CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Part 2 Practice Exam Set 7

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Certification Part 2 Practice Exam Set 7

A user has installed video editing software and hardware on a Windows PC. The PC met the minimum requirements of the hardware. The editing program loads very slowly and takes a very long time to render large files. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve this issueX

Options are :

  • More memory and available hard disk space are needed. (Correct)
  • More memory is not needed; the Windows Page file should be increased.
  • A second hard drive must be added and the Page file should be lowered.
  • More memory and a reformatting of the hard disk are needed.

Answer : More memory and available hard disk space are needed.

A technician needs to verify a set of patch cables in inventory are working properly. Which of the following tools should the technician useX

Options are :

  • Toner probe
  • Multimeter
  • Cable tester (Correct)
  • Crimper

Answer : Cable tester

FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam Set 8

Which of the following is a feature of PCMCIA cardsX

Options are :

  • They are hot swappable (Correct)
  • They utilize PCI express architecture
  • They contain error correcting memory
  • The drivers are always bundled with Windows

Answer : They are hot swappable

A customer, Joe, has a corporate laptop that his teenage son used over the weekend. He thinks the laptop now has illegal material because of strange websites on his browserXs home page. Joe brings the laptop to the repair center. Which of the following should the technician do FIRSTX

Options are :

  • Be culturally sensitive
  • Report through proper channels (Correct)
  • Avoid being judgmental
  • Determine chain of custody

Answer : Report through proper channels

A user wants to store a personal video to view at a later time. Which of the following types of media is the LEAST expensive with a maximum capacity of 750MBX

Options are :

  • Blu-Ray
  • USB drive
  • DVD-R
  • CD-R (Correct)

Answer : CD-R

CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901: Practice Tests | Questions and Answers

Which of the following adapters converts an analog signal to a digital signalX

Options are :

  • DVI to HDMI
  • S-Video to RCA
  • HDMI to VGA
  • VGA to DVI (Correct)

Answer : VGA to DVI

A desktop computer is exhibiting artifacts on the screen after prolonged use. A technician has already updated the video drivers and ran all operating system updates. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for thisX

Options are :

  • Incorrect GPU firmware
  • Defective cabling
  • Overheating GPU (Correct)
  • Outdated system BIOS

Answer : Overheating GPU

A user is watching streaming video on a home network, but experiences buffering and delays when there are too many people on the network. Which of the following is MOST likely to resolve the issueX

Options are :

  • Disable SSID broadcast
  • Enable QoS (Correct)
  • Setup UPnP
  • Configure DMZ

Answer : Enable QoS

CompTIA JK0-801 A+ Networking & PC Hardware Practice Exam Set 14

A technician is troubleshooting performance issues with a desktop PC and hears clicking noises coming from inside the case. Which of the following is the MOST likely causeX

Options are :

  • Corrupted Solid State Drive
  • Overheated RAM
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Failing magnetic hard drive (Correct)

Answer : Failing magnetic hard drive

A technician needs to move servers from the storage room. When it comes to personal safety, which of the following should be performedX

Options are :

  • Use the buddy system
  • Use proper lifting techniques (Correct)
  • Use a forklift
  • Use proper weight limitations

Answer : Use proper lifting techniques

Ann, a customer, calls and states she wants to buy a new desktop but she needs it to be as small as possible. Which of the following form factors should be recommendedX

Options are :

  • ATX
  • ITX (Correct)
  • Micro-ATX
  • BTX

Answer : ITX

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 1

A customer reports that a printer is constantly jamming, and paper is usually stuck in the paper tray. Which of the following is the MOST likely causeX

Options are :

  • Pickup rollers (Correct)
  • Fuser assembly
  • Transfer belt
  • Duplex assembly

Answer : Pickup rollers

Which of the following network devices has the capability to provide power to devices attached to itX

Options are :

  • Switch (Correct)
  • Repeater
  • Access Point
  • Hub

Answer : Switch

Which of the following connector types is MOST likely to be used with fiber connectionsX

Options are :

  • SC (Correct)
  • USB
  • RJ-45
  • RG-9

Answer : SC

CompTIA N10-004 Network+ Certification Practice Test Set 2

Which of the following types of cable should be used to prevent toxic smoke and spreading of fireX

Options are :

