CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Practical Exam Set 4

When referring to laser printing, which of the following describes the development process?

Options are :

  • The toner is permanently affixed to the paper.
  • Toner is pulled from the drum to the paper.
  • The corona wire places a static charge on the drum.
  • Toner is pulled to the charged areas of the drum.

Answer : Toner is pulled to the charged areas of the drum.

Which of the following is the maximum throughput of a USB 3.0 connection?

Options are :

  • 3 Gbps
  • 800 Mbps
  • 10 Gbps
  • 4.8 Gbps

Answer : 4.8 Gbps

When installing a floppy drive data cable, it is important for a technician to ensure which of the following? (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • Adequate hard drive capacity
  • Correct Master/Slave jumper settings
  • Correct CPU clock speeds
  • Availability of compatible power connectors
  • Proper orientation of the data cable

Answer : Availability of compatible power connectors Proper orientation of the data cable

CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) 6 Practice Exams and Simulations Set 1

RAID 5 requires a minimum of how many hard drives?

Options are :

  • 2
  • 4
  • 3
  • 1

Answer : 3

Which of the following is the MOST common connection type for external CD-ROM drives?

Options are :

  • FireWire
  • Ethernet
  • eSata
  • USB

Answer : USB

Which of the following bus speeds is supported by PC2-5300 and PC2-4200?

Options are :

  • 333Mhz
  • 800Mhz
  • 666Mhz
  • 533Mhz

Answer : 533Mhz

CompTIA MB0-001 Mobility+ Certification Practice Exam Set 9

Which of the following types of connectors is used on a VGA cable?

Options are :

  • BNC
  • DE-15
  • DVI-A
  • RCA

Answer : DE-15

A laser multi-function device in an office is able to scan documents, but users are reporting that when they try to make copies they receive an error. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should a technician try FIRST?

Options are :

  • Apply a new preventative maintenance kit.
  • Ensure the MFD is connected and on the network.
  • Check the toner level to see if it is low.
  • Replace all empty ink cartridges in the MFD.

Answer : Check the toner level to see if it is low.

Which of the following network topologies is the MOST likely to affect other downstream devices if an issue occurs?

Options are :

  • Bus
  • Ring
  • Star
  • Mesh

Answer : Bus

JK0-017 CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 4

Which of the following should the technician configure on a WAP to conceal the data being sent by the wireless clients?

Options are :

  • Enable MAC filtering
  • Enable WEP
  • Disable SSID broadcast
  • Decrease the AP transmit power

Answer : Enable WEP

Which of the following connectors provides the capability to pass both analog and digital signals?

Options are :

  • BNC
  • VGA
  • DVI-I
  • USB 3.0

Answer : DVI-I

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security Data & Host Security Exam Set 3

A cellular mobile hot-spot would create which of the following network types?

Options are :

  • PAN
  • WAN
  • MAN
  • LAN

Answer : PAN

Which of the following laptop components provides direct electrical supply to illuminate the screen’s image?

Options are :

  • DC jack
  • Inverter
  • Backlight
  • CMOS battery

Answer : Inverter

A new user in a corporate HR department must print to a network printer. This printer is only used by the HR department for confidential documents. Which of the following is the FASTEST way to allow the user access to the printer?

Options are :

  • Add the new user to the Everyone group and give the group Print rights to the printer.
  • Add the group Everyone group to the HR group.
  • Add the new user to the HR group.
  • Add the group Print Users to the HR group.

Answer : Add the new user to the HR group.

CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) Practice Exams 2019 Set 11

Which of the following will send all received packets out all of its ports except the port it was received on?

Options are :

  • Switch
  • Router
  • WAP
  • Hub

Answer : Hub

Which of the following devices uses MAC tables to allow multiple computers to access a single network connection?

Options are :

  • VoIP
  • Firewall
  • Switch
  • Hub

Answer : Switch

A customer is terminating an employee for suspected activity that is against company policy. They have called Ann to consult with them on how to best preserve any evidence the company may be required to provide in court. Which of the following would BEST preserve the integrity of the data and best serve the client?

Options are :

  • Lock the user out of the computer and let another employee use it until needed.
  • Remove and secure any HDD from the computer, documenting the process.
  • Store the computer in the server room until it is required.
  • Create an image of the hard drive and store it on a NTFS drive.

Answer : Remove and secure any HDD from the computer, documenting the process.

CompTIA CySA+ Set 7

A video adapter typically has which of the following connector types?

Options are :

  • RS-232
  • HDMI
  • DB-9
  • eSATA

Answer : HDMI

Which of the following cable types designates that it can safely be run through a drop ceiling?

Options are :

  • Plenum
  • UTP
  • CAT5e
  • STP

Answer : Plenum

Which of the following Internet connection types usually has access controlled with PPPoE security authentication?

Options are :

  • LTE
  • DSL
  • Cable
  • WiMAX

Answer : DSL

CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 11

Which of the following would BEST describe the capabilities of a 64-bit operating system?

Options are :

  • Capable of effectively managing 1TB SSD.
  • Capable of utilizing 128GB RAM.
  • Capable of managing dual NICs.
  • Capable of managing more than 4 displays.

Answer : Capable of utilizing 128GB RAM.

Which of the following standards is an expansion card slot used only for graphics?

Options are :

  • PCIe
  • AGP
  • PCI
  • miniPCI

Answer : AGP

Which of the following wireless standards operates at 5 GHz and has a maximum speed of 54 Mbps?

Options are :

  • 802.11g
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11b
  • 802.11n

Answer : 802.11a

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Preparation (Latest Version) Set 2

Ann, a technician, is inspecting a PC with an Intel Core 2 Quad processor and finds that the Task Manager is reporting the system as having 8 cores. She is convinced this system only has four cores. Which of the following technologies is causing the discrepancy?

Options are :

  • Intel SSE3
  • Hyperthreading
  • L2 Cache
  • S.M.A.R.T

Answer : Hyperthreading

Which of the following Internet connection types uses analog transmission? (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • WiMAX
  • IDSN
  • DSL
  • Satellite
  • Dial-up

Answer : DSL Dial-up

A printer technician is sent to work on a fuser in a laser printer that is not adhering toner properly to the paper. While onsite Joe, an end user, reports that he has been having frequent paper jams as well. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action to repair the printer?

Options are :

  • Install the fuser as the paper jams were probably also caused by the defective fuser
  • Install a manufacturer recommended maintenance kit
  • Install the fuser, replace the toner cartridge, and replace the pickup and separation rollers
  • Install the fuser and also replace the high voltage power supply

Answer : Install a manufacturer recommended maintenance kit

JK0-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Set 11

A technician, Anne, notices there are no hardware volume control buttons on the new laptops that were ordered. Which of the following would control the volume on the laptop?

Options are :

  • Bluetooth
  • Software only
  • WiFi switch
  • Function keys

Answer : Function keys

Joe, a user, has a new slim profile laptop and is in need of additional USB ports. He has also requested FireWire connection capabilities which his laptop does not provide. Which of the following would BEST fit the specifications Joe has provided?

Options are :

  • A cable lock
  • An external USB hub
  • A docking station
  • A USB to FireWire converter

Answer : A docking station

Which of the following is the MAXIMUM number of 10Mb audio files that a user can store on a CD-RW?

Options are :

  • 50
  • 100
  • 120
  • 70

Answer : 70

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 1

Which of the following laser printer components will flip the paper to allow for printing on both sides?

Options are :

  • Paper registration assembly
  • Duplex assembly
  • Image transfer belt
  • Paper pickup assembly

Answer : Duplex assembly

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