CompTIA JK0-015 E2C Security+ Certification Practice Test Set 9

A security manager decides to assign the daily responsibility of firewall and NIDS administration to different technicians. This is an example of which of the following?

Options are :

  • Implicit deny
  • Least privilege
  • Separation of duties (Correct)
  • Job rotation

Answer : Separation of duties

Which of the following is an example of a single sign-on?

Options are :

  • The use of three factor authentication on single systems.
  • Access to individual systems with a single password.
  • Authentication to individual systems with a single authentication factor.
  • Access to multiple systems with a single authentication method (Correct)

Answer : Access to multiple systems with a single authentication method

Which operating system hardening procedure can be implemented to ensure all systems have the most up-todate version available?

Options are :

  • Patch management (Correct)
  • Security templates
  • Configuration baselines
  • Group policies

Answer : Patch management

JK0-015 CompTIA E2C Security+ 2008 Edition Practice Exam Set 12

Which of the following is the EASIEST to implement for protecting an individual system?

Options are :

  • Internet content filter
  • Personal software firewall (Correct)
  • Protocol analyzer
  • Proxy server

Answer : Personal software firewall

A computer or device that is setup on the network merely to monitor the habits and techniques of a suspected attack is known as a:

Options are :

  • content filter.
  • honeypot. (Correct)
  • proxy.
  • dummy terminal.

Answer : honeypot.

Which of the following can be implemented to ensure an employee cannot use the system outside of normal business hours?

Options are :

  • Two factor authentication
  • Implicit deny
  • Time of day restrictions (Correct)
  • Account expiration

Answer : Time of day restrictions

SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exam Set 2

A security administrator has detected that the company websites source code contains suspicious numbers of white spaces and non-printable characters at the end of each line of code. Which of the following is being used in order to leak sensitive information to the competition?

Options are :

  • Obfuscation
  • Encryption
  • Steganography (Correct)
  • Code fuzzing

Answer : Steganography

The company's NIDS system is configured to pull updates from the vendor and match traffic patterns based on these updates. Which of the following BEST describes this configuration?

Options are :

  • Signature-based (Correct)
  • Anomaly-based
  • Behavior-based
  • OVAL-based

Answer : Signature-based

Which of the following authentication models often requires different systems to function together and is complicated to implement in non-homogeneous environments?

Options are :

  • Single sign-on (Correct)
  • One factor authentication
  • Two factor authentication
  • Three factor authentication

Answer : Single sign-on

JK0-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Set 10

A computer is displaying an MBR error upon restart. The technician is told the user has just installed new software. Which of the following threats is the MOST likely cause of this error?

Options are :

  • Trojan
  • ActiveX
  • Distributed DoS
  • Boot sector virus (Correct)

Answer : Boot sector virus

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