  • Plenum (Correct)
  • CAT6
  • Shielded Twisted pair
  • Fiber

Answer : Plenum

A technician working for a SOHO recently installed a computer tower inside a cabinet. Users report the computer often shuts down due to overheating. Which of the following environmental impacts should have been considered before determining the location of the computer tower to have avoided the overheating issueX

Options are :

  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Proper ventilation (Correct)
  • MSDS chemicals
  • Humidity

Answer : Proper ventilation

Joe wants to purchase a computer for use in his familyXs home theater and asks for advice. Which of the following should be the FIRST priority in JoeXs new computerX

Options are :

  • Maximum RAM and CPU cores
  • Surround sound audio and HDMI output (Correct)
  • High wattage power supply and large case
  • High-end cooling and very powerful fans

Answer : Surround sound audio and HDMI output

CompTIA JK0-017 E2C Project+ Certification Practice Exam Set 11

Which of the following types of cables are MOST likely to be used to connect to an external hard driveX (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • HDMI
  • eSATA (Correct)
  • USB 3.0 (Correct)
  • CAT6e
  • Molex

Answer : eSATA USB 3.0

A cellular mobile hot-spot would create which of the following network typesX

Options are :

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • PAN (Correct)
  • MAN

Answer : PAN

Which of the following devices utilizes PoE technologyX (Select TWO).

Options are :

  • IP camera (Correct)
  • Firewall
  • Wireless router
  • VoIP (Correct)
  • UTM appliance

Answer : IP camera VoIP

CompTIA Security+ Cert. (SY0-501): Practice Tests 2019 Set 1

Newer laptop and TV LCD display panels can be viewed from any angle without loss of image quality. Which of the following technologies do these panels useX

Options are :

  • OLED
  • CCFL
  • IPS (Correct)
  • TTL

Answer : IPS

Which of the following enables touch functionality on a laptop displayX

Options are :

  • IPS
  • Inverter
  • Digitizer (Correct)
  • OLED

Answer : Digitizer

CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security+ Compliance & Operational Exam Set 9

A technician is working on a server with high latency on the mapped network drive. Upon entry into the server room, the technician suspects an issue with one of the drives in the array. Which of the following would the technician do to easily solve the problemX

Options are :

  • Replace the faulty drive in the array. (Correct)
  • Reinstall the RAID drivers.
  • Replace the RAID controller.
  • Reseat the drive cable in the array.

Answer : Replace the faulty drive in the array.

A smartphone user experiences difficulty removing the back cover of the device. Once finally removed, the battery appears to have swollen. The battery is still functional, but requires more frequent charging than it used to. Which of the following should the user do NEXTX

Options are :

  • Remove the battery and let it cool for 24 hours
  • Fully discharge and then fully recharge the battery
  • Replace the battery with a new one (Correct)
  • Short the battery terminals with a paper clip

Answer : Replace the battery with a new one

A technician needs to run a cable for a new computer and the requirement is CAT6. Which of the following wiring connectors should the technician use when terminating the cableX

Options are :

  • F-connector
  • RJ-45 (Correct)
  • BNC
  • RJ-12
  • ST

Answer : RJ-45

CompTIA JK0-018 Security+ E2C Certification Practice Exam Set 8

A customer brings a laptop in for repair, because the screen image is upside down. Which of the following is the BEST solutionX

Options are :

  • Connect an external monitor
  • Update the video card drivers
  • Change the screen orientation (Correct)
  • Replace the video card

Answer : Change the screen orientation

Which of the following components is responsible for converting light into digital informationX

Options are :

  • Microphone
  • Digitizer
  • Inverter
  • Webcam (Correct)

Answer : Webcam

A user reports that all printouts to a locally attached printer show only garbled characters. Which of the following tools should a technician use to troubleshoot the issueX

Options are :

  • Performance Monitor
  • Programs and Features
  • Device Manager (Correct)
  • System Configuration

Answer : Device Manager

CompTIA JK0-022 Security Cryptography Certification Exam Set 10

A customer asks a technician for a device that has the capability to easily connect a laptop to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and charge the battery. Which of the following devices should the technician recommend to the customerX

Options are :

  • Docking station (Correct)
  • Lightning
  • USB 3.0
  • KVM switch

Answer : Docking station

Which of the following types of devices MOST likely uses electronic ink technologyX

Options are :

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Phablet
  • e-Reader (Correct)

Answer : e-Reader

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