should a technician use for this computer?

Options are :

  • CAT5
  • CAT6
  • fiber (Correct)
  • CAT3

Answer : fiber

An administrator needs to know the workstation name of a user who called in for support in order to remotely manage it. After calling the user and having the user open a command prompt, which of the following commands would the administrator ask the user to type?

Options are :

  • Ifconfig
  • Hostname (Correct)
  • Netstat
  • Ping

Answer : Hostname

Which of the following is primarily used for VoIP?

Options are :

  • RDF
  • NTP
  • RTP (Correct)
  • TLS

Answer : RTP

JK0-015 CompTIA E2C Security+ 2008 Edition Practice Exam Set 1

Which of the following describes 1Gigabit Ethernet?

Options are :

  • 10GBaseER
  • 100Base5
  • 10Base2
  • 1000BaseT (Correct)

Answer : 1000BaseT

On which of the following cables would a technician find a BNC connector installed?

Options are :

  • CAT6
  • RG-6 (Correct)
  • CAT3
  • Fiber

Answer : RG-6

Which of the following WAN technologies modulates 24 channels into a 1 5Mbps signal?

Options are :

  • OC-24
  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • T1 (Correct)

Answer : T1

Comptia A+ (220-801) Certification Exam Practice Test Set 3

Office A is located 500 miles (805 kilometers) away from Office B, yet they are on the same private network. Which of the following is MOST likely being used to accomplish this scenario?

Options are :

  • LAN
  • Peer to peer
  • Trunking
  • VPN (Correct)

Answer : VPN

When configured. MPLS can increase routing redundancy by providing which of the following network topology types?

Options are :

  • Multipath
  • Ring
  • Mesh (Correct)
  • Bus

Answer : Mesh

An administrator is unable to ping a workstation. Which of the following tools would BEST help to resolve the issue?

Options are :

  • Cable tester (Correct)
  • Multimeter
  • Protocol analyzer
  • Toner probe

Answer : Cable tester

JK0-015 CompTIA E2C Security+ 2008 Edition Practice Exam Set 13

An administrator wants to limit the wireless guest network traffic to 100Kbps so that utilization issues do not occur on the company's T1 Internet access network. Which of the following optimizations should the administrator implement?

Options are :

  • Load balancing
  • Quality of service
  • Caching engine
  • Traffic shaping (Correct)

Answer : Traffic shaping

1000BaseT has a MAXIMUM run distance of:

Options are :

  • 100 meters (328 feet) (Correct)
  • 1000 meters (3280 feet)
  • 500 meters (1640 feet)
  • 25 meters (82 feet)

Answer : 100 meters (328 feet)

Which of the following remote access methods allows an administrator to take control of a user's machine and block the user from seeing the active session?

Options are :

  • RAS
  • RDP (Correct)
  • PPP
  • PPPoE

Answer : RDP

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 5

Which of the following ports does POP3 services use, by default?

Options are :

  • 25
  • 443
  • 143
  • 110 (Correct)

Answer : 110

Which of the following would MOST likely be used to punch down LAN cables before connecting them to the main switch?

Options are :

  • IDF
  • MDF
  • 110 block (Correct)
  • 66 block

Answer : 110 block

Which of the following features would BEST be used to optimize real-time voice and video chat?

Options are :

  • Traffic shaping (Correct)
  • Caching engines
  • Load balancing
  • Qos (Correct)
  • Fault tolerance systems

Answer : Traffic shaping Qos

CompTIA Network+ 6 Certification Practice Exams - 2019 Set 1

A network technician wants to use a packet analyzer to troubleshoot a reported problem with a user's workstation with IP address To identify the workstation's packets the technician wants to use the workstation's MAC address. Which of the following protocols would provide the needed information?

Options are :

  • ARP (Correct)
  • DNS
  • PING
  • DHCP

Answer : ARP

Which of the following features is essential in a firewall if it is to support RTP sessions?

Options are :

  • Remote console
  • Statefulness (Correct)
  • Zones
  • Address translation

Answer : Statefulness

New service from the telephone company is delivered over fiber, but the technician does not have a fiber module for the router. Which of the following would remedy this issue?

Options are :

  • Fiber repeater
  • OTDR
  • Media converter (Correct)

Answer : Media converter

CompTIA Network+ 6 Certification Practice Exams - 2019 Set 8

When the DHCP server is unavailable for a network, how will PCs attempt to configure their NICs?

Options are :

  • PCs will use APIPA. (Correct)
  • PCs will pull from a static address pool.
  • PCs will attempt to use the last address assigned to them.
  • PCs will prompt the user for an address.

Answer : PCs will use APIPA.

A technician needs to manage a switch by using the management port on the back of the switch. Which of the following cables would the technician use?

Options are :

  • Loopback
  • Straight
  • Crossover
  • Console (Correct)

Answer : Console

A technician is troubleshooting a network connectivity issue with a user's desktop configured to use a static IP address. The technician notes the following configuration: IP NETMASK DEFAULT GATEWAY DNS Which of the following changes will allow the desktop to communicate properly with remote networks?

Options are :

  • Changing the netmask to
  • Changing the DNS to
  • Changing the default gateway to (Correct)
  • Changing the WINS server to 172.174.136

Answer : Changing the default gateway to

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security+ Network Security Practice Exam Set 5

A user on a network cannot access any network resources. The link light on the computer shows that a connection is present. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

Options are :

  • The wrong cable type has been used.
  • IDS has shut down the computer's switch port.
  • The port on the switch is configured incorrectly (Correct)
  • Spanning tree protocol was implemented.

Answer : The port on the switch is configured incorrectly

Which of the following LAN technologies is defined as fast Ethernet?

Options are :

  • 100BaseT (Correct)
  • 10BaseT
  • 100BaseFX
  • 1000BaseT

Answer : 100BaseT

A company wants to secure access to its internal wireless network. The company wants to use the most secure means to access the network. Which of the following is the BEST choice for wireless security in this situation?

Options are :

  • WPA encryption (Correct)
  • WEP encryption
  • Disable SSID
  • Channel rotation

Answer : WPA encryption

CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-501)

Which of the following represents the physical address of a network access card?

Options are :

  • 2D1A:C3:0:1C3B:2AD:FF:FEBE:9D3A
  • FF01:D2:C4:87::11
  • 00-30-48-83-9B-C8 (Correct)
  • 08-9D-35-22-L2-34-FF-21

Answer : 00-30-48-83-9B-C8

Which of the following network appliances can BEST be described as allowing multiple servers to share requests for a website through the same public IP address?

Options are :

  • Content filter
  • VPN concentrator
  • Load balancer (Correct)
  • Proxy server

Answer : Load balancer

